McCain ally Babeu announces for Congress

As anticipated, Paul Babeu announced the opening of an exploratory congressional campaign for the new AZ-4 River District today. The ubiquitous Pinal County Sheriff has been not-so-coyly campaigning for at least a year.

Babeu is best remembered partnering with John McCain in McCain’s last senate campaign as the two walked Arizona’s porous southern border which provides the major gateway for millions of illegal aliens to enter the United States. A worried Señor Juan McAmnesty suddenly veered to the right and needed a cohort in uniform to give him what he hoped would be a newfound credibility on a topic where he had none. After his re-election, he dropped the issue like a hot rock. 

Babeu’s campaign communiqué includes this line: “I believe it may be time for a new Sheriff in Washington,” adding in his pitch for contributions: “you can be sure that Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama and the liberal fundraising juggernaut led by George Soros will do everything they can to stop us. They’ll spend whatever it takes.”

That’s an interesting line for Babeu to employ, since Whatever it takes is the title of J.D. Hayworth’s book. The former Congressman was McCain’s adversary, and was responsible for McCain’s momentary rightward lurch.

Look for McCain to hop aboard the Babeu Express, with some more of his “straight talk.”

15 Responses to McCain ally Babeu announces for Congress

  1. Dennis O'Brien says:

    Sorry but I will never get past his lapdogging for McCain. Babeu vacillates between this bootlicking and showboating.

    Who is this guy? He came from Massachusetts where he was supposedly a headmaster at a school for troubled youth. Then the owner dies and the records vanish? This was one hell of a rapid transition to law enforcement and now to the halls of congress. Will someone from his campaign please supply a paper trail?

    • Yavapai Al says:

      No need for an apology, Dennis. I don’t intend to give one for the fact that I also consider him a useful tool, and a phony. If the redistricting lines stay put, I will be in the district he’s announcing for. I intend to vote for an actual conservative Sen. Ron Gould.

      Sen. PLEASE announce!!

  2. Jonathan says:

    Here is a news report from this past spring, on Babeu’s inflated crime statistics. Bear in mind that Pinal county doesn’t even touch the border. No way am I a fan of the AZ Republic, but this is worth looking over:

  3. Attila The Hunny says:

    I’m wondering who will be the major players on his campaign team? Will he bring out the McSwish gang from D.C.?

    Here on KSAZ Channel 10, he reveals multi-year sexual abuse by a priest beginning as an 11-year-old child.

  4. telemoonfa says:

    The only time I ever voted for a Democrat was when I voted for James Pfeifer instead of Shaun Babeu (Paul’s brother) for Justice of the Peace. I voted for the incumbent Republican Dennis Lusk in the Primary. I don’t think the judicial branch of government should be partisan, anyway, so I didn’t mind too much voting for a Democrat in that particular situation. I bet Shaun has big political ambitions, too.

  5. Dave Francis says:

    As illegal foreign workers leave, owing to the E-Verify system being used by hundreds of thousands of honest business owners, it’s not surprisingly those jobs are being rapidly refilled by low income, blue and white collar unemployed Americans. Read the internet news of reports of lightening raids by ICE, which explains the sudden emergence of for ‘hire’ signs, as factories, plants, stores and construction are looking for legal job seekers. This is being persistently illustrated all throughout America, from the school janitor, roofers, manufacturing and across the occupational workforce. President Obama started a sound policy of deportations, but with the advisement from his Department of Justice attachment, there anti-America worker Liberal doctrines are now being observed through their attacks on different states. Currently the Democratic left is using an iron gauntlet against states, which will not be trodden down by judges and the courts.

    Allowing foreign aliens to squat in this sovereign nation permanently without hindrance, is not what our law abiding country believes should happen. Obama’s administration has been corrupted by his Liberal czars such as Eric Holder, Nancy Pelosi, and Janet Napolitano and very strongly by Sen. Harry Reid, who nearly crippled E-Verify some years back. Since the stronger reappearance of E-Verify, Reid, and his cynic politicians has tried to weaken its influence, with the persistence of special interest lobbyists and radical open border organizations.

