Where else but in the AZ Republic?

Oh, the distorted joys of Cuba

The lefties at the Periódico de la República de Arizona (Arizona Republic) never cease to amaze.

In the Business Section of the Sunday edition, we read an inane puff-piece regarding a 9-day excursion — “a rare tour“ — to Cuba, sponsored by the Tempe and Glendale Chambers of Commerce, after receiving permission from the U.S. Treasury Department for this venture. The State Department calls Cuba a “totalitarian police state which assumed power by force in 1959.” 

This quote from the sales manager for the travel agency is particularly telling:  “What struck them (other travelers)  is that Cuba is the only place on Earth they’ve been to that doesn’t have a Starbucks or a McDonald’s,” she enthused. “It gave them a frozen-in-time feeling. “That’s what has been appealing to everyone, to be able to go somewhere that’s not been marred by gross consumerism.”

“Gross consumerism?”Cuba is frozen in time because the people who once enjoyed freedom now live under tyranny. They produce little, live in abject poverty, endure shortages of food and are forbidden to leave the island.

The article also has this gross misrepresentation by Glendale Chamber President Don Rinehart, who intends to take the trip. He romanticized about “classic, vintage cars” lining the streets. I’m a ’50s fanatic and would love to go see those cars again.”

What Rinehart neglects to mention is the “vintage cars that line the streets” mostly don’t run and there are no others to replace them. This article from the New York Times tells the actual story.

But Cuba has honed the knack of exploiting the nostalgia that envelopes such as Rinehart when they visit the island — so much so that the government provides reconditioned old convertibles for use by visitors.

A more lucid perspective of the extreme human rights violations and the repression the Communist regime exemplifies comes via The Unreported Tragedy of Cuba’s Repressive Communist Regime by Mike Gonzalez, Cuban-born VP of Communications for the Heritage Foundation. He states,We at The Heritage Foundation agree with Churchill and Reagan that tyranny cannot be appeased. We have a proud record of standing up to communism.”

“Communism is a human tragedy, enslaving the soul while failing to produce enough goods for the people trudging under it,” he writes. “Communist countries are large prisons; the borders must be closed lest the people escape. And within that hell there are smaller circles where the repression is intensified. It’s the Gulag, the re-education camp or, in Cuba’s case today, public beatings by government mobs for those who dare to speak their minds.”

For additional background, watch this video seminar titled The Unwritten Story: How the media and the Obama administration overlook Cuba’s wave of repression, hosted by Gonzalez.


11 Responses to Where else but in the AZ Republic?

  1. Ajo Joe says:

    I’ve been saying for years that this newspaper is a joke. Once again I’m proven correct. That would normally put a smile on my face, but the deceit that emanates from this excuse for a dispensary of news simply makes me sick to my stomach.

    • Realist says:

      Ajo Joe,
      I wