Tourists cower in Cabo mall during midday gunfight

“Jaw-dropping” amount of narcotics seized as Mexican violence invades AZ

This past weekend hundreds of locals and tourists ran for cover, spending over two hours hiding amid a gun battle in a Cabo San Lucas shopping mall in the popular Mexican resort town. Security forces traded gunfire with armed men in the parking lot and searched stores for suspects.

Shoppers and employees were ordered to stay inside during the battle and the subsequent search of the mall. Armed soldiers provided security for the shoppers and employees when they were finally allowed to leave the shopping center.

This video depicts the chaotic reality.

Although the U.S. tries to soft-pedal travel warnings, as seen here with this weather related travel advisory, the U.S. Department of State is duty-bound to ensure the safety of American citizens. Criminal organizations, a staggering increase in murders of Americans and narcotics-related violence are addressed in this carefully worded travel warning regarding “the security situation.”

Today Reuters reports that a series of raids conducted by local, state, and federal officials in Arizona seized thousands of pounds of narcotics and resulted in the arrest of at least 70 suspected drug smugglers with ties to a billion dollar violent drug cartel in Mexico. The amount of narcotics being smuggled into the United States was termed “jaw-dropping.”

29 Responses to Tourists cower in Cabo mall during midday gunfight

  1. Army Of One says:

    These are just our friendly neighbors to the south. Good people. Ask John Mccain and Jeff the Flake.

  2. StetsonXXX says:

    Just in time for Halloween, here is Janet Napolitano riding horseback at the AZ/Mexico border.
    Don’t you feel safe?

  3. Ricky Lujan says:

    Army, Don’t forget to add Ron Paul to the list of Mexican invasion apologists. He warned us a secure border fence would prevent Americans from escaping to Mexico. Southbound border traffic isn’t keeping me up at night.

    Tune in for Paul’s next debate when he denounces the moon landing as another foreign entanglement we didn’t need.

    • Army Of One says:

      Very good point regarding the goofy and in this case, dangerous, Ron Paul. Thanks for the timely reminder, Ricky.

    • garvan says:

      Ron Paul facetiously made the border comment as a way of emphasizing the threat the continuously growing federal government poses to our liberties.

      His position on the space program–which includes the moon landings–is that the federal government has no business in using taxpayer funds for projects such as this.

      Paul has long recommended that space adventures should be funded by private enterprises, with no taxpayer funds being used.

    • Andres Ziago says:

      Lujan sounds like one of those excommunicated Minutemen angry they can’t patrol the border and fatten their wallets at the expense of well-meaning Americans.
      Taken in context, Paul’s remarks make sense. He says if we stopped paying and supporting illegals, actually enforced immigration laws, and as Americans collectively kicked the our obsession with drugs, we might no even need a guarded fence.
      Evidence: look at Canada.

      • GOPer says:

        Ron Paul deceives the American people relating that a border fence is equivalent to Nazi Germany employing the use of “barbed wire and machine guns.”

        Former Congressman, Duncan Hunter Sr. is credited with designing the successful Yuma Sector double layer patrolled fencing. USBP reports a 95% decrease in all illegal traffic there. A respectful and affective fencing solution already exists and it was created during Ron Paul’s time in Congress. Why does Paul refuse to acknowledge our success securing our border with a fence? Because it does not fit the Libertarian Platform for “allowing unrestricted human capitol across national borders.”
        The Republican Platform calls for “completing the fence quickly.”
        Thankfully, Ron Paul and his supporters can’t sell the Libertarian Platform to many voters. So they just call themselves Republican and try to import their bad ideas where they mistakenly think they will sell. Conservatives have long endured the Libertarian Party siphoning votes to benefit Democrats. We can do without Libertarian individuals self identifying as “Republicans” in their vain attempt to influence Republican policy.

  4. American Patriot says:

    Minuteman PAC reports that FORTY PERCENT of the U.S.- Mexico border is public land that current environmental law dictates it cannot be driven on — even by the U.S. Border Patrol?

    Why? Because tire tracks like those from Border Patrol vehicles collect water by preventing it from pooling naturally, causing the water to evaporate too quickly and support less vegetation.

    So, for the sake of saving a few cacti and desert shrubs, Congress passed this absolutely ridiculous law that leaves our people vulnerable and nearly half of our border WIDE OPEN to illegal aliens and drug smugglers.

    Bottom line: Our own Federal agents trying to patrol the border and defend America cannot do their jobs effectively because of Congress. What a surprise.

  5. Another LD11 PC says:

    Where were the Zetas educated and who educated them?

    Right here! The US military

  6. sherriaz says:

    The Feds are doing everything conceivable to insure that this country is wide open to illegals who will eventually vote Democratic. Pandering to the Hispanic voting bloc over the express wishes of the majority of American citizens is the only explanation for what is occurring. Holder challenges ANY law that creates an unwelcome environment for illegals in any state. Meanwhile, illegals continue to kills Americans ( and come here expressly to exercise birthright citizenship privileges (

    Yet another reason we cannot afford 4 more years of an Obama administration.

  7. cheryl says:

    to clarify the “mall in cabo incident” the police were following these guys since the day vefpre and decided to nab them at SORIANA…a locals grocerystore. the folks inside wer kept inside so as not to be involved.

  8. Marina's Mom says:

    I agree with all of you on so much of this….why doesn’t the US adopt Mexico’s Immigration Laws….you can’t protest if you’re a foreigner (you get deported) you cant work without a permit (you get a fine and or deportation depending on who you know) and you have to keep your docs current. We wouldn’t have the problems we have now in the US if we just applied their own laws to them.

