AZ Election results? We’ve got what you’re looking for

The much awaited ballot results in the Legislative District 18 Special Recall Election where Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce is being challenged by SEIU backed candidate Jerry Lewis, can be viewed here beginning after 8:00 this evening.  If you have not yet cast your ballot, please remember to do so. Sen. Pearce is the obvious choice.  Polls close at 7:00 pm.

Also beginning tonight at 8:00 pm,  City of Phoenix mayoral and council runoff election results can be seen here..

In those races we urge your support for Republican Wes Gullett for Phoenix Mayor and Republican City Council candidates Eric Frederick District 1 and Brenda Sperduti District 5.  Polling places are open until 7:00 p.m.

Maricopa County is holding a separate election for several school districts within the City of Phoenix. Vote totals can be seen here on the pull down search function.


Legislative District 18 runoff results here.

City of Phoenix mayor and council runoff results here.

Maricopa County school district election results here.

13 Responses to AZ Election results? We’ve got what you’re looking for

  1. Hunter says:

    Thanks for putting all of the links in one place. I appreciate it!

  2. Jack Mormon says:

    Thanks for posting the direct link to the election results. I’m confident that Sen. Pearce will win tonight, albeit by a narrow margin. Rarely I have seen as much character assassination as that directed toward Pearce by his political enemies, particularly the Phoenix New Times gutter blogger Stephen Lemons and La Raza (Somos) Republican Dee Dee Garcia.

  3. LD 10 PC says:

    Ditto! This is a great one-stop resource.

  4. East Valley PC says:

    Our prayers (and votes) are with Russell. May God bless that fine patriot!

  5. chick says:

    Looks like the LDS Church Utah Compact and pro-illegal immigrant doctrine is successful. Church rolls overrides public safety, laws, and sovereignty. In one year Lewis will be defeated and without Dem/Parraz/Snow/leftist support.

    • Anna says:

      How right you are, chick. Thoroughly disgusting.

      If I were a Mormon, this election alone would cause me to rethink my allegiance to the faith. I would certainly never think of joining a religion that puts illegals above our own citizens and makes a mockery of our national sovereignty. That’s why I left the Catholic Church.

  6. telemoonfa says:

    I was kind of undecided about the Lewis and Pearce election. If I lived in the district, I probably would have voted for Pearce, mostly because I disagree with the recall. I’m afraid that now that Pearce is out (assuming Pearce really is out, and presently it looks like he really is out) many other conservative politicians will now be targeted for recall. It’s a shame the way Lewis came to get elected, but honestly Lewis seems like a decent fellow and he shares most of the conservative positions that Pearce does.

    Where is the documentation that the LDS Church officially, or even unofficially, endorsed Lewis? Both Lewis and Pearce are Mormon. Some Mormons in LD 18 voted for Pearce, some Mormons in LD 18 voted for Lewis.

    But in great news, in Pinal County, in San Tan Valley where I live, voters voted against new property taxes that would have gone toward the school district. That’s progress! :)

    • East Valley Voter says:

      Clearly you are a compliant sheeple in the flock if you actually believe “but honestly Lewis seems like a decent fellow and he shares most of the conservative positions that Pearce does.”

      Jerry Lewis was recruited from within the church and supported by liberal unions and Democrats. You know it and so do I. The difference is I admit it and you remain an obedient Kool Aid drinker. As I recall you also were okay with the way the Bishops handled the Brock family sexual predators and liars. They never reported anything they knew to the authorities (and here I mean police, not church) making them an accessory to the crimes against a young boy. The church is involved in matters far outside the realm of faith. I am growing more disenchanted by the minute. My family has been LDS for generations. Many are moving in other directions based solely on the mistaken ideology that illegals have a right to be in our country because “we are all God’s children.” Maybe the next move for the church will be recommending that national borders be forbidden. After all, we are all God’s children.

      If you think Jerry Lewis and Russell Pearce are on the same page and that Lewis is a conservative, you’re too far gone to reason with.

      • telemoonfa says:

        Well, according to the Lewis and Pearce debate, they both seemed pretty conservative. Lewis seemed softer on illegal immigration. I think that was the only difference between them. They both were for smaller government, lower taxes… all the right conservative things. I think we’ll see as the years pass that Jerry Lewis is a pretty conservative guy. At least I hope so. You have to admit, Russell Pearce and his supporters did a few slimy things in this campaign. Notwithstanding his tacit endorsement of slimeball tactics, such as getting Olivia Cortes on the ballot, I probably still would have voted for Pearce. And I opposed the recall effort to begin with. I do think that the results of this election sets a frightening precedent. Liberal groups might start targeting other conservatives for special recall elections. But I’m not willing to vilify a great guy like Jerry Lewis, like most of the other folks commenting here. And I’m going to remain loyal to the LDS church. If that makes me a “sheeple”, then so be it.

  7. American Dad says:

    The results of this recall election against Senate President Pearce will reverberate across this country. The open borders/amnesty thugs intend to strike fear in the heart of any elected official who dares to revere the US Constitution, and seeks to protect our citizens, this nation, and our sovereignty.

  8. Jane says:

    We’ve all lost with the ld-18 results. Sometimes one door closes and another one opens. Who knows, perhaps Pearce has grown beyond Mesa. Perhaps, it’s time for the Senator to move to a bigger fish bowl. ;) wink wink.

    The double whammy is the Phoenix mayor results. Free-spending unions won’t stop until they drag this city into that smoldering dump heap below the crust of the earth. One thing is sure, we now know how to run a successful recall campaign.

    • Doc says:

      WOW, Jane! Whatta’ GREAT Thought! Maybe Senator Pearce’ll consider runnin’ ‘th’ FLAKE’ off! Now…THAT would be FANTASTIC!

      As to your thought about th’ City of Phoenix…those idjits ASKED FOR IT! Just like last years Senate race…th’ voters asked for more maverickyness…”wwweeelll..They GIT IT!”…as Struther Martin sed in “Cool Hand Luke”…