AZ Sen. Pres. Russell Pearce, challenger, debate

Shill moderates forum scheduled to preclude working people

Arizona State Senate President Russell Pearce (R-Dist.18) and his recruited challenger Jerry Lewis are scheduled to debate October 6 at a public forum presented by the Mesa Chamber of Commerce. The Valley Chambers are notorious for promoting an easily exploitable, low-wage illicit workforce favored by illegal alien profiteers.

With a 5:00 p.m. start time, the audience will likely be stacked with imported attendees who don’t have to work for a living.

Although tickets are required for admission, they are available at no charge. The event will be held at the Jack E. Shell Auditorium of the East Valley Institute of Technology 1601 W. Main Street, Mesa. Approximately 500 tickets will be available on a first-come, first-served basis with priority given to LD 18 voters. Ticket requests can be made via email at or phone at (480) 969-1307, Ext. 16.

A public broadcast and webcast of the forum will be made available via the Tribune at

Sen. Russell Pearce, a patriot who has devoted his life to public service, was the architect of the nationally copied SB 1070.  He is the subject of a recall being instigated by the open borders/amnesty crowd.  Jerry Lewis is a recruited candidate, not unlike sham candidate Kevin Gibbons, Jeff Flake’s recruited immigration lawyer brother-in-law, who lost his challenge to then-Rep. Pearce during the 2008 election.

The not-difficult-to-miss facts of this event are that the forum is scheduled at a time when working people will not be able to attend and the moderator is named Shill.

21 Responses to AZ Sen. Pres. Russell Pearce, challenger, debate

  1. Don says:

    I called immediately early in the morning before they even had 100. Told me that they would let me know! So they are screening and selecting the Pearce haters and open border La Raza people first. Mesa patriots sign up quickly because with this list of interviewers it will be nasty. Bring signs telling Parraz/IAF/SEIU/MoveOn/Soros, etc to stay out of AZ! They lost in Wisconsin and they will lose here!

    • Rambling Rose says:

      So these shady responses you received show this is actually the sham debate it appeared to be? Good to know, Don. For those unable to get in, bring your signs, your voices and be outside in droves. Our presence is important.

  2. TeaPartyPatriot says:

    I still find it hard to understand why Pearce does not run for the US Senate. Responsible Americans should be orgasmic over the prospect of having such a great legislator working for the entire country.

    • Capitol Watcher says:

      Remember what happened when Pearce had the temerity to even think of considering a congressional challenge to The Flake named Jeff? That was when The Flake enlisted his own brother-in-law to run against Pearce. Pearce mopped the floor with Kevin Gibbons.

      There are different dynamics this time around. For one thing, Democrats are allowed to vote in this contrived recall election. After spending a career in the political vineyards, and meeting elected officials and candidates for a variety of political offices, I can unequivocally state that Russell Pearce is a man of great integrity. He’s never been reluctant to take on the issues that matter most, even when it appeared the cards were stacked against him. His constituents are fortunate to have this constitutional expert represent them.

  3. chick says:

    Wonder how fast, if elected, Jerry Lewis switches parties? If you look at the FB (parraz) recall page, the page is literally littered with Democrat and Progressive postings, some blatantly “racist” and anti-Republican, DESPITE Randy’s claims that anything posted be “Pearce recall” only. Posts on: Deporting Cortes, Jerry Lewis signs up ahead of recall date (gasp! no complaints about Jer’s signs up before Sept. 8th), assorted “progressive causes” in and out of Arizona. If Lewis had integrity, he’d denounce that site. He hasn’t, it’s serving as an elect Jerry Lewis campaign site. Anyone in that district, considering voting for Lewis, should do their homework and read the posts on their own FB site, of who’s behind the recall and what THEY THINK, in THEIR OWN WORDS. IMHO, if it’s a vote for Lewis, you are electing “progressives” and dems to the LD 18 position.

    • Army Of One says:

      A word to the wise, chick. “Progressive” is now the preferred word liberals use to describe themselves, providing a hiding place for their true radical positions. When we fall into the trap of using that deceptive term, we are playing their game with their rules. They hate the word “liberal.” That’s why they’re running from it.

      • chick says:

        Oh, I know and agree. That word, “progressive” just like “diversity”, has been co-opted and gives me the “liberal willies”. ;)

  4. chick says:

    This is from a post I made on Espresso. My opinion on the lawsuit and the “players”.

    From AZ Central article, June 4th about the little “political experienced” volunteers highlighted: (june, ’11)

    “Every day, Mesa residents with little political experience suddenly found themselves in the limelight as they turned in recall petitions against state Senate President Russell Pearce this week.”

    “They included Todd Selleck, a golf course equipment manager; Amanda Zill, a registered nurse; Mary Lou Bettcher, a retired teacher who walks with a cane; and Julie Jorgensen, an adult education teacher.”

