Obama talks to God; He wants more stimulus

The man upstairs is partial to the Jobs Bill

The Worshipper-in-Chief, most often seen bending a knee to Muslim monarchs and global despots, appears to have a bit of difficulty with the biblical God worshipped by the vast majority of Americans.

In a blunder of biblical proportions White House spokesman Jay Carney invoked scripture to back up Barack Obama’s assertion that God wants lawmakers to get busy and create more jobs.

Carney said Obama was trying to make the point that “we have it within our capacity to do the things to help the American people. I believe the phrase from the Bible is: `The Lord helps those who help themselves,'” Carney said.

Not quite.

Later in the day, a White House transcript of Carney’s briefing included the disclaimer at the top of the page: “This common phrase does not appear in the Bible.”

Obama started the debate earlier when referring to House action reaffirming “In God We Trust” as the national motto. Obama mistakenly thinks it is “E Pluribus Unum.”  Arizona’s Republican Congressman Trent Franks knows the difference. Watch this clarifying video.

These are the votes on the measure. Of the nine “nay” votes, eight are Democrats.

And Obama’s jobs bill?  He wants another $50 billion for “transportation infrastructure” and an additional $10 billion to “create a bipartisan National Infrastructure Bank.”  The jobs he “creates” are always government employment. He calls the mega-billions “investments.”  God would likely counsel him to live within his means.


3 Responses to Obama talks to God; He wants more stimulus

  1. Luke says:

    Would Obama bow to the Lord as he does to Muslim royals? We’ll never know for sure, but I wouldn’t bet on it. He sure is eager to invoke God when he wants to spend us deeper in debt during these horrible economic times.

  2. Rambling Rose says:

    Obama’s favorite house of worship is the White House. His preferred spot? Before the mirror.

  3. Gary says:

    These “investments” are in his reelection campaign.Don’t be conned!