AZ AG Horne disallows in-state tuition for illegals

GOP presidential debate also focuses on issue

Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne has issued a formal opinion upholding the 2006 voter approved law (Proposition 300) which denied privileges granted citizens to extend to illegals.

In his opinion published yesterday, Republican Horne specifically disallows Arizona community colleges to classify illegals as in-state students for tuition purposes. The opinion was requested by state Sen. Linda Gray (R-Dist.10) after the Maricopa County Community College District board considered allowing those unlawfully in the United States to qualify for in-state tuition. Horne said the practice would violate state law and may subject community college districts and members of their boards to litigation, financial liability and other penalties.

This exact issue presented a defining moment in last night’s GOP presidential debate when Texas Gov. Rick Perry defended his granting of in-state tuition to illegals, referring to those who opposed the $100,000 per student taxpayer funded gift by declaring, “I don’t think you have a heart.”

A Rasmussen poll taken last month showed 81% of Americans oppose such a move in their state.

Although Perry said last evening that he supported Arizona’s popular SB 1070, he has previously said he would veto any SB 1070-style law in Texas.

9 Responses to AZ AG Horne disallows in-state tuition for illegals

  1. Ricky Lujan says:

    Absolutely the right call AG Horne!

    Rick Santorum doesn’t do much better on the question of in-state tuition rate for illegal aliens than Rick Perry does. Santorum said illegals attending university is fine with him, it’s only the taxpayer subsidy that bothers Santorum. Okaying illegals to attend college at all gives them an undeserved cover of legitimacy. If they are illegally in our country then they should be (and are) illegally in our colleges.

    Santorum does get it right objecting to the taxpayer subsidized in-state tuition rate being made available to illegal aliens while it is not available to out of state American citizens. That’s why this “DREAM” Act is more accurately referred to as a nightmare.

    What are Rick Perry’s illegal alien students to do once they graduate? It is illegal for them to work in this country! That’s not a very good return to the taxpayers who subsidized their education.

    • Army Of One says:

      Excellent points, Ricky! Since they’re illegal they can’t be legally employed. And isn’t that the point? Then the Rick Perry’s of the world (including John McCain and Jeff Flake) will point to these ‘educated” folks who “we need in our workforce but are unemployable.” They’ll tell us that the only way to deal with this conundrum is to give them amnesty/citizenship. It’s the same old pig with brighter and redder lipstick. Nothing will induce me to vote for Slickster Perry.

      And BRAVO to Tom Horne!!!

    • Angie says:

      What these illegal students do when they graduate:
      They work with the movement of Aztlan to help take
      over this country. That’s what our “educational” ?
      institutions do to them.

      Just check the Universities’ Student Unions (ie:ASU)
      they are full of traitors who seditiously plan an attack
      on the USA and its values, all in the name of “diversity”.

      We need to monitor the education of own children and
      monitor the Universities liberal professors to make sure
      they are not inculcating the wrong values on our children.
      After all we pay the salaries of those leftie professors.

  2. GOP PC says:

    Great post SRA. Demonstrating excellent foresight then LD6 State Senator Dean Martin authored the 2006 Prop 300 and got it on the ballot.

    A piece of trivia for you. In 2002 private citizen Dean Martin challenged an incumbent LD6 State Representative, the very same Tom Horne, for the LD6 State Senate seat. Martin beat Horne and went on to win the State Treasurer’s office the very same year (2005) in which he authored Prop. 300.

    Tom Horne proved to be a strong conservative as State Schools Superintendent and is doing a fantastic job in the AG’s office. And I sure hope we have not heard the last of Dean Martin.

  3. Kimball says:

    I’m more than satisfied with the job Tom Horne is doing. He’s handling his duties masterfully and with class and resolve. Think if we would have gotten liberal Felecia Rotellini in this post. She’d be breaking her neck to give our hard earned dollars in tuition to illegals. She’s another one of Grant Woods many ill advised bungles!

  4. DeAnn says:

    I did not vote for Tom Horne, but have to admit he has done a good job so far.

  5. Night Owl says:

    I voted for him and glad I did. Horne’s an experienced grown up who’s treating a professional office professionally.

  6. TeaPartyPatriot says:

    Q: Who said this in the GOP debate: “You have no heart” unless you support using taxpayer money to provide special benefits to ILLEGALS.

    a. ANY lunatic-left d-cRAT socialist looking for fraudulent votes from ILLEGALS
    b. rick “I love ILLEGALS” perry

    HINT: perry OPPOSES a fence to help control the border, he OPPOSES Arizona’s SB1070 ILLEGALS control law, he OPPOSES E-verify, he has not said a word against OBOZO-the-Clown’s executive order granting back-door AMNESTY to ILLEGALS (like his Uncle Omar) and Numbers USA, a group that supports immigration control, gives Perry a “D-“ for his positions supporting amnesty, open borders, and opposing border security.

    Can you say “TEXAS TOAST” ?

  7. Granted says:

    Perry’s support of in state tuition for illegal immigrants killed his candidacy in my eyes, it’s just a long list of policies he’s pushed to pander to Hispanics.

    At least Romney vetoed the same “DREAM” Act when he was Governor of Massachusetts in 2004.

    I love how Perry is portrayed as the “hard right” nominee, when Romney is actually to the Right of him on many important issues (like illegal immigration). He’s also a heck of a lot more electable.