Obama, Napolitano call congrats to Dem Stanton

The Arizona Republic and its gaggle of liberal hangers-on would have us believe partisan politics should be a thing of the past — differences in party platforms and positions on the issues be damned.  Yet they are also fans of concealing the political bent of the Phoenix mayoral and council candidates during the city election cycles.

Despite the slippery suppression maneuvers, this last time around a few candidates proudly rolled out their credentials.  District 2 City Councilman Jim Waring’s signs actually acknowledged he was a Republican and mayoral candidate Jennifer Wright identified herself as a Conservative. Greg Stanton boldly displayed his union support. Is there anyone in Phoenix– not living under a rock — who didn’t know outgoing Mayor Philly Gordon was an unambiguous Democrat?

Now with mayor-elect Greg Stanton, the big-game cat’s outta the bag from day one. Sure, we all know he won with major union support — those reliable folks who turn out en masse for city elections. But even those leftwing ties pale in comparison to getting congratulatory calls from uber-liberals President Barack H. Obama and former Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano, now the chieftain of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Stanton is quoted as saying that Obama told him Arizona is an important state to the White House and that he (Obama) looked forward to having a good relationship with (Stanton) as we deal with issues in the state and western United States. Stanton responded by telling Obama “I look forward to having a good working relationship with you, and the White House and our congressional delegation.”  Obviously he doesn’t mean the entire delegation.

There you have it folks. Clear as a sunlit morning. Phoenix is in Obama’s sights and Greg Stanton can’t wait to be accommodating.

In a bit of Monday morning quarterbacking after last Tuesday’s election, it was a miscalculation of massive proportions for Wes Gullett’s campaign to tack those “endorsed by the Arizona Republic” snipes on his campaign signs.  He might have fared better without that suspect alert to drive away the very voters he needed.


6 Responses to Obama, Napolitano call congrats to Dem Stanton

  1. Seen It All says:

    Democrats win at City Hall because all of those people we think so highly of….the teachers, police and firefighters…. are liberal unionists. The teacher’s national union recently voted themselves a raise in their dues to contribute more to Obama’s 2012 reelection!! These are the people who influence your children and in all likelihood spend more time with them than you do.

    The teachers are not alone in needing more money. The police and firefighters need special bond elections to bring in more money. That’s why your food is being taxed!! But have you ever noticed that they always manage to have a representative elected or appointed to the city council? Not all that long ago Maria Baier, the sister of Fire Chief Bob Khan, was appointed to a vacant seat. When she moved to greener, higher paying pastures pastures, another firefighter was appointed to a different seat. Now he’s out and the unions just elected Danny Valenzuela, ANOTHER firefighter, union member. It’s a sweet insider deal from top to bottom. Phoenix resident, Bryan Jeffries, president of the Mesa firefighters union was the appointee who thankfully got ousted. Otherwise we would have had two union firemen on the city council.

    The sheeple just don’t get it.

  2. Chuck says:

    This ad exposes the strong ties between the unions and the Democrat Party:

  3. TeaPartyPatriot says:

    Phoenix and Tucson = two stinking, repugnant, nauseating, diseased cesspools of lunatic-lefty d-cRAT socialism contaminating our otherwise great state. They are the garbage heaps, the landfills and the colons of Arizona.

  4. Clementine says:

    Wes Gullett was never a first choice for tea party conservatives or most Republicans. He was, like his former boss McCain during the 2008 presidential race, the best we had. That’s not saying much in either case. Still, I did vote for Gullett, holding my nose as with McNasty, who I prayed would fall flat during his last (I hope forever) Senate race. You describe my revulsion perfectly. When I saw those “Republic endorses Wes Gullett” slashers on his signs I nearly threw up. If that was an inducement, it was sure lost on me!

  5. Grand Funk says:

    I’m no fan of the Arizona Repugnant, but I’m not delusional enough to think that’s what cost Wes Gullet his election. Do you really think had he not put that endorsement on his sign he would have won?

    At the end of the day, the problem with Phoenix is that the elections are non-partisan. If these candidates had to put an (R) or (D) by their name, they would get a lot more participation and be a lot closer.

    The unions tell all their members who the Democrat is, which is the largest single voting bloc. Then the Democrat candidate tries to pretend to everyone else he’s an Independent. You mix that with a low turnout, and you have Liberals running City Hall.

  6. Anthony Ford says:

    Just looking at the posts above reminds me of why I think Obama won. While neither of these guys were great shakes as candidates, once you get down to either/or, are you going to sit home and just not vote because, as one person above said, “Wes Gullett was never a first choice for tea party conservatives or most Republicans.” So how many of you said that, stayed home, and handed it to the guy (and yes, I realize that Clementine voted for Gullett )? How many people said that during the 2008 presidential election, because McCain wasn’t who you wanted (he wasn’t my choice either, but given the alternative once it got down to it, I HAD no choice)? How’s that principled stance working out for all the people who kicked their feet and stayed home, or who voted for Ron Paul to “vote their conscience.”?

    I’m not happy with Stanton, but we’re stuck with it. Again, I wonder how many Republicans refused to vote because they didn’t like Gullett, and how many of them will do their best to hand the next presidential election to Obama again because whoever the GOP pick is won’t be their guy.

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