    We must consider the consequences of not implementing the injection of the Lama Smith E-Verify program, the Legal Workforce Act, today and in the future. If the American people don’t demand Mandatory E-Verify, millions more people from South of our border and by international flights, will take advantage of us. The E-Verify program is a simple, an easy operational program that anybody can operate from a computer. But there are many lies spewing from those who are gaining much profit by the dismantling of this application. Foreign nationals will arrive in droves eating away at our failing educational system, health care and every form of Medicaid and welfare assistance. Over 100 billion dollars annually are already spent on the 20 million and more already here, but this is not a static dollar figure; it is rising constantly? Ask the officials in Los Angeles County, California and Clarke County, Nevada of how much is bled from their diluted welfare systems. Most states are in an unparalleled financial mess, from these entitlement programs. If President Obama and his current Imperial Court enter a second term in the White House, does that signify a new mass Amnesty is looming? Does that mean this country that is already suffering from the unfettered invasion, going to cough-up over $2.6 trillion dollars to make those already here comfortable? This is the heart palpitating analysis the Heritage Foundation has concluded on?

    Call the Washington switchboard today and request the phone numbers of the House Ways and Means Committee on E-Verify Immigration program at 202-224-3121 insisting they vote for E-Verify the ‘Legal Workforce Act’ (H.R. 2885 bill.) You can also go to NumbersUSA website and be apprised of the current immigration situation, costs and rhetoric from the Liberal politicians and the unceasing pressure of the progressives and extremists. At the NumbersUSA site they have access to a free faxing system, so you can exclusively contact the reluctant lawmakers against E-Verify. In addition join your local TEA PARTY as millions have already, as this is the only route on commonsense to stop illegal immigration. A TEA PARTY majority in Washington means the dismantling of Sanctuary Cities, the Dream Act and no more Obama amnesties or Immigration reforms. In most cases it’s about money, greed and power. Mandatory E-Verify is a federal program, which nobody can get a waiver from once voted on. As Americans we can make a massive difference, on who comes to this country? People with high level degrees in technology, science and math, we should be given priority. Others with financial capital to invest should also receive priority visas.

    Those who are looking for a handout, arriving from any country in the world should not be admitted. Since the 1986 Immigration mass amnesty, we have been importing poverty that is a fiscal nightmare for all of us. We also need field and agricultural worker, but not until the real double layer fence covers every inch of our border with Mexico and come here with legal authority, so they can be tracked. We need more ‘boots on the ground’ whether border agents of a permanent military presence, to interdict criminal from across our poorly constructed border barrier.

    It’s evident to millions of Americans that the left side will be blinded, intentionally or not in the next election for President. Therefore, we need to scrutinize the integrity of our federal voting system, which must be overseen in every constituency. Absentee ballots are especially open to abuse and every effort must be accomplished to stop voter fraud and illegal aliens registering to vote. Violating our most sacred voting rights shows that the Democratic Party will stoop to any level, to gain the power by ignoring groups as ACORN and other innocuous new voter canvassing groups hunting for registration signatures; whether a new citizen or not?


    • Kent says:

      Dave –
      Do you think you could be more concise and not take up the comment page with repetition and cut and pastes? I strongly support E-Verify, but we got the drift early on. People stop reading after the fifth time you’ve said the same thing.

  6. Realist says:

    Seriously, do you know anyone who didn’t see this coming? If so, you haven’t been doing your part in educating your friends in Az. politics.

  7. paul marchant says:

    babeau for congress? wow, never saw that coming…

    • American Patriot says:

      You’re kidding, right? This guy has been campaigning with every breath he takes since he first came on the scene. I trust him as far as I can throw my house. He helped elect John McCain, who I’m sure will return the favor. What we need to do is follow the thinking of Yavapai Al and encourage Ron Gould to run. He’s a known quantity and a strong conservative. Imagine having HIS voice in Congress. And I’ll bet he won’t be holding fundraisers with the McCain/Kyl clique as some others are unexpectedly doing.

  8. Stanford says:

    I add my voice to those calling for Senator Ron Gould to take a strong look at this race. We need a conservative representing Arizona, not another McCain stooge like Jeff Flake, who apparently has no committed opposition.

