Conservative icons challenged by Leftists, RINOs

Just as Arizona’s Senate President Russell Pearce is the subject of a nefarious recall being waged by pro-illegal alien factions and profiteers who seize the opportunity to undercut citizen’s wages, Republican Gov. Scott Walker is now the subject of a recall in Wisconsin. And like Sen. Pearce, Gov. Walker has become a national hero to many Americans as he successfully took on union excesses and exposed corruption. Pearce is the author of the nationally copied Arizona law aimed at curtailing illegal entry into our state, best known as SB1070.

There have only been two successful gubernatorial recall elections in U.S. history. The first was in 1921 in North Dakota and the other was when California Gov. Gray Davis was removed from office in 2003. Never has there been a recall of a sitting state legislator. Conservative Pearce’s prominent position as senate president provides additional reason to attempt to embarrass him.

This morning’s daily newspaper, an open-borders entity long angling for Pearce’s removal, runs a top-of-the-fold headline referencing Jerry Lewis, the aptly named jester plagued with numerous irregularities who is challenging Sen. Pearce. The article is titled Lewis insists he’s no puppet

That’s true.  Lewis is no puppet. He’s a stooge. 

You have an opportunity to show your support for a true conservative patriot — Senate President Russell Pearce — and have a great time in the process.  Join the rally this Friday, October 14, 7:00 pm at Hohokam Stadium, 1235 N. Center St., Mesa, Arizona 85201Click here for more information.

5 Responses to Conservative icons challenged by Leftists, RINOs

  1. East Valley Voter says:

    I am fortunate to live in Sen. Russell Pearce’s district. He is a humble man who carries the torch of liberty for ALL Arizona citizens.

    He is well versed in the law and has respect for our Founding documents. That a man such as Sen. Pearce has to be forced to endure this insane recall put together by the promoters of illegal immigration, is beyond reason. May God bless Sen. Pearce.

  2. Kimball says:

    The entire point is to harass, belittle and ultimately take down conservatives. This is tactical gamesmanship played by the left. And remember, the left can also wear Republican clothing. It wasn’t that long Kevin Gibbons was recruited to challenge Russell Pearce. He’s Jeff Flake’s immigration lawyer brother-in-law. How much more cozy could it get? Easy. Bring in the LDS Church hierarchy to knock out this good man who is now our state senate president. That’s how Jerry Lewis was recruited to take out a fellow Mormon. It’s a disgusting practice known as bringing in the big guns.

  3. Ariztophanes says:

    Jerry Lewis has a lot of name recognition. Wasn’t he the guy who invented Flubber?

    • Night Owl says:

      Jerry Lewis is a tool. He sports an inane grin while misrepresenting what and who he really is. This misadventure will go down in Arizona history as a pathetic, orchestrated attempt to undermine the voters of Dist 18 and remove an honorable man who has dedicated his life to service. For shame, Jerry Lewis!!

  4. Tyler M says:

    Seeing Red-

    Please, please, please place a front page banner or story listing the names of aLl the key elected Arizona Republicans & candidates who have refused to endorse Russell Pearce during this liberal open-borders & pro-amnesty election against Arizona’s most important conservative in generations.