Media Matters but brains don’t

It’s a given. Satire is based upon wit. And the best humor works because there is at least a scintilla of truth underlying it. Both of these essential qualities are woefully lacking in this vicious attack on the right, Arizona conservatives and even Bishop Thomas Olmsted by New Times editor Michael Lacey. In a vain effort to draw a parallel between SB 1070, illegal immigration and anti-Semitism, he spins this sorry attempt at satire.  It was disgusting when it first appeared in April 2010.  It doesn’t get any better with age.

Now, in a priceless display of irony leftwing Media Matters has been taken in by the equally leftist Lacey and his given-away-for-free New Times. Venting his distaste for Tea Party groups in general and conservatives in particular, Matt Gertz pathetically struggles to link them to Neo-Nazis.

Obviously the minions of George Soros have not honed skills of discernment or abstract reasoning. Like scribes of old, they must be paid by the word. It’s clear their forte is not in the realm of historical accuracy. Factual evidence is obviously not high on their list, but rolling in the swill of blatant lies should trouble even liberals. Yet even more troubling is either the inability or the unwillingness of these self important pseudo-intellectuals to distinguish sick, humorless ‘satire’ from actual events.

In 2005, when he became majority owner of the Village Voice which now fronts the freebie New Times, Lacey was described as “potty-mouthed” by the New York Magazine. He’s only gotten worse since then. Now his mouth (the Phoenix New Times) is more sewer-like.

And Media Matters? It’s too inane to matter at all.

5 Responses to Media Matters but brains don’t

  1. Army Of One says:

    Gaggable garbage, but what else to expect from the New Times and Media Matters?

  2. Tea Partier says:

    Media Matters really missed the boat here. Actually, they nearly always do, but this is really over the top. Apparently they are so anal retentive, they don’t know fact from fiction.

  3. Frankly Speaking says:

    The link to nutcase JT Ready doesn’t hold water. Former First Lady Rosalyn Carter had her photo taken with mass murderer John Wayne Gacy. Did that mean she condoned sexual perverts and notorious serials murderers who raped, tortured and killed young boys and buried them in the basement? That makes about as much sense as linking these good folks to Ready.
    The photo of Mrs. Jimmy Carter and Democrat Party activist (who just happened to be a mass murderer) Gacy can be seen here:

    • Jonathan says:

      Excellent point Frankly! That picture of DEMOCRAT FIRST LADY Rosalyn Carter with a mass murderer points out how having your picture taken with a nutcase or standing beside one doesn’t equate to knowing them well or endorsing them.

      My takeaway from this Media Matters piece and the New Times spew they reference is that they are more intent on pushing their own hatred of Republicans and conservatives than they are with actual fact finding.

  4. LD 7 PC says:

    Wow! I was shocked that the New Times would even sarcastically print something this vicious. The article and the illustration play into every cringe producing stereotype. Michael Lacey must have gotten an earful over this tripe, or at least he should have. There is no humor here. The NT thrives on attacking conservatives. Anyone who knows anything about Sen. Russell Pearce, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Congressman J.D. Hayworth, Phx. PD’s Mark Spencer, and former County Attorney Andrew Thomas, know they don’t fit this sleazy anti-Semitic depiction.

    I’m not Catholic and and not familiar with the bishop, but I’m certain he doesn’t fit this hateful stereotype either.

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