Jerry Lewis fingered in “Backpackgate”

Backpacks donated to homeless kids attending Jerry Lewis’ school diverted to private yard sales

Espresso Pundit has poured out a steaming brew — no cream, no sugar, no fluff — on a shocking scandal that is getting no coverage in the Arizona Republic.  The reason?  The perp is Jerry Lewis, the newspaper’s beloved state senate candidate whom they hope will beat the pants off conservative Senate President Russell Pearce.  A lot is riding on this election.  Pearce is the architect of Arizona’s SB 1070, the nationally copied law addressing the costly and crime-laden problem of illegal immigration. If Sen. Pearce is defeated it will make national news and embolden those who support the unlawful invasion. 

Arizona is the portal through which the majority of illegals pass as they fan out across the U.S. or decide to put down roots here. But the Periódico de la República de Arizona (Arizona Republic) is adamantly pro-amnesty, so Sen. Pearce rings the bell on the newspaper’s Despise-O-Meter. It’s not unusual for tag-team sucker-punches to brutalize Pearce with manufactured front page stories posing as news and simultaneous, hit-piece columns by Laurie Roberts and EJ Montini.  Angry editorials are topped with a blistering Steve Benson offering posing as a cartoon.

But when recruited challenger Jerry Lewis, a charter school principal and former LDS Stake President and Bishop engages in shamefully deceptive practices, nary a word.

In Your News is Carefully Scripted, Espresso Pundit exposes the yearly major charity drive aimed at securing corporate and private donations for the homeless schoolchildren Lewis’ Children First Academy serves. But there’s a stomach-turner of a story behind the actual recipients of the donated backpacks, school supplies and clothing.  Rather than needy kids being gifted with the essential items, some of them end up with a friend of Jerry Lewis, who then sells them at a private yard sale, while Lewis keeps the lucrative solicitation machine going, as he claims the youngsters need more supplies.

We are linking to this exposé, which includes the lawsuit filed by a whistle-blowing assistant principal dismissed for exposing Lewis’ treachery. This story has far-reaching implications. We urge you to read the entire post.

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  1. Villanova says:

    What about the constant stream of “reports” about the candidacy of Olivia Cortes? The Republic has implied she’s a demon from hell in its zeal to get her dumped from the ballot, since the newspaper fears she could divert votes from this slime ball Jerry Lewis. He ought to be charged with theft resulting from the misappropriation of property and be the one removed from the district 18 legislative race. He’s a crook.

  2. East Valley PC says:

    After a lengthy investigation, Chandler police recommended charging LDS Bishops Troy Hansen and Matthew Meyers with failure of duty to report the ongoing sexual abuse of a young teen by Maricopa County Supervisor Fulton Brock’s wife Susan and his daughter Rachel. These two “upstanding” Mormon Bishops were complicit in the ongoing pedophilia. They had longstanding knowledge about the criminal acts and never reported the crime to authorities. Now we read of this deceit by Bishop Jerry Lewis. No wonder the church is recruiting so many illegals and not asking about their status. Illegality is not something they are unaccustomed to dealing with. Church hierarchy are often facilitating it.

  3. Anson Clarkson says:

    In regards to the lawsuit, Ron Neil had this to say:

    “Choice Education and Development Corporation and Edkey, Inc., have been named defendants in a lawsuit in which the plaintiff’s main arguments are that she was wrongfully terminated. While the case will be debated in the legal realm, where we will assert the merits of what we believe to be a sound position, it appears that a tangent to the case is the plaintiff’s inclusion of Jerry Lewis’s name. At the time the events described in the suit occurred, Jerry Lewis was employed by Choice Education and Development Corporation. Jerry Lewis is NOT a named defendant in the lawsuit. He had nothing to do with her termination and in fact offered some creative options to save her job. It was my sole decision to terminate the plaintiff and eliminate her position due to budgetary issues. The plaintiff’s claims that Jerry Lewis misappropriated donated items are absolutely not true. In the process of collecting donations for the school, we routinely receive a large number of unusable items of little or no value, which are normally discarded or donated to other charitable organizations such as Goodwill, St. Vincent de Paul, etc. In the instance the plaintiff cites in her lawsuit, the items in question were not sold at any yard sale and most were donated to a local thrift store. Contrary to the plaintiff’s assertion, not even 1 cent was raised from any yard sale of items donated to our school. We find it disingenuous that someone would try to use this incident to harm Jerry Lewis’s reputation. We feel the need to set the record straight. In our experience, Jerry Lewis displays the highest degree of integrity in carrying out his duties and we have faith and confidence in his character.
    Choice Education and Development Corporation is quite concerned that untrue, irresponsible, and vengeful comments directed at Jerry Lewis could harm the wonderful students at our schools. The majority of the students at the school in question are homeless. They depend greatly on the generous donations of food, clothing and school supplies from a number of individuals. It is sad that people who make such irresponsible comments do not think how their words and accusations could harm children who are most in need.”
    Ron Neil
    Choice Education & Development Corporation

    • Fed Up says:

      Give me a break!! This stooge Anson Clarkson is Jerry Lewis’s campaign manager, making him the King of Bias on the issue of this deception by Jerry Lewis. This is called DAMAGE CONTROL. In fact, this exact same post citing this letter from Ron Neil is up on the Espresso Pundit site. Jerry Lewis works for Ron Neil. What independent knowledge does Ron Neill possess in this case of fraud on the part of Jerry Lewis? They all need to come clean — Jerry Lewis, Anson Clarkson and Ron Neil.

