AZ Senate race tightening up?

Public Policy Polling has recently released an intriguing survey. In a U.S. Senate race pitting Republican Arizona Congressman Jeff Flake against Democrats — former Surgeon General Richard Carmona and former state Democrat party chair Don Bivens — Flake holds a slim four percentage point (40% -36%) lead over Carmona and bests the virtually unknown Bivens by just ten points (42% -32%).

Political newcomer Wil Cardon, an East Valley Republican businessman, fares surprisingly well in a head-to-head against Carmona, tallying 35% to Carmona’s 33%. At this point in all match-ups, undecideds are still a major factor.

Carmona, who has an interesting background, rising from high school dropout to a medical doctor, served in the George W. Bush administration, perhaps making him more palatable to Republicans. But Carmona later complained the administration muzzled him on his bent toward embryonic stem cell research. “Anything that doesn’t fit into the political appointees’ ideological, theological or political agenda is ignored, marginalized or simply buried,” groused Carmona to a House of Representatives committee.

Arizona Democrats have all but given up on capturing an Arizona Senate seat since it was 1988 the last time one of the political prizes was won.

After nearly 11 years in Congress, and officially in the senate race to replace retiring Sen. Jon Kyl, for the better part of a year, Jeff Flake must be unhappy with the results of this poll.  The good news for him is that his numbers are up slightly from the last survey in May.

500 Arizona voters participated in this survey.

8 Responses to AZ Senate race tightening up?

  1. Ellsworth says:

    Regardless of where he falls in any polling survey, Jeff Flake still makes me gag. He is a classic libertarian favoring cheap (illegal) labor, who has morphed into a pretender conservative as a matter of political expediency. Watch as retiring Kyl and the deceptive McCain rally behind this phony, who they know will lean even further left than they do. He is another amnesty goon, but who grins as he sticks a shiv in our backs.

  2. John says:

    Take that PPP (DailyKos) poll with a big giant grain of salt – it badly undersamples independents. The Dems turn to PPP when they need a positive result every time . . .

  3. TeaPartyPatriot says:

    I do hope that Russell Pearce, Arizona’s BEST-EVER Legislator, seriously considers running for the US Senate seat currently held by Kyl. Pearce is the true, solid conservative that Arizona so desperately needs in the US Senate – instead of the pathetic RINO TRAITORS they’ve had for so long.

  4. Capt. Marvel says:

    Where are the conservatives when we need them? This will be an incredibly expensive race. We need a candidate who has the ability to raise the kind of money that puts Jeff Flake in a position of having to defend some of his indefensible leanings, leftist cohorts such as Luis Guttierrez, support for the backdoor amnesty DREAM Act and the missing of critical votes.

  5. East Valley Voter says:

    Wil Cardon seems asleep at the wheel. If I saw him, I’d like to ask him a few questions to get a feel for his views and primary issues of importance.
    Does he agree with the provisions of the Utah Compact?
    If he could have voted in the recent District 18 senate race, would he have supported challenger Jerry Lewis or Senate President Russell Pearce?
    Would he have supported Jeff Flake’s immigration lawyer brother-in-law Kevin Gibbons when he was recruited to run against Russell Pearce?
    Why has he now decided to run against the man that in the last election he thought highly enough of to serve as his campaign treasurer?

    These are the questions I’d like him to respond to.

  6. JPD says:

    What does money have to do with Flake’s pathetic record and his strawman Cardon? Hardly anyone knows Flake the fake to begin with and Cardon, let them spend their money.

    BTW all it takes as far as money is a mere $100K in their FEC account at any one time where the polls will pick them up.

    My money and vote goes Van the Radio man who has turned the Arizona GOP on their head, especially the money boys who have given equal contributions to Fake – Card.

    HYPOCRITES Jeff Flake and Wil Cardon: Russell Pearce RECALL, where were they?
    Wil Cardon STRAWMAN for Jeff Flake?

  7. JPD says:

    Pearce for Maricopa County Sheriff.

  8. Kent says:

    What happened to Jeff Flake’s promise to serve no more than 3 two year terms? He’s already lied to Arizonans in his congressional district. Now he wants to compound that and lie to the entire state. How can anyone trust this guy?