Herman Cain: Blockbuster event requires larger venue

Popular candidate necessitates change of venue to larger facility

The Monday October 17 date remains the same, with times altered slightly to accomodate the crowd:  5:00 pm VIP reception / 7:00 pm dinner event — but Herman Cain’s popularity and the tremendous demand for tickets — which sold out days ago — has necessitated a change of venue to the South Ballroom of the Phoenix Convention Center. The address is 33 South Third Street, Phoenix 85004Directions here. 

Kudos to the AZ GOP, which has responded quickly to meet the growing demand for this event.

Herman Cain’s polling numbers are soaring. The most recent Zogby survey shows Cain has opened up a 20 percentage point lead among likely Republican primary voters in the race for the presidential nomination, and significantly holds a 46 – 44 percent lead among all likely voters over Barack Obama.

For more information go to www.azgop.org

15 Responses to Herman Cain: Blockbuster event requires larger venue

  1. Don says:

    What a coup for State Chair Morrissey to get Herman Cain to AZ just when Cain is sizzling hot in the polls!

    Cain visited a few months ago while attending the National Tea Party Patriot Summit. We were impressed with his intelligence (degree in Math)(Fed Res Governor) and his business acumen (turning around failing companies). The USA needs someone with financial/business training that can now turnaround America.

    Cain is a wonderful, charismatic speaker since he was a Tea Party talk show host. And yet he remains cordial and a true gentleman.

    The only reason Cain hasn’t been #1 in the polls until now is that people-like myself-did not send him money and so he did not have a strong organization. Now that he’s leading in the polls, the money is flowing in to our next President!

    • Dennis O'Brien says:

      I’m also drawn to his Reaganesque optimism. He’s a smart man who can keep his eye on the ball. I’m going to purchase two more event tickets for my brother and his wife, who need to hear this fine man.

  2. byHisgrace says:

    Very nice. The 10/11 Bloomberg Biz channel debate is on economics…now, he needs to avoid the lamestream media’s BS questions about the other candidates.

  3. Night Owl says:

    Herman Cain is blowing the wind out of Obama’s sails, and everyone else’s as well. As he has gained steam, Rick Perry is in a freefall.

  4. Gopnelle says:

    This is fantastic! Herman Cain has the Right answers and has risen from also-ran to front-runner. Since I am retired and on Social Security, I did not have the money to go to this event until after it was sold out. I am amazed that the party leadership was able to make such quick action to open this up to people like me.

    Thanks – I am looking forward to a great evening.

  5. Ernest Mc Collum says:

    Every time I read more of Herman’s positions the more I like him. We need to tell the national RINOS in the Republican party to quit trying to force Romney and others like him down our throat. I have. It’s we the people not we the ruler.

  6. LD 11 PC says:


  7. chick says:

    My oldest kid (college) made his first campaign contribution to Mr. Cain. I wish he could go to this. Wish Godfather’s Pizza would come back. YUMMY!

  8. Skeptic says:

    Sorry, but all you Herman Cain worshipers need to take a REAL hard look at what this man stands for. Praising him because he was a Federal Reserve Gov is NOT appropriate. To anybody that understands the basics of how we got here (read Meltdown or “Rollback” by Thomas Woods) they know that the Fed is THE main mechanism which we get our “big government” that we are trying to eliminate. Sure, the president (Obama, Bush, all of them) and his insane spending along with the Congress’ apparent immunity to fiscal sanity are to blame directly. However the Fed (and our fractional reserve banking system) is the “enabler” of this! Herman Cain doesn’t believe anything is wrong with the Fed. He doesn’t seem to care that the first pseudo-audit produced documentation that 16 trillion dollars was conjured and given to overseas banks and corporations. I guess that’s the New American Way that Herman Cain feels is OK. The Federal Reserve must be on any president’s radar to deal with–audit and hopefully shut down–or no matter the policy, no matter the congress critters in the House/Senate, we will never again achieve prosperity with the Federal Reserve debasing our currency with no oversight and no accountability.

    Secondly, his “999” plan is an utter joke and nothing more than a gimmick. What he “proposes” would NEVER make it through the House and the Senate so pragmatically, it’s a waste of time to even think about. But, regardless–part of his “999” plan has a very dangerous precedent that must be thought about long and hard. A 9% “national sales tax” sounds great to people who have not thought it through. It sounds “fair.” Everybody has to buy things, so everybody would have to pay their “fair share.” But, remember that in 1913, the income tax was billed as a “soak the rich” mechanism. It was to affect a mere fraction of the population and it was to be a 1% tax. Look at where we are today. Once the camel gets his nose under the tent, it will NEVER be pushed back. Don’t you people look at history? A 9% national sales tax today might turn into something much more oppressive tomorrow–ratcheting up a small percentage each time so you don’t “notice” it. Just like boiling a frog slowly versus throwing him in boiling water. Result: the same. The frog (us) still dies.

    Do not look to Herman Cain as the savior of the Republican Party. He is only “red hot” right now because the media wants him to be. Period. Just like Michele Bachmann after Ames. Then they got bored with her. They’ll get bored with Cain too because after all the folksy talk and gimmick ploys there is very little real substance there.

    “Move on, nothing to see here folks…….”

  9. chick says:

    Ron paul has some pretty significant issues such as “open border” and making almost all illegal drugs legal. Some of those drugs are pretty addictve and make you do some pretty bad stuff. I’m not talking about pot. Those are my big problems with him.

  10. SuzanneC says:

    Again a Ron Paul supporter trashing the leading Republican, The only person I can say is as nasty as McCain, Ron Paul. Do you know Ron Paul told his supporters to take a look at Cynthia McKinney after he dropped out of the Last presidential election? If you do not know who she is, Cynthia is a black liberal democrat who tried to brerak the Israeli blockade and bring guns to the Palestinians, yes she is the same person. Ron Paul supported her because he is anti semetic.

    • Chuck says:

      Paul-Lites are nuts, Suzanne. They rally behind an aged man who thinks a border fence will keep Americans in, rather than keeping foreign national invaders out. Ron Paul must get his talking points on this topic from leftist Linda Valdez at the AZ Repulsive. The funny thing is that these lockstep Paul-Lites think he’s a conservative.

  11. chick says:

    IMHO, Ron Paul is in the space where far-right (Libertarian) meets far-left (marxist/socialist/communist). I don’t want to be there.

  12. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    The Left must be concerned. Today Steve Bensen at the Republic castigated Herman Cain in one of his boorish cartoon efforts. And to think there was a time, years back and before he renounced his faith, that he was regarded as a solid conservative.

    PS I am not Mormon.

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