Pat Toomey’s tax-increase, deal-making

“I hope we can close the deal,” as Thanksgiving deadline looms

Pat Toomey, the white stallion-riding Pennsylvania Republican who picked off iffy Sen. Arlen Specter’s senate seat last year appears to be riding off the ranch.  As a member of the congressional super committee on deficit reduction his unexpected deal-making includes…a tax increase.

Sen. Toomey has disappointingly been attempting to broker a deal with committee Democrats, most notably Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry. Toomey has now put tax revenues on the table, which liberal Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin, an Illinois Democrat, is praising as a “breakthrough.”

Toomey, long a conservative icon, presents a disappointing caricature as he crosses the line by supporting this tax increase.  He is a former president of the Club for Growth, which supports lowering — not raising — taxes and believes that prosperity and opportunity come through economic freedom.  This new stance is stunning, since he has kept his word on issues during his terms as a House member. Although winning by wide margins, he respectably chose not to seek reelection to his House seat in 2004, honoring his 1998 pledge to serve only three terms.

There are six Republicans on the super committee: Senators Jon Kyl (AZ), Rob Portman (OH) and Pat Toomey (PA) and Congressmen David Camp (MI), Jeb Henserling (TX) and Fred Upton (MI).

 They can all be reached via the Congressional switchboard:  (202) 225-3121.

Here is Sen. Toomey struggling to defend what he calls “a tough decision” to Chris Wallace, host of Fox News Sunday. That decision includes offering a plan that breaks with his own Republican pledge not to raise taxes.  “I didn’t invent this,” he says.” This is an idea that’s been suggested by the Simpson-Bowles commission, the Rivlin-Domenici….now it’s true that they want to raise taxes more.”. 

“I hope we can close the deal,” Toomey says.

13 Responses to Pat Toomey’s tax-increase, deal-making

  1. Kent says:

    I expected more from Sen. Toomey. Why are Republicans always so reluctant to hold Democrat’s feet to the fire? They can wear asbestos slippers when they come to the table with us!

    • LEO IN TSN says:

      I, too, expected more. Unfortunately, Toomey is another of the Big Belt Repubs who talked tuff in campaigning, but hit the Senate floor slithering through the puddles of Kool-Aid. Don’t forget he was about the first DC-crat endorser of little Jeffie “Blond-Boy” McFlake back in March. He endorsed McFlake before the announcement dust had even settled.

      I asked Toomey about it at the time, (“My immediate thoughts were ‘How could an intelligent, conservative patriot endorse a big-government, tax & spend, anti-military, anti-family liberal like Jeff McFlake?’ The question resonates and the uneasiness grows. This endorsement comes before any conservative candidate has even announced for this race in Arizona, and it ignores McFlake’s history of voting for high-dollar.earmark-laden spending bills and bills to expand the size and scope of government.”) but Toomey has kept his thoughts to himself.

      That DC atmosphere is overwhelming: just look at our AZ Five (R-representatives) who all voted to surrender their spending bill authority to this back-room Super Committee.

      Thank you, SRA, for keeping US informed and giving US a glimmer of reality. SRA people, make your candidates accountable.

      God bless America.

  2. Villanova says:

    Decrying what they called “extreme partisanship” a pack of liberal partisans expect Republicans to cave to their demands. Isn’t that always the case? Where are the Democrat concessions?

    Here Simpson, Bowles, Domenici and Rivlin promote their brand of “bipartisanship.“ “Bipartisan compromise is possible if all parties develop trust and mutual respect — and are willing to put their respective sacred cows on the table.”
    Have any of you seen liberal “sacred cows” on the table? Even under it? Of course not! That’s because their cows are nowhere near the table!

  3. Another LD11 PC says:

    Get ready for Kyl. He’s going to tell us about why they need to eliminate the mortgage deduction.

  4. Dennis O'Brien says:

    Obama’s tax cheat Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner referred to the Simpson-Bowles and Rivlin-Domenici plans as “reasonable.” That should tell you something!

  5. American Dad says:

    The Simpson-Bowles and Rivlin-Domenici efforts failed because they were so outrageously left of center that no one wanted any part of those deals. Even Democrats have to face their constituents at election time. For Toomey to bring them up as worthy of consideration is appalling.

  6. TeaPartyPatriot says:

    Maybe Toomey will use a variation of RINO TRAITOR brewer’s lie for HER $3 BILLION TAX INCREASE on Arizona citizens to give to teachers unions for their support for her campaign: “it’s ONLY a penny – and it’s for the children”. Perhaps toomey can say: “By agreeing to $1 TRILLION in tax increases, we RINO repubs SAVED you from the $3 TRILLION in tax increases the d-cRAT socialists wanted”. P.S. I won’t be a sucker for that lie, either.

  7. Kathy says:

    SO much for the Pledge to America by the Republicans – of course it was already broken many times over the Debt ceiling fiasco to name one and now the new so-called minibus bill. Republican leadership are gutless, my gosh Boehner is meeting with Reid, I’m sure he’ll bend over as usual. Sickening! STOP SPENDING – but no we have to raise taxes to help the O continue to destroy this Country.

    • Doc says:

      …don’t forget th’ “friendly game-0-golf” Congressman Boehner had with o-bow-mao…

      …th’ guy sold out…seems like that happens all th’ time…this Congress was elected in response to th’ socialists’ reid, pelosi, & obowmao…to send a message…primarily that obamacare & other pieces of legislation rammed thru weren’t what America wants or needs…they made all these BOOLSHEET promises…so…we do it again next year…& KEEP doin’ it ’till they get it thru their heads…they work for us…

  8. Maggie says:

    The only thing positive I can say is that Toomey honored his term-limit pledge, unlike Arizona’s deceitful Jeff Flake!

  9. garvan says:

    Mary Matalin didn’t call the GOP the Stooopid Party for nothing. Republicans always compromise; Democrats don’t. Take a look at my blog article on the Stooopid Party.

  10. Flintheart Glomgold says:

    Way to go Pat Toomey workimg for actual solutions and helping to save this country instead of just doing nothing

    • Army Of One says:

      Way to go? Republicans who are elected on pledges not to raise taxes, then cave to Democrats demands are just swell with you? The left has no concept of belt tightening, always expecting others to pay for their excesses and desires. If you want it all, pay for it yourself. Our country is broke. The goose is no longer laying those golden eggs you liberals think are your due.