AZ’s sexual predator teachers: The “endless parade”

Betrayal of trust continues

After seeing repetitive reports with only slight variations in facts, Seeing Red AZ began referring to the ongoing saga of sexually exploitive teachers as “the endless parade” — having written about their appalling abuses of students and other minors on numerous occasions.

Today we introduce you to a sterling character named Carl Mosher. The 32-year-old  married physical education teacher at Saint Gregory’s Catholic Elementary School has pleaded guilty to one count of sexual conduct with a minor and two counts of attempted sexual conduct with a minor.

Mosher was arrested in February on suspicion of four counts of sexual conduct with a minor. The 14-year-old female victim was 13 and a student at the school when he first began a relationship with her. Mosher is scheduled to be sentenced on December 16.

The Phoenix New Times has a detailed account of Mosher’s exploits.

These are just a few previous posts on the topic of sexual predators in positions of authority in Arizona schools here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

This is  an example of the far left indoctrination teachers get from the NEA — one of the nation’s largest unions. Listen closely as the list of the group’s accomplishments are ticked off. You won’t hear a single word about students or standards. But the national membership did vote to increase their own dues in order to provide greater funding  to Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign.

6 Responses to AZ’s sexual predator teachers: The “endless parade”

  1. TeaPartyPatriot says:

    Worth repeating: Arizona gov brewer is a dim-witted, self-serving, opportunistic RINO TRAITOR who promoted a $3 BILLION increase in the state sales tax (using $2 MILLION in ads paid for by the unions and other taxpayer leeches) to further juice-up the humongous benefits and pensions of the teachers unionistas for their support in her reelection. Brewer is Arizona’s answer to alvin greene, the symbol of the mentally-challenged lunatic-left d-cRAT socialist party.

    I, for one, will NEVER forget brewer’s “accomplishment”.

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      Exactly what does this anti-Brewer rant have to do with the topic of this post which is about teachers molesting children? You TPP, are a fool and detriment to recruitment within the tea party ranks. It’s people like you who will ensure the reelection of Barack Obama. Gov. Brewer has just gotten rid of the liberal Colleen Mathis who was the liberal plant on the redistrictng commission.She signed SB 1070 into law and has vigorously defended it.
      Go back to your stupor!

  2. Overtaxed1 says:

    This is just one of a thousand reasons why home schooling is so much better for the children. I was a teacher in the public schools and what I saw there sickened me 30 years ago so I quit after one year and opened my own business. I continued to substitute teach for years, I found most classrooms a mess.
    The high volume of gays and other sexual deviants has become more the norm then parents would ever realize. No longer is good character a requirement for teachers and a lot of them are dope smokers. No wonder the children are confused.

  3. Maggie says:

    Mosher needs to spend years behind bars cooling his heels (and whatever else is so hot.) What a pig!

  4. Capt. Marvel says:

    Public schools, charter schools, parochial schools….ALL seem to be infested with molesters. What’s going on?

    • Jana Simmons says:

      What’s going on is sex and violence as entertainment. It’s what children are exposed to from the earliest of ages. Now under Obama administration dictates, kindergartners will begin learning about homosexuality and sexual practices as part of the public school curriculum. These overreaches override the values parents want to instill in their own children. This is George Orwell‘s “1984” a few decades late and definitely implementing the standards of Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World.” If you have children or grandchildren, take note. The left has an agenda for normalizing that which was until recently widely known as “perversion.” Mainstreaming it doesn’t mean it is not perverted.