  9. Ricky Lujan says:

    Wow. Thanks for the reminder with your video in the article. That tells me all I need to know about Sheriff Babeu. Babeu overlooked McCain’s obvious pandering to promote his own career.

    Why hasn’t Babeu denounced his participation in the charade? Not going to happen in this lifetime.

    Sen. Gould for Congress now!

  10. Tyler M says:

    Since DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act, has come under attack by rabid homosexual activists & their supporters in the White House & Congress; and with the repeal of “Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell” barely passing through Congress last year after even after liberals lost reelection in landslides across the country; and with repeated attempts at federal legislation to try to force religious adoption agencies to allow “homosexual” couples to adopt; and since there are many other public policy initiatives being put forward with the purpose of trying to force voters to accept the homosexual lifestyle choice, I think that it is completely fair game to question Sheriff Babeu if the rumors about his sexual activity choices are true or not if he wants to be an elected member of Congress.

    While it doesn’t require people to think that they are homosexuals in order to support the homosexual lifestyle choice or the rights of persons who think that they are gay, a person who believes that he or she is gay would naturally be much more open to championing causes of this group. This is just like a member or any other group would be likely to defend the rights of people who belong to his or her own group. If a person was Black, he or she would likely defend the rights of Blacks. If a person was Catholic, he or she would likely defend the rights of Catholics. If a person was a legal immigrant, he or she would likely defend the rights of legal immigrants. And the same would hold true for those who think that they are gay & have made this lifestyle choice.

    If Sheriff Babeu thinks that he is a homosexual, how could he oppose the full range of civil rights being given to “homosexuals” all across America? If Babeu is someone who has made the homosexual lifestyle choice, as is rumored, how could he possibly vote against his own behavior choices even if the great majority of Americans disapprove of this lifestyle choice on religious or moral grounds & don’t want it forced on them by others who have made what they view as a very sinful & immoral behavior choice?

    For all I know, the rumors against Sheriff Babeu are completely false, but I still feel that it is the right of voters to know what they will be getting. Janet Napolitano has always been rumored to be a practicing lesbian, and none of her political opponents and nobody in the media ever really dared to ask her the tough questions about this, but whenever public policy decisions were made, Napolitano always went above and beyond to push the homosexual agenda on Arizona voters. For example, Napolitano used executive orders to give the gay partners of homosexual state employees health-care benefits through their gay or lesbian state employee partners.

    Southern Arizona has already suffered through sending a less than moral rabidly homosexual man to the US Congress as a Republican. And after Jim Kolbe was outed as a person living a closeted gay lifestyle, his votes on social issues became some of the worst in the entire Congress. On the completely unrelated issue of a ban on partial-birth abortions, Jim Kolbe was one of only 7 Republicans from both Houses of Congress who voted against the ban. Even 63 of Democrats in the US House supported such a ban. Was Kolbe’s perverse lifestyle choice part of the reason for his vote to allow human infanticide? It’s hard to tell what was going through his mind. But one thing for sure is that after Kolbe was outed as a practicing homosexual, he no longer felt obligated in anyway to even pretend to share the conservative values that most Republican voters hold dear.

    Sheriff Babeu needs to answer the questions regarding the rumors about his sexual preference choices because his sexual preference choices could reflect how he would act as a member of Congress & voters have a right to know how their Representative in Congress will be representing their values.

  11. Pio says:

    Not for the first time, what we see here is a catastrophic failure of vetting by party leaders, and above all McCain. A person with Babeu’s history should never have been considered for a position as precinct party volunteer, much less for federal office. Tyler M, one of the reasons Babeu has been dishonest (& not just reticent) about his sexual identity is that in his case the subject’s intimately bound up with matters that many more voters will find disqualifying — among others, his representations about his family background, claims against the Catholic Church, & involvements at the DeSisto School. His political career in his home town didn’t collapse because voters there wouldn’t elect a conservative Republican; they would & have. He failed because people knew him. His political career here was always based on the deluded hope that we’d never find all that out. If Republicans want to salvage the new CD-4, they need to begin thinking about what to do when he implodes again.