Leftist Joe Nocera apologizes for vile language

Recently we wrote about the shockingly inflammatory language used by New York Time’s columnist Joe Nocera.  In a column yesterday, he apologized for calling Tea Party patriots “terrorists” wearing “suicide vests” and saying “Tea Party Republicans have waged jihad on the American people.”

His apology began with these words: In the four months since I began writing an Op-Ed column, the thing that has most surprised me is how darned liberal I sound sometimes. After explaining his liberal roots, Nocera informed readers what brought him to make such provocative and outrageous comments last Tuesday. Here is his explanation, titled Tea Party, Take Two.

Writing about the debt-ceiling Nocera concludes: “Undoubtedly, I’ll write columns about those negotiations. But I won’t be calling anybody names. That I can promise.”

We’ll take him at his word, but as Ronald Reagan was fond of saying, “Trust but verify.” We’re sure Joe won’t mind if we do so from time to time.


4 Responses to Leftist Joe Nocera apologizes for vile language

  1. garvan says:

    I read his column. To anyone who believes his apology was sincere: I’ve got a bridge for sale in Brooklyn.

    I’ll bet I know why he “apologized”: the rag he works for lost another few thousand subscribers, because readers complained about his poison pen. They MADE him apologize.

    Anybody know anyone who still reads Nocera’s rag? If so, do them a favor: friends don’t let friends read the mind-polluting NY Slimes.
    Get them to cancel.

  2. TeaPartyPatriot says:

    Palin: If Tea Party Were Real Domestic Terrorists, President Obama Would Want to Pal Around With Us

    …once again, she nailed it !

  3. Maggie says:

    I agree that the widespread negative reaction to the disgusting Nocera column is what drove his after-thought apology. I trust him and his turn-around about as far as I can throw my house. He’s a grown man with years in the journalism business. He wrote what he intended to write using the words that described his attitude and thoughts toward conservatives. To Joe and his apology, I say phooey!

  4. Villanova says:

    Nocera’s rage against tea party conservatives will not disappear because the heat got turned up on him. He will now just be more careful with his terminology, but he’ll get his points across nonetheless. He’s a lifelong liberal and their hate-o-meter is always on high.