Phx insider defends indefensible: Admits unions run city

In the Phoenix mayor’s race, make your voice heard — vote for Jennifer Wright. The status quo has got to go

A My Turn column positioned as an editorial is a new twist from the liberally skewed daily newspaper.

But there it was. In one fell swoop Cathleen Gleason,* the retired City of Phoenix budget director, takes on Councilman Sal DiCiccio for having the temerity to link the city’s 2010 implementation of a tax on food to fund pay raises and retention bonuses for city employees. Yes, you read that correctly!

Regardless of what other misinformation Gleason attempts to disseminate, the takeaway is this bold admission: “The fact is that, unlike most cities in Arizona, Phoenix has had collective bargaining with its labor groups since the mid-’70s.”

So there! She appears to be taunting.

Gleason concedes, “While the merit of this arrangement can be debated, employees are working under a contract that the council unanimously approved in June 2010 for a two-year period through June 2012.”


That alone is sufficient reason not to elect any of these re-cycled council clowns or lobbyist, McCain strategist and Janet Napolitano endorser, RINO Wes Gullett, as mayor of Phoenix. 

Which is but one of myriad reasons why Seeing Red AZ has endorsed Tea Party backed Conservative Jennifer Wright for Phoenix Mayor

Your ballot is likely right there on your kitchen counter.  Vote it and send it in. Let’s put Jennifer Wright over the top early.

* In 2009 — several pay raises and retention bonuses ago, Cathleen Gleason was making a cool $130,437 yearly — excluding benefits.


10 Responses to Phx insider defends indefensible: Admits unions run city

  1. Capt. Marvel says:

    This is a classic! Those city employees have more nerve than brains — even after they retire! I will never again vote for an incumbent on the city council or for mayor. I’ve had enough! But Wes Gullett won’t get my vote either. He’s deeply entrenched and his wife was chief of staff for Democrat Phil Gordon. How much more incestuous does it get?

  2. garvan says:

    It’s an old story. The way to get elected to the city council is to promise the unions you’ll do their bidding if you’re elected. So, they spring for a lot of cash, plus they go out an walk precincts for you. You in turn vote for obscene hikes in their salaries, benefits, and — most important — their defined benefit pensions.

    When the pension chickens come home to roost, you’re long gone from office.

    So here’s an idea: start a drumbeat for holding these elected officials personally responsible for the pensions they voted for during their term in office. Demand that their personal wealth be seized to pay for the pensions.

    Does this sound radical? Of course it does! But our side has to keep extending the boundaries, just like the liberals do.

    • jack says:

      oh please garvan. tell us you’re kidding. seizing personal wealth is marxist. right up obama’s alley. What tripe. we have no need to emulate liberals. we need to be a beacon not liberal pretenders.

      • garvan says:

        Yo Jack!
        It’s the theft of my personal wealth to pay for outlandish public pensions that is Marxist. The seizure of assets from the public officials who facilitated the theft of my wealth is called restitution.

    • Dan says:

      It would be easier to make all public employees use a 401k plan like the rest of the working stiffs. Put it in a bill, make it a law.

  3. MacBeth says:

    Unions run the city and all of the mayoral candidates who have served on the council are beholden to them. We need a new infusion with fresh ideas. Wes Gullett never served on the council (although his wife was Phil Gordon’s right hand man — so to speak) but he is a longtime lobbyist and consumate left-leaning insider.

    There is but one choice and that is Jennifer Wright. I’ve met her and discussed issues with her and she is knowledgable and grounded in conservative ideals. Thanks to Seeing Red AZ for revving up my interest in this race in the first place. That’s how I happened to seek out and meet Ms. Wright.

  4. Not One Of The Sheep says:

    Cathleen Gleason is as lacking in credibility as the fool of a mayor for whom she worked (Phool Gordon) and the union pawns on the council. Wes Gullett? He lobbies on behalf of unions! They are all in the same rancid stew pot. The only one with a trace of integrity on the council is the one Gleason is tearing into –Sal DiCiccio. he’s an opportunist and far from perfect, but in this olio, he deserves some credit.

    And in the mayor’s race count me against all of these food taxers and “retention bonus” supporters running to further ruin the city of Phoenix. I’m going with Jennifer Wright.

    I’d like someone to explain to me why anyone needs a retention bonus to bribe them to stay on in an already better-than-decent paying job in this lousy economy. The city workers should be glad they have those jobs and excellent benefits.

    • Dennis O'Brien says:

      I’ll take a stab at answering your question, NOOTS. In my opinion the employee retention bribe is to insure their VOTES in city elections to keep the status quo. The turnout in these city races is traditionally very low and the unionized teachers, firefighters, and police along with the unionized city workers are the beneficiaries of the REelection of these council members and their anointed liberal mayor.Their primary concern is themselves and the perks they receive. The taxpaying citizens of the city of Phoenix are merely their facilitators.

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