Recall of Sen. Russell Pearce not confined to AZ

Extremist left emboldened by Jerry Lewis’ challenge to patriot

American Thinker runs an outstanding post by Anita Christy regarding the recall election in Arizona’s Legislative District 18. Christy contrasts Senate President Russell Pearce whose career has been in service to others and radical Randy Parraz a union leader and Saul Alinsky acolyte.

To the average busy citizen, this lone district state legislative race in west Mesa might not reach “radar screen” proportions. But regardless of where you live, think again — this contemptible challenge touches you. If the illegal alien proponents who are behind this shameful effort to remove a patriotic stalwart are successful, it will resonate across the country and embolden others to take up the mantel against conservatives.

Seeing Red AZ highly recommends “Leftist Recall Strikes Architect of SB 1070 in Arizona.”

4 Responses to Recall of Sen. Russell Pearce not confined to AZ

  1. Anna says:

    How true! If this vile recall is successful, it will resonate throughout the illegal communities nationwide. Laws will become meaningless. Jerry Lewis, in his role as a LDS Bishop is an ilegal alien supporter. That plays right along with the church’s teachings.

  2. Frankly Speaking says:

    Interesting. I was just having a conversation with a business associate in Kansas about this very same issue yesterday. Jerry Lewis’s challenge to Sen. Russell Pearce touches us all. Lewis is either a total sellout or a colossal fool. Either way, if he wins, we all lose. States all over the US are copying AZ’s SB1070. This election is intended to put a chill on such legislation.

  3. Rambling Rose says:

    I appreciate this truth being exposed. What is happening to Senator Pearce and the votes of Mesa’s conservative residents is actually happening to us all. Russell Pearce was duly elected by the people in his area. This recall is being funded by out of state entities, including Hispanic advocacy groups who promote illegal alien invaders of the USA. We have generous and legal means of entering and gaining citizenship, but they are not interested in going through the proper channels, since they hate us and all we stand for, coming instead for the benefits, health care, education and salaries. The American Thinker article is right on!

  4. Angie says:

    The sad thing is that most people either know why they are
    supporting Randy Parraz radical Alinsky’s beliefs or they ignore
    that fact that he is also a member of La Raza. Their Aztlan
    movement has (for almost 60 years) sworn to take this country
    over for Mexico. All the illegals have been brainwashed into
    thinking that this is Aztlan. Even though reputable professors
    in Mexico have stated:That mythical area is in the State of Culiacan. We have at least 70 million of illegals which according
    to the government statistics has been 11-12 million for 10 years!

    Not only that, but most of the descendants of the illegals (which
    are by now many generations) are not loyal to the USA. They
    still consider themselves “Mexicans”

    Their ignorance is beyond anything I’ve ever seen. As a person
    of Mexican origin, I am and American first and foremost. This is
    the only country to which I owe allegiance. They on the other
    hand think being of brown skin, they must be Mexicans first!
    They ignore the fact that many European descendants are also
    Mexicans by nationality. And that is the key word:NATIONALITY!
    What they should consider is that Mexican, German, French,
    US American, and all other nationalities are just that. If you are
    a citizen of those countries, that is your nationality. But so many
    are several generations American born and still say they’re
    Mexicans!!! As such, they should be fighting for their rights in
    Mexico, not in the USA!

    There is a saying in Spanish: “Son limosneros con garrote”
    roughly translated it means they are: “beggers with a stick”
    They come here illegally, and they have the nerve to demand
    rights in this country? Why don’t they demand those rights from
    their own corrupt Mexico? Shame on all those who despise and
    want the overthrow of the USA while taking all they can from it!
    To the LDS church and other churches who mistakenly provide
    support to those who are getting larger and larger in ,numbers,
    just waiting for more traitors, radicals like Parraz, Wilcox, Rezas, Gutierrez, Ortegas, and other corrupt immigration attorneys to
    help in the overthrow, hoping to make rank after the USA is
    Mexican controlled.

    Good luck to them, because Americans still have people like
    Senator Pearce, and other loyal legislators who are watching
    out for the country. not only for a select group, but for the good
    of ALL Americans, black, brown, white, yellow or red. Those
    who consider themselves “Mexicans”, Chicanos, or whatever the
    name of the day: YOU ARE EITHER US AMERICAN -OR GO