    Read more:
    Todd Selleck, Democrat Party LD 18 official

    Amanda Zill, list of her social change petitions (that she signed)
    Mary Lou Boettcher, in addition to the above post, was a Precinct Committee person and ran for LD 29 in 1996.
    Julie Jorgensen teaches Adult Education for Rio Salado which is part of the “Hispanic Outreach”. Julie also signed a petition to “End Arpiao’s Abuses” supported by LUCHA, Living United for Change in Arizona. “Social Justice”.

    These people, set up as “examples” by the RAG and the Recall as the “ordinary citizens” upset by Pearce, all have backgrounds that are not, “politically naive” nor “lack an agenda”.

    This in addition to the FB page, and Chad/Randy hiding their background, deleted youtube videos of supporters of the recall, and the (if I’m not mistaken) lack of information on financial donors to the recall effort, all add up to a “SHAM” on LD18.

  5. chick says:

    Kevin Gibbons signed the recall petition? surprise, surprise.

  6. Fake Jerry says:

    Did some one mention Kevin Gibbons and Jeff Flake? Wait, Lewis campaign manager Anson Clarkson works for Jeff Flake.

    • East Valley Voter says:

      Ah, yes. He must be the amattclarkson who was the faithful apologist for the Flakester. Haven’t seen him around these parts lately. Thanks for the info.

      • chick says:

        Read on a blog, I haven’t confirmed this, that Kevin signed for his wife? He actually did that? If so, that breaks the law. Geez. Flake wants my vote, he’s going to have to earn it, and pro-law breaking isn’t going to do it.

  7. Dennis O'Brien says:

    The moderator is named Shill? How appropriate! Maybe he’s related to Jerry Lewis?

  8. Vince says:

    Channel 12 which is always trying to “uncover” something negative on Russell Pearce, is now reporting that Olivia Cortes will participate in the October 6th debate.

    • chick says:

      wow, is that going to throw a “padlock” into their “sham candidate” allegations. of course Gannett (channel 12) along with it’s partner in crime, the arizona republic, has been shilling its candidate Lewis by the non-stop, daily streaming, of opinions cast as TRUTHS AND NEWS (roberts, montini, valdez). effectually “in-kind” donations to the Lewis campaign and the derogatory comments about the female candidate.

      i’m really shocked by laurie roberts comments in this. her comments about “pad-lock, groin-gate” (accusations without a modicum of proof or truth) and about cortes, have led me to believe, IMHO, that she has officially jumped shark. i thought laurie still had a SHRED of credibility left, but no more.

      • NightOwl says:

        None of them do, chick. They are all quaking in their boots over being the next to be pink-slipped. As a consequence, they will write whatever they think is expected of them and hope to make it through the next pay period. The ones you named are all middle aged and hope to be able to retire.

  9. Justin says:

    Yes, it is appropriate that a Shill is moderating this forum with a sham who shares his name with a never very funny comedian. It would be hilarious if not so serious. Jerry Lewis has the backing of the pro illegal alien Mormon church because that is where the church’s major new converts are coming from these days. Hispanics who are approached by missionaries are never asked their legal status. Swelling their church ranks is what they care about. Legal citizens? That’s an issue that isn’t on the list.

  10. chick says:

    I have listened to Barry and Michelle for about two minutes (KFYI) and shut it off. Appalled at what they are saying. Running with allegations about Cortes. Both of them have become “elitist” “Republican-snobs”. I hardly turn the station on anymore and I used to be an “all day” listener while working.

    • AZRed says:

      There with ya on the KFYI “mourning” team. Barry comes across pompous and Michelle has got to be blond. Jim Sharpe is so dedicated to the cause that he overslept today – or so they said. I’d be fired if I did that. Mike Broomhead is still a good listen. I catch his show on way home daily. Hopped over to KKNT at about 7:15 this morning to see what was going on there but after what seemed like 10 minutes of commercials, promos, more commercials & promos I gave up and turned the radio off. Conservative radio is rather lacking in Phx.

  11. chick says:

    Long for the glory days of KFYI. Listened to the nearly “pompous” one last month when he was dissing Pat Robertson and his comment to a male about divorcing a spouse with dementia. I didn’t agree with Pat, but I thought that I understood what he was trying to say. I agree with Barry and Michelle that marriage vows are important to keep. I have (unfortunately) have first-hand knowledge as to what happens when they aren’t kept, and one spouse is a victim of the other. When I heard Barry speaking of that, I thought back to his first wife (or second, not sure), that he was married to when he came here, Ramona. That was before his vows were made to Ms. Komando. IMHO, Barry speaking about keeping wedding vows was sort of crass.