AZ leftwingers promote neutered political sham

Winning “partisan extremists” targeted by losing radicals

Try to imagine a reasonable reaction to an energized GOP that was successful in retaking the U.S. House of Representatives. Couple that with the national achievements of the emerging tea party patriots. Now imagine viewing those triumphs through the lens of a liberal.

Therein lies the problem.

The daily’s Mary Jo Pitzl appears to be exhibiting inky ecstasy as she attempts to describe what she calls a “multipartisan group” that is launching a ballot measure to abolish party primaries in Arizona. They are frustrated with an election system that they feel favors partisan extremists, Pitzl tells us.

If your antenna have begun reaching skyward, you’re right on target. The group — Arizona Open Government Coalition — is actually radically left of center, with the ultimate goal of replacing traditional primaries with a single-primary system open to all voters. Under this proposal, the top two vote-getters, regardless of party affiliation, would advance to the general election.

Got that?  With this vile plan voters could conceivably have two people of the same party running as opponents — preferably both Democrats —  in the general election, restricting our choices.  Clearly this group abhors the ballot system Americans have fought and died to ensure.

The scheme would ultimately gut the parties and their fundraising on behalf of candidates.

In attempting to give this contrivance a semblance of reasonableness, Pitzl says, “this is not a foreign concept to Arizona: Many city governments use a similar system, including Phoenix and Mesa.” Apparently it’s escaped her notice that Phoenix city candidates are tired of the “non-partisan” fraud, and are campaigning as “Republican” (Jim Warning) or “Conservative” (Jennifer Wright). The voters want more information about their choices, not less.

Check out the names of the signers on to this ruthless charade: The coalition is directed by former Phoenix Mayor Paul Johnson a lifelong Democrat now cloaked as an Independent; Paulina Morris, a losing 2010 GOP candidate for Congress, who leans left; Carolyn Allen, a former Republican state senator who often voted with Democrats and Joe Yuhas — one of the state’s top Democrat strategists. Former Pinnacle West (parent company of AZ Public Service) Chairman Bill Post, earning more than $5 million in retirement compensation, has plenty of time and resources for such erratic dabbling.

AZ Democrat Party chairman Andrei Cherny gave no official party position but on a personal basis Cherny said he likes the idea.  What a surprise! The state Republican and Libertarian parties wisely did not return calls seeking comment.


7 Responses to AZ leftwingers promote neutered political sham

  1. Attila The Hunny says:

    This is another attempt to scam Arizona voters. They were similarly conned by RINO Grant Woods when he convinced them that registered Independents were disenfranchised in the primaries and we needed an “open primary” system to enable those poor folks to vote.

    Of course they were always able to vote in the General elections, and rightly should have been restricted from choosing in Republican or Democrat primary elections. Someone correctly compared that scheme to allowing the rival high school football team to select your homecoming queen!

    The purpose of party primaries is to allow those within the parties to cull from among the candidates and present their best choice to represent them in the main event. Grant Woods is also a leftist concealed as a Republican. He has long endorsed Democrats over qualified Republicans. Not at all unexpected behavior from a guy who once served as McCain’s chief of staff.

  2. Dennis O'Brien says:

    Thanks for exposing this as another con attempting to be portrayed as a giving people more choices. It’s actually anything but. And good background info Attilla!

  3. garvan says:

    This crafty “open primary” scheme is a favorite of liberal Republicans who would frankly feel more at home in the Democrat party. It’s been put into law in several states, including California, by means of ballot initiatives.

    The concept seems to be an easy sell on election day, particularly since so many voters no longer belong to one of the two major parties.

    Most independents used to be conservative Republicans who quit the GOP because so many of its leaders and elected officials are liberals.

    One thing conservative independents can do is hold their noses and rejoin and get active and infiltrate the committees of the Republican Party, from precinct committees to the county and then state central committees, and then take it back from its current liberal masters.

    Another thing conservatives can do is take a lesson from the obama/Alinsky playbook and start “educating” liberal Republican leaders WHERE THEY LIVE. Recall that obama used to assemble huge crowds on bankers’ front lawns and porches around dinner time, beating on drums, pots and pans, blowing police whistles and demanding that they make loans to applicants with no jobs, no incomes and no assets. It scared the holy hell out of these bankers and their families. They all caved in.

    So, how about doing the same on the front porches and front yards of the “Republican” party leaders and candidates who are pushing open primaries?

  4. Jane says:

    When I heard their ad, it sounded like a scam after the first sentence. One thing about die-hard communists—they stop at nothing.

    But all kidding aside…

    1) the Phoenix food tax passed and city clerks got raises;
    2) Jan Brewer’s education tax passed and test scores dropped;
    3) the marijuana-smoke-shop bill was only outdone by ATF’s guns for pot program;
    4) every year AZ votes for tax hikes to fix the roads, but the roads only get fixed when a federal stimulus comes through.

    People never learn. Dangerous as it is, this referendum can win.

  5. Mary Blatt says:

    Arizonans…. wake up!!!

  6. Jane says:

    More of the same,
    Alinsky Rule No. 8: keep the pressure on, by any means… change the rules if necessary.

    Way back in 1796, we were warned about political parties. But now in 2011, the left has a peculiar problem. Independents are falling in with right of center ideals, and the effectiveness of the tea party movement has been proven over and over again.

  7. Jack says:

    Yet another attempt by the left to mind-numb the unaffiliated and unthinking. We need to stay alert. The socialist-Dems intend to destroy this nation.