Terry Goddard: Hearing sultry siren call again?

Perennial candidate just can’t restrain himself

With his liberal ego rewinding into campaign mode, Samuel Pearson “Terry” Goddard III, is making campaign noises again.

Thud, Thud. Thud.

This time the persistent candidate is eyeing the U.S. Senate seat up for grabs via the retirement of AZ Sen. Jon Kyl.

Long known for prancing around the Ninth Floor pond, Goddard desperately wanted to do more than dip his toe in. It must have been tough being repeatedly rejected for the governor’s seat once held by his father. Papa Sam was a short timer, serving only two years, the length of a gubernatorial term in the 1960’s, but at least he was able to get elected. He was defeated in his next two contests.

“Terry,” the more informal moniker for his family nickname of “Trey,” meaning The Third in continental-speak —  tries desperately to connect to the regular folks in his Democrat party, without much success. As a Harvard graduate, who as a lad attended the toney Phillips Academy in Exeter, New Hampshire, he can’t quite span the canyon-like chasm.

This latest potential foray is hinged on several contingencies. First is whether Gabrielle Giffords will attempt to run for the U.S. Senate  — which is looking increasingly unlikely. The name of former Surgeon General Richard Carmona has been previously mentioned and is making the rounds again, although he appears to lack the fire in his belly required for a run against McCain acolyte Jeff Flake.

A legitimate question raised by the Goddard candidacy is whether a consistent retread who has run on public money will be able to raise the necessary multi-millions. After his three bites at that gubernatorial apple, it had so many teeth marks that it looked more like a seedy core than resembling a robust Delicious.  Decades ago, Goddard was mayor of Phoenix. He has also been Arizona’s disappointing Democrat Attorney General, whose opposition to SB 1070 won him few friends outside of liberal open borders radicals. He refused to join 27 other states in a lawsuit over federally mandated ObamaCare.  Additionally winning an A rating from the discredited ACORN likely did more to harm than help him.

During his 2010 campaign for governor he appointed former Democrat Gov. Rose Mofford as his campaign chairman.  Now a sprightly 89, she can do at least as good a job this time as last.

Jan Brewer, with nearly 55% of the vote, mopped the floor with Goddard’s limp body after she signed into law the popular bill addressing the costly problems associated with illegal immigration.  He pulled in a mere 42.2%

5 Responses to Terry Goddard: Hearing sultry siren call again?

  1. SuzanneC says:

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOOLm is my idea of any Democrat winning a Seat in the Arizona Senate. Of course I want a good and credible primary challenge to the “I can not keep my word and resign after three terms”, Jeff Flake who has no Tea Party support.

  2. Maggie says:

    Terry Goddard is a joke of a candidate. With his Hahvahrd sheepskin, he should be smart enough to know that. Maybe he’s a masochist?

  3. Seen It All says:

    Rose Mofford? Really?

  4. Tucson Voter says:

    Take this to the bank….Gabrielle Giffords will not be running for the US Senate. I wish her well. She needs to focus on rehabilitation, She is not up to this task. The Democrats need to regroup.

  5. Vinoaz says:

    Cannot understand what anyone sees in Goddard. Are 42.2% that stupid or just that mentally ill. Liberalism is a mental disorder, at best.