AZ AG Tom Horne subject of leftist lies, distortions

 Olbermann, Gallardo serve as stooges for one another

Last Thursday Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne took the bold step of suing the federal government in reference to the constitutionality of a portion of the Voting Rights Act requiring Arizona to pre-clear all voting changes with the Justice Department. 

The 16-page Complaint for Declaratory Judgment and Injunctive Relief brought on behalf if the sovereign state of Arizona can be read here.

Horne stated: “The portions of the Voting Rights Act requiring preclearance of all voting changes are either archaic, not based in fact, or subject to completely subjective enforcement based on the whim of federal authorities. Arizona has been subjected to enforcement actions for problems that were either corrected nearly 40 years ago and have not been repeated, or penalized for alleged violations that have no basis in the Constitution. That needs to stop.” Read his entire statement here.

But facts never stand in the way of the radical agenda of the left. Listen as Keith Olbermann and Hispanic extremist state Sen. Steve Gallardo (D-Dist.13) distort facts and blatantly lie as when Gallardo — who cannot form a sentence without using the words “discriminatory and unfair”– outrageously claims Horne opposes “the ability for minorities to elect candidates of their choice.”

When Attorney General Horne appears in the video, Olbermann gives his take on what Horne is saying but disallows the audio save for his own skewed interpretations that have no relevance to actual facts or Horne‘s statements. Olbermann then sets up another opportunity for spew from Gallardo with this closing zinger:  “What on earth happened with the timing of this? They filed this suit the week the Martin Luther King monument was to be dedicated. Was that accidental tone-deafness or was that an intentional insult?”

In November 2010, liberal Olbermann was sacked by MSNBC for violating its policy against making campaign donations. He gave $2,400 each to Arizona Democrats U.S. Reps. Raul Grijalva — who called for a boycott of the state he claims to represent, and Gabrielle Giffords.  (FEC filings can be seen by clicking on the Reps. names.) In fact, his “indefinite suspension” lasted from Friday until Tuesday, when he was brought back to his $10 million yearly gig. He has now found an even more liberal base from which to broadcast: Al Gore’s Current TV.

Here Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signs SB 1070 the popular and nationally copied legislation into law. The law is actually titled Support Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act, though Olbermann persists in spitefully calling it the “controversial Papers, Please law.”

8 Responses to AZ AG Tom Horne subject of leftist lies, distortions

  1. Freedom Lives says:

    Tom Horne has shown his critics a thing or two. The super smart Harvard law school grad has been on the winning side of numerous legal battles. Steve Gallardo is an extreme liberal lacking a college degree and is a tool for the racist Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF). That’s why he repeats himself. They put a funnel in his ear and he regurgitates what he’s been fed. All of the organizations he belongs to are Hispanic focused. He obviously has no other people he represents in his district.

  2. Don says:

    The State of Arizona lawsuit against the Federal Government (State of Az vs Holder) correctly states that the Voting Rights Act was unconstitutional the day it was first signed in 1965. The VRA exceeds Congress’ authority under the 14th and 15th Arizona also argues that Section Five (requires preclearance of only a few states)unfairly singles out certain states without requiring every voting district in the country to seek preclearance. This is clearly unconstituitonal because it treats states within the union differently without a rational justification. AZ went to bi-lingual ballots in 1974 prior to the VRA Amendment in 1975 regarding “language minorities”. Congress made the cutoff date 1972 in order to require Az to be subjected to preclearance for more than 40 years. Further, the “bi-lingual” complication back early 1970’s was whether all people with a spanish surname must receive a bi-lingual ballot. There are many first and second etc generation Hispanics that would be insulted if they received a ballot in Spanish.

  3. Don says:

    The real concern for Gallardo and Olbermann is the State of Arizona Attorney General’s Office investigation into the violations of the AZ Redistricting Commission. Vote Trading, Bid Rigging, Back Door deals in parking lots-the stench is staggering. Herrera refuses to take the oath or even be interviewed. The other two Democrats (Mathis is the “Independent” that ALWAYS votes with the Dems) still will not state whether they will grant permission to be interviewed.Napolitano’s Prop 106 guarantees that the Commission will be gridlocked forever with 2 Dems and 2 Reps and one Independent to break the tie. So what happens when Mathis votes only Democrat and of course she has to because she recieved a cushy job disbursing Obama’s Stimulus dollars to Tucson (thanks to she and her husband’s donations to Obama and AZ Democratic causes). So what you get is a mapping company with no prior experience and twice the cost. The four other competitors are based in AZ (so keeping the $10 miilion budget here), have years of experience and several have carefully remained non-partisan. The 3-2 vote selected Strategic Telemetry because the company is Pres Obama’s campaign advisor and whose major clients are, SEIU, AFL-CIO, Recall Walker, and various state progressive parties. ST’s speciality is MicroTargeting which they defined as “changing the mindset of non-progressives”. The website NOW has been “scrubbed” its reference of “only working for advancing Progressivism”. Prop 106 specifically states that Voting Records can not be used for mapping:however, St now has your and my voting records and demographics for their mind conversion. Sounds Orewllian-read on?!The AZ State Procurement Office is responsible for vetting contracts. The Procurement Officer walked out of the ST selection process due to the illegalities. Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon’s sidekick, Ray Bladine, was named the Ex Dir (more$$$$$) and wrote and executed the ST contract in violation of AZ Procurment requirements. Some of the Commissioners were concerned about communications from Move.On, SEIU and other unions to ST as to how to prepare the maps so the Commission voted to be open and transaparent-all communications from ST from the Public (non-commission people)are to be logged. Sounds reasonable. Herrera and McNulty, the Dems, yelled bloody murder-hum. Mathis realizes that every time she votes with the Dems (100% on important issues) she is attacked in writing and at the hearings. So Mathis delayed the vote and referred the matter back to counsel for “quote” further review(past the map process?). Oh and the lawyers . Because of the 3-2 split, The Republicans were not allowed to have their own attorney so there are two for the Democrats. One (R)commissioner stated that was illegal-because the taxpayer paid /AZ legal counsel protects the Commission as a whole only and not to the violations of any members. The 2 Reps voted to not provide counsel to individual members and only the whole body. The 32-split and we the taxpayers are paying for protecting the violators. And another lawyer was brought in -the 3rd-just to defend them the potential violators.

  4. Maggie says:

    Olbermann’s conceit and egotistical delivery make him unwatchable. He’s more like a specimen to be silently observed than someone who’s words deserve attention. Very Chris Matthews-ish.

  5. Tomfoolery says:

    Steve Gallardo is a disgrace as a state legislator. He trips over his words and isn’t coherent. But he’s obviously taken with the national attention. Someone should break the news to him that Olbermann’s ratings are in the toilet. No one even knows that there is such a network as Current TV.

  6. Dennis O'Brien says:

    These liberals don’t just conceal and distort the truth. They actually hold it in contempt.

  7. Villanova says:

    I was not always a Tom Horne fan. He’s won me over. This man is doing exactly the job I want to see done. I’m impressed that he doesn’t cower or back away from difficult positions. He knows the law and works within the framework of legality. No overstepping, no backing away. Just dogged determination and stick-to-itivness. In the process makes the liberals looks like the fools they are.

  8. American Pride says:

    I wasn’t a Tom Horne fan either but I sure am now. He has proven himself as a true fighter for American citizens and the rule of law. Gallardo only cares about Latinos/Hispanics, legal or illegal. He doesn’t care one bit about our state or country.

    This American of Mexican descent thanks you Mr. Horne!