Supremes take ObamaCare case

The U.S. Supreme Court announced this morning that it will hear a challenge to the constitutionality of the controversial ObamaCare mandate — an unprecedented and massive expansion of the federal government. Citizens who don’t carry government required health insurance will be penalized.

Numerous legal challenges were filed within minutes of Obama signing the bill last March. More than half the states have joined in filing legal objections to the act, which was passed by a Democrat-controlled Congress. Arizona joined the multi-state, bipartisan lawsuit in April, 2010.

The socialized medicine mandate will guarantee skyrocketing insurance costs and physicians fleeing the field, making it more difficult to afford and find medical care. We may be about to live Benjamin Franklin’s adage, “People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both.”

A decision is expected to be announced by summer, just preceding the Republican and Democrat conventions for the 2012 presidential election.

Check out the impact and resulting loss of freedoms here on Investor’s Business Daily.

7 Responses to Supremes take ObamaCare case

  1. State Committeeman says:

    What could more clearly define ideological differences between the parties than this massive overreach into the most personal medical care decisions of American citizens? Liberals love the failed socialistic system.

  2. MacBeth says:

    Does anyone need more evidence of Obama’s rage against this country, as the United States is approaching $15 TRILLION in debt!! The facts are clear, he intends to bring America to its knees.

  3. TeaPartyPatriot says:

    ANY SCOTUS decision on obozocare will be bad for the d-cRAT socialist extremists and good for America….

    If the Supremes appropriately flush the obozocare atrocity, it will be another sign to all Americans that OBOZO and the d-cRAT socialists are working against America, against the US Constitution and against the best interests and wishes of all Americans. It will further increase the landslide defeat of all d-cRAT socialists in Nov. 2012.

    If the Supremes allow this atrocity to stand it will further energize the electorate to throw out those that created this insult to America and further increase the landslide defeat of all d-cRAT socialists in Nov. 2012 by electing a president and congress committed to its repeal.

    • Vince says:

      Good assessment, TPP. Let’s hope the US Supreme Court honors its commitment to the Constitution as it carries out its duties. This is too important to screw up. There will be no second chances

  4. American Patriot says:

    Justice Elena Kagan is being asked to recuse herself from participating in this case due to conflict of interest, since she was Obama’s Solicitor General while the law was being written and helped write its supportive legal defense.

    • Kathy says:

      Sadly, I don’t believe Kagan will make the ethical decision to recuse herself. Lefties have no ethics – such as not being truthful during confirmation hearings, which she was NOT.

  5. Facts Speak Volunes says:

    In Massachusetts when a similar program was put in place, citizens had to sign up for insurance to comply with the mandate by November 15, 2008. Those who failed to show proof of insurance prior to January 1, 2009 lost their personal 2008 state tax exemption when they filed. In 2009, the penalty increased to 50 percent of the cost of a standard insurance policy.In 2009, the Cato institute estimated that 400,000 Massachusetts residents had failed to buy the required insurance, resulting in significant penalties for persons failing to purchase insurance mandated by Gov. Mitt Romney and the state of Massachusetts. The program also greatly over estimated savings, resulting in a $2 billion dollar projected shortfall through 2019. Meanwhile, businesses in the state with fewer than 50 employees saw their health insurance premiums soar by 14.7 percent between 2006 and 2008, and increase every year since Romney Care was passed. In an attempt to finally try to contain costs, Massachusetts has begun to consider price controls.

    I think Mitt Romney is our best hope to take out Obama, but he has never repudiated this debacle and absolutely needs to do so if he hopes to gain conservative support.