Getting it Wright in the Phoenix Mayor’s race

Jennifer Wright for Phoenix Mayor

In another of her “pull no punches” reports, Linda Bentley of the Sonoran News gives in-depth coverage of the Phoenix mayor’s race.  Bentley’s conclusion after interviewing candidate Jennifer Wright is “she is probably the only fiscal conservative in a crowded race of seven candidates, which also includes union members.”

Wright has generated a groundswell of conservative support and is backed by 26 Tea Party organizations throughout Arizona.  Not bad for a first-time candidate with credentials to spare. A lawyer, with a degree in economics, Jennifer Wright is a fresh face with fresh ideas in a sea of retread council members, aligned union supporters and career lobbyist/RINO Wes Gullett who is trying to pass himself off as an “outsider.”  Bentley exposes the duplicity of Peggy Neely and gives the lowdown on Sal DiCiccio — a council rarity in that he has not set his sights on the mayor’s office — yet.

If you want reliable insight on the Phoenix mayor’s race and some of the players, check out this excellent article. You’ll come away thinking you’ve got the inside scoop.  After reading Linda Bentley, you usually will.

Read more about Peggy Neely here. More on liberal and union supported Democrat Greg Stanton here. Claude Mattox, who is inundating our mailboxes with slick anti-Neely fliers, is also supported by big labor and voted for the tax on the food on your family’s dinner plate.

 Seeing Red AZ is also impressed with conservative Jennifer Wright, endorsing her in this piece.


7 Responses to Getting it Wright in the Phoenix Mayor’s race

  1. State Committeeman says:

    I was very impressed by Jennifer Wright when I heard her speak recently. I like the fact that she has a different approach than what we’ve been inundated with for years and she is endorsed by JD Hayworth.

    When I saw that John McCain and the equally liberal Arizona Republic were supporting Wes Gullett, I laughed out loud. Those endorsements alone should do him in!

    • Doc says:

      Anybody supported by McCain isn’t Conservative, isn’t truthful, & isn’t worthy. THAT’S what a McCain endorsement’ll getcha’ in my book.

  2. LD 7 PC says:

    Wes Gullett endorsed the very liberal Janet Napolitano when a solid conservative was running against her for governor. What a guy! He’s a McCain clone through and through. Will he also tell us he’s going to govern Phoenix as a maverick? God save us!

    McCain endorses everyone who ever worked for him and learned to scam us from the master of deception himself. He’s done the same in my district.

  3. Dennis O'Brien says:

    She’s far and away the best candidate. That’s why the Chamber of Illegal Workers won’t allow her to participate in their candidate’s forum. Jennifer Wright is like a beacon in the storm. Let’s show the powerful city elites that they won’t be picking our next mayor for us. We can function quite well without them.

  4. Seen It All says:

    The rest of the pack of mayor wanna-bes are slick as greased pigs.I’ll cast my ballot for the conservative who leans WRIGHT.

  5. Realist says:

    Jennifer Wright is hands down the only conservative running for Mayor of Phoenix. What really gets my goat is when current &/or past(conservative)elected officials side with one of Wright’s RINO opponents. Their disappointing actions accomplish two things; the guaranteed continuance of bad government & a breach of trust from their conservative constituents. If they can’t get it WRIGHT on this one – then we have bigger problems than we thought.

  6. John Magen says:

    Web 1 new result for Peggy Neely

    Peggy Neely Phoenix Mayoral Candidate Tries to Shed Old Practices …
    Peggy Neely, a Phoenix mayoral candidate, may pledge to reign in the influence of developers and zoning attorney at……/peggy_neely_phoenix_mayor