      • Luke says:

        Anson Clarkson is the same “amattclarson” who has incessantly posted pro-Jeff Flake comments here. He is the spot-on apologist for any out of sync LDS elected official or candidate

    • Angie says:

      Another coverup of corruption in the church and in “supposedly
      reputable learning institutions”? Neal should be thinking of the
      harm to the children by behaviors such as Jerry Lewis and his
      cronies defenders running these schools.

  4. Tyler Montague says:

    What a fake scandal. You guys have no shame. They offer a teacher some used adult clothing that was going to be discarded anyway, to use in a charitable yard sale to raise money to adopt an orphan from Africa, and you guys try and spin that into a scandal. By the way, the junk didn’t even sell, and was given to Goodwill in the end. Your complete lack on intellectual honesty is disappointing. Is this all Pearce supporters have? If so, it fits with the pattern of lies and deception they’ve displayed so far.

    • Ellsworth says:

      Fess up, Tyler. You wouldn’t be related to Jerry Lewis’s campaign chairman and former stake president Wallace Dea Montague would you? Political incest lives in Mesa. Sometimes it even buys your house.

    • Angie says:

      Tyler, thou complaint too much. I’m not anybody’s supporter,
      but I do resent people like you always defending by offending
      the donors of goods. How dare you complaint about the gifts
      given? I hope people won’t give your kind anymore gifts if you
      are to call them junk. What an ungrateful person you are!
      The lies and deception come from Jerry Lewis’s camp. You
      are so intent in allowing the illegal invasion at the expense of
      future generations of American’s. You obviously never learned
      logical reasoning. I break into your house through the back door and then demand you take care of all my needs, including
      getting me a job. Sure, I might work hard, but when I decide to
      have more children than I can afford to support, you better do
      it for me. They will need Medical care, food stamps, housing,
      education and if they don’t turn out to be law abiding citizens,
      you’ll have to foot the bill for the law enforcement agencies, courts, lawyers, incarceration, and lifetime support. What about the victims? That’s why this country is financially broke! We have millions of illegals (leeches) who if they get an education; they do it only to figure out how to take this country from our children.

      Bleeding hearts like you are aiding and abetting the criminals. And don’t tell me crossing the borders is not a crime, if I jump the White House fence and enter uninvited, demanding rights to which I’m not entitled; you bet I’d be put in jail! I wouldn’t get amnesty from Obama as he is giving to the illegal aliens now.

      I hope God will save this country from morons like you and your cronies. Jerry Lewis is being bought and paid for by Randy Parraz, the descendant of illegal aliens, member of La Raza, traitor to this country that has given him more than he would have ever been given by corrupt Mexico! Where is his gratitude by trying to enable more illegals to occupy this country?Tyler use your brain for a change. What a FAKE you are!

  5. Brandy Baron says:

    Funny, according to Ron Neil “the items in question were not sold at any yard sale” and “not even 1 cent was raised from any yard sale of items donated to our school”…. Now you say “They offer a teacher some used adult clothing that was going to be discarded anyway, to use in a charitable yard sale to raise money to adopt an orphan from Africa”. Somebody really needs to get their lies together and straight!

    This is just another perfect example of the kind of lying and manipulating that is business as usual for the progressives behind this whole recall idiocy. Nice try but you’re only fooling the fools who follow you.

    • Matt DeGennaro says:

      You nailed the deception, Brandy. Double score!! They only care about winning. Truth and facts take a backseat. I’m ashamed that these people are high ranking representatives of a church — ANY church.

  6. Maggie says:

    Where is the Republic on this? Don’t hold your breath expecting the Bobsey Twins AZ Republic and Channel 12 to give this scandal the light of day. But what about the others? Are they all in collusion with the open borders crowd and Randy Parraz and Chad Snow? It certainly appears so. Why am I not surprised?

  7. Neo48 says:

    Nice spin Anson and Tyler.

    “no shame”? That is absolutely hilarious coming from you of all people.

  8. […] woman who was repeatedly accused of running a fraudulent campaign to shift votes from recruited and troubled candidate Jerry Lewis has withdrawn her candidacy in the November 8 recall election against Arizona Senate President […]

  9. Frankly Speaking says:

    “Backpackgate?” A perfect description!

  10. Sally Forth says:

    While Administrator Ron Neil’s Sequoia School is busy shifting staff in light of the firing of Asst. Principal Diane Fernichio after her revelations and ensuing lawsuit, they’ve put up a cutesy “under construction” sign to divert attention from the mounting scandal encompassing Jerry Lewis. This is Mesa at work, folks, business as usual, even if the webpage says it’s under construction. It’s just the same old, same old Easy Valley shenanigans.

