Phoenix’s cost saving plan has hefty price tag

City to spend $800,000 to save $1.3 million

Most people are blissfully unaware that Phoenix has a city manager named David Cavazos. We’ve written about him previously, citing his longstanding disregard for Phoenix taxpayers along with his own employment woes before those transgressions were ignored and he was given the top job with a whopping $236,995 salary.

Cavazos’s latest wizardry is to merge the recycled trash and garbage pickup days as a cost saving and city beautification measure. Who could be against such a meritorious plan — especially in a declining economy with a looming budget deficit?

By now we should know that trusting these folks to oversee our money is akin to hiring an axe murderer to trim your trees. This is the same city where Mayor Philly Gordon felt it necessary to tax resident’s food to provide an unconscionable $14.3 million in “retention bonuses” to city employees.

With the merging of garbage and trash collections days, the city “hopes” to save $1.3 million annually, according to a report in the daily.

But at the bottom of the article we see that the savings comes with a surprise. Cavazos who calls this scheme “a total win for the community,” needs a cash infusion of $800,000 “to hire consultants and additional staff” to oversee the cost saving plan.

No mention is made of whether the consultants and staff will be temporary.

5 Responses to Phoenix’s cost saving plan has hefty price tag

  1. Frankly Speaking says:

    I just spent some time reading the links in this post and found out more about David Cavazos than I ever would have imagined. Why is a man who was suspended for so many infractions and irregularities, ever put in this top city position?. Now he justifies spending $800,000 and tells us it’s a winning deal? Phoenix is the largest city in the nation to still retain the council/manager form of government, rather than having the mayor in the top position. Our mayor is a tie-breaker. With the dufus we have in Phool Gordon, it’s probably just as well for the time being.

  2. Seen It All says:

    Are you kidding asking if the new staffers would be temporary? Once the consultants and staff are hired, they will never be fired. That’s how it works at the City of Phoenix.

  3. US Citizen says:

    What about those of us who put our garbage in the alley behind our homes? Those cans aren’t harming the appearance of our neighborhood. Graffiti is. Parking on the yard is. Beer cans and tires in the yard is. Unmowed grass that turns to weeds and then bare dirt is. Where are the city inspectors who are supposed to enforce neighborhood zoning complaints? We live in a what was a decent middle class neighborhood where owners took pride in their homes and yards. Homes are now being sold to illegals and our neighborhood resembles Mexico. With the current market, few of us longtime residents can afford to move. Our home is paid off and now the value is a pittance of what we paid for it. But the worst part is the total disregard for the area by those moving in. My wife is ashamed to invite friends over. How about these issues, Mr. Cavazos?

    • Night Owl says:

      Don’t expect any help from the city of Phoenix for the troubles you’ve described, USC. Policies instituted by the city helped create the turning of middle class neighborhoods into barrios. We have relatives in the same circumstances you describe. The neighborhood was established and well maintained, with grassy front yards and flowers that showed pride of ownership. It degraded with the influx of non-English speakers and the barrio mentality of parking on the yard and graffiti as you describe, followed by actual garbage strewn in the yard. The city did nothing as the neighbored deteriorated. Many of the homeowners were original purchasers who regarded their property as their single largest asset. Calls to the city received no response. I have seen the heartbreaking shame of what you describe with my own eyes.

      By the way, the graffiti was removed by a local car dealership at its own expense. Although the city gives lip service to the crime, they call it “tagging” instead of the willfull criminal damage it is, and has done nothing about it in ages. Phoenix is on a tight budget and has to pay out those retention bonuses with the money it has left.

  4. Real American says:

    And then This “”It’s a total win for the community,” said Cavazos, who got the idea after a recent visit to McAllen, Texas”. Why could he of not just took a trip to Glendale. They do it. He must of needed a boondoggle, he probably has relatives there.