Jerry Lewis: The content of his character

Sonoran News’ Becky Fenger writes a very readable weekly column known as Fenger Pointing. That title is especially apt this week, since “The rest of the story” her most recent report, points a finger directly at Jerry Lewis — running for the District 18 senate seat held by Sen. Russell Pearce. 

Unless they are living under a rock, Arizonans are all too aware of Lewis, the candidate recruited to mount a recall challenge to Arizona’s Senate President Pearce. Lewis was promoted as a squeaky clean LDS Bishop and superintendent of Sequoia Schools — a publicly-funded charter school chain. Fenger’s finger points directly at his less than squeaky dealings.

Earlier this month, we exposed some other less than savory actions of the man who carries the same moniker as an over-the-hill, once zany comic. “Jerry Lewis fingered in Backpackgate” bared the exceptional arrogance exhibited by this man who would, given his background, be expected to be a straight arrow. Espresso Pundit blog did an in-depth report on Lewis’ circuitous path regarding a yearly major charity drive aimed at securing corporate and private donations for the homeless schoolchildren Lewis’ Children First Academy serves. That report is included in the link above. 

Make no mistake. This recall, scheduled in advance of a regularly planned election, is primarily intended to send a message to anyone who has the temerity to craft legislation curtailing illegal immigration. Pearce is the architect of the nationally copied Arizona law known as SB 1070.  This is not the first time Republican Pearce has been challenged by the open borders crowd. In 2008, Jeff Flake recruited his own immigration lawyer brother-in-law, Kevin Gibbons, to challenge Pearce. It was a fool’s errand.

In what amounted to political suicide for Gibbons, Pearce trounced him by a wide margin — as Pearce won 5,717 votes to Gibbons 2,587 in the GOP primary. Since the upcoming election is a recall and not a primary, it is not limited to Republican voters, making it far less certain.

If you live in legislative District 18, be sure to vote. If you know others who reside there, get them energized to vote for Senate President Russell Pearce. Early balloting is already underway. This race will have far reaching consequences. Election Day is November 8.

6 Responses to Jerry Lewis: The content of his character

  1. East Valley Voter says:

    This has become a “Mormon War.” That’s why former Stake President and Bishop Jerry Lewis is in this race to remove Sen. Russell Pearce, a devout member of his same church. The LDS church is making major inroads into converting previously Catholic Mexicans and other Hispanics and want to ensure a steady stream to add to the membership rosters.

    It’s a shame and Church officials will never admit it. but that’s really what this is all about. Ask Sen. Adam Driggs, a Mormon state legislator and immigration lawyer, why he votes the way he does. You won’t get a straight answer, but watch him squirm as he gives his BS response.

  2. chick says:

    This is the Church’s reason. The fastest growing group is Hispanics. I can’t say this enough. The other recall Pearce group was (before June) using the LD18 Church members by “educating” them on the recall in the Fireside chats. The recall group said this to a liberal writer in Tucson. In the first of either May or June.

  3. Casper says:

    I was raised in the church. Glad I left. The church is now more political than biblical. The fact that Jerry Lewis was brought into this recall by Democrats and pro-illegal elements speaks volumes about him. The content of his character? Are you serious? There is a gaping hole where his character should be.Jerry Lewis epitomizes the worst side of the LDS church.

  4. Standing Tall says:

    Good column, Becky Fenger and another good post Seeing Red AZ! More damning information about this supposedly God-fearing man. Jerry Lewis is nothing but a stooge for the open border leftists.

    Sen. Russell Pearce is in our prayers.

  5. Kimball says:

    This Jerry Lewis is a worse clown than the original one who was an actual comedian and starred with Dean Martin — the original one. The copies are never as good,

  6. truth or consequences says:

    Voters listen up: no more holidays from responsible citizenship. This race, following Obama’s, makes it crystal clear that voters have got to pay attention to these reliable blogs for their news around election time. Obviously, we can’t trust the media and now even our churchmen to give us the political facts anymore. We definitely are “on the brink” to save Arizona and the USA.