  11. Realist says:



  12. Andrea Garcia says:

    @Angie, One question for you? Who stole my tax payer dollars from me at gunpoint and forced me to pay for schools,welfare and entitlement social programs?? Last I checked it was GOVERNMENT and not an “iilegal” once its been stolen from me why do I give a crap who they gave it to? Illegals I think deserve it every bit as much as any other person who takes from the system. Don’t be angry at WHO takes it be angry Government STOLE from you to give it to ANYONE!

  13. Andrea Garcia says:

    Realist, Your Dr called says to take your Blood pressure medicine. Geesh, calm down on the shouting.

  14. district18voter says:

    From Heather Glass-

    “I know the discussion has moved on from this, but I feel the need to defend myself. I am the teacher who had the Yard Sale. There were a lot of items donated to our school last summer which could not be stored or used. My sister-in-law, who was hired by Dianne Fernichio, was working at the school at the time. She asked the Donations Coordinator if my husband and I could have the items (that were going to be taken to a thrift store) for a Yard Sale (to help with expenses of our adoption). The Donations Coordinator asked Jerry if that was alright and he said yes. We took boxes of women’s clothing and an entertainment center. We were actually lucky to have a lot of things donated to us by our friends and family. So, we took things that we didn’t think could sell to a thrift store the night before the Yard Sale. The boxes of clothes that Jerry told me I could have were part of the load that was taken to a thrift store. The entertainment center was returned to the school. That is why the statement that we did not make 1 cent in our Yard Sale from the items donated to my school is accurate. I did not “boast” that I made $1000 at our Yard Sale on facebook. I thanked everyone who helped us with it afterwards and someone asked my how much we made. I commented that we made almost $1,000, which we split with another couple (our friends who also were adopting). I do not know how Azzeducator (Tim) knew that, because I am not friends with him, Dianne, or anyone else involved with this on facebook.
    Furthermore, this “scandal” is called backpack gate and has nothing to do with backpacks or any items that were donated through the Stuff the Bus campaign that Dianne helped organize for our school. That just shows that the prevarications of this “scandal” have gone way out of hand.
    I am sorry that this has been used in a negative way against Jerry. I respect all of your opinions and your right to your political views. I think that the name calling and meanness has gone to the extreme in this case. I understand that you are frustrated, I am too. Please know that I do not want to start another argument, I just want to defend myself and make sure the facts are known.”

    • American Dad says:

      Heather: Your response is odd, in and of itself. Obviously you are a Jerry Lewis supporter since you keep referring to him as “Jerry,” My question goes to the heart of why you or anyone else would have been given donated items. If they weren’t good enough for the school, then the school should have made sure the items were taken to a thrift store, so the school could have received the $1,000. Donors gave items in the hopes they were benefiting the homeless children, not children you or your friend were adopting. If you need to defray adoption costs, how do you intend to support this child throughout the costly business of raising him/her. Ditto your adopting friend. What an absurd reasoning process you have used to defend “Jerry” and yourself. Raising children is a costly undertaking and long-term commitment. Yards sales won’t cover the costs.

    • Kent says:

      What a lame bunch of tripe. If you can’t afford to pay adocption expenses, the answer is simple: DON’T ADOPT!!

    • Rambling Rose says:

      Heather Glass,
      I do hope you’re kidding us. You and your friend needed money to facilitate each of your adoptions? How in the world do you justify either your acceptance of the donated items for this purpose or thinking that it was on the up and up for you and your friend to divide $1000 to which you had no right? Choosing to adopt are decisions you each made. Pay for it yourselves! Do you think others will subsidize your parenting expenses because you decided to bring children into your household? This is absurd reasoning, or I should say lack of reasoning. Why do you think you are entitled because you’re adopting? Does that give you a path to glory that the rest of us don’t have? Put your hands back in your own pockets. You say you want to defend yourself? This is no defense!

  15. Neo48 says:

    Heather Glass….your explanation doesn’t help. It makes me angrier that I now know you used the items donated by others (with the intention that it would be used to help the SCHOOL) only to find out that YOU used them for your own personal adoption fund. And Tyler, calling the items “junk” makes you look like an selfish, ungrateful punk.

    Not helping.

    And Andrea Garcia….still bitter I see that you couldn’t beat Pearce in the 2010 election. I see your strategy of not dividing into 2 parties in order to beat Pearce is working this time. Too bad you have to resort to a recall (and getting in bed with radicals) in order to do it and not use a normal election cycle.

  16. Sgt. Preston says:

    I hope others heard the expose on Jerry Lewis last night on the Terry Gilberg show on KFYI 550 AM.
    She was interviewing an investigative reporter who told the whole shameful story in great detail. If this man is a church bishop, I should be the King of the Western World. I’m neither a liar nor a thief.

  17. […] runs a top-of-the-fold headline referencing Jerry Lewis, the aptly named jester plagued with numerous irregularities who is challenging Sen. Pearce. The article is titled Lewis insists he’s no […]