    Can I ask a favor…I am an American living in Cabo San Lucas. Dont be so fast to throw us into the fire, our miliatry and police were just trying to capture some criminals at Plaza Sendaro. Maybe they didnt do it the best way, but they got most of them. Cabo is a great place. There’s lots to like about Mexico and as it goes through this unfortunate time it would be good to see some support as opposed to immediate. Would you want your next door neighbor to become 100% impoverished?

    • American Patriot says:

      Americans who live as ex-patriots in Mexico are traitors and deserve what they get. Living on the cheap in a third world country is not nearly on par with living free in a democracy.
      Read this for some balance:

      The official policy of the Mexican government is to aid and abet illegals coming into the USA. They want the $20+ billion (US $) in yearly remittances to bolster their corrupt government and impoverished people. If young Mexican men stayed in their homeland and fought to make it better, the country would heal and prosper.

      You, Marina’s Mom, are a huge part of the problem. I put my life on the line as a United States Marine sworn to protect and serve Americans.

  9. Ray says:

    You must be joking. Jobs are indeed moving overseas because our businesses are being taxed to death here and overseas labor is cheaper than what unions demand. I don’t like the fact either. But to blame these issues for Americans living as ex-pats in Mexico is absurd. They are looking to avoid taxes and living higher on less while they exploit the poverty in the dirt-poor and crime infested country they chose over the best nation on earth…the United States of America. They will always be second class”citizens” in Mexico, where their rights are restricted and they are not even able to own property without government restrictions.

    • Enrique says:

      That was my point calling expats traitors is absurd. I am saying the U.S. government has hurt the country. Both U.S. parties supported globalization for their corporate paymasters.

      Some U.S. citizens have become expats because they lost jobs, and they left their unemployment benefits behind as well, saving taxpayers money. In the great depression and dustbowl, people packed and moved west. Now moving west is not an economic option, because the economy in the west got so wound up.

      • American Patriot says:

        What embarrassing excuses for foolish behavior. Living amid the criminality of Mexico is risky. Choosing repressive and impoverished Mexico over the United States of America is shameful. No wonder those of you who have taken that path are so defensive of the indefensible.

        The military and elected officials are all in collusion with drug cartels. When your worlds fall apart, I hope you don’t have children with you who will suffer by decisions they had no choice in making. The “allure” of Mexico is a fantasy to hide behind.

      • Enrique says:

        As an engineer, when an employer tells you weren’t laid off for your performance, you got the top performance rating, you made millions of dollars for the company the previous year, and others kept their job because they had outstanding bugs, that is shameful! My conscience is clearer than a patriotic Goldman Sachs banker.

        I am not a drain on California’s nor the federal unemployment funds. What would have been foolish would have been to get financially bled dry by $1950 a month rent in San Diego. I did the math and decided unemployment in a wound up California economy was a bigger threat to me than the increase in quality of life at a lower price I have in Mexico.

        Not everyone seeks allure. Some actually have strong ties to Mexico. Both Mexico and the USA allow dual nationality by birth.

      • Enrique says:

        When I was an expat on the emerald isle, I used to watch a TV program glorifying expat gringos in Mexico, called, “Land’s End.”

  10. Jim says:

    Typical exegarated news report. Nothing that happended there was good, but where does the “tourist” angle come from? This strip mall is on the other end of town from where tourists frequent. Note that no innocents were hurt, and that this was the first shooting incidient in the Cabo area in many years, and it was by the police.

    Want to end Mexican drug cartels? End prohbition, the one trillion dollar (and growing) failure in the the US. That is our supply chain we are talking about.

    • Marina's Mom says:

      Thank you for telling it like it is. People don’t understand that the military assist the police in Mexico, so it looks worse than it is. This was no tourist “mall”. Soriana is the KMart of local grocery stores. And none of this would even be happening if the consumption didn’t exist, or if things were made legal. As for ex-pats living in Mexico, in Mexico you pay higher income taxes than you do in the US, and if you dont, you pay the diffence to Uncle Sam. Sales tax is 11% in Baja and 16% on the mainland. So much for “living on the cheap”. As for low lifers who cross the border to go to Mexico to avoid taxes, they get what they deserve as one said and I guess that works both ways.

    • Sigmund Freud says:

      Great Losertarian reasoning here, fella. If we legalize bank robberies, those crimes would also disappear. That’s exactly what the perverts at NAMBLA are trying to do, with the aid of the American Psychiatric Association. They are intent on decriminalizing the actions of depraved adult men who rape young boys. Presto!! The “victim” becomes the pedophile who they claim face “tremendous barriers” because they want to have sex with children.

  11. Vince says:

    So Enrique, You let the gato out of the bago. You’ve never been a patriotic American. You appear to have a penchant for not simply visiting other countries, but abandoning the USA to live in them. Good riddance, pal.

  12. Enrique says:

    Vince, your accusation of abandonment is a straw man fallacy of argument. Expat US citizens are required to file tax returns and pay taxes to the USA. Abandonment would be renouncing citizenship.

    • Vince says:

      You can cloak your excuses anyway you want. “Ex Pat” means ex-patriot. That’s the beginning and end of the discussion, “Enrique.” It’s all too clear America is only a means to an end for you. I love this country and have served in the military to defend it for my fellow countrymen and my children. You disgust me.

    • Marina's Mom says:

      Enrique I probably dont have to tell you this but you will find there are websites where “like minds” come together. This website will offer you more hostility than like mindedness. You won’t change any mentalities here, nor should you beat yourself up trying to do it. Just like TV, it’s time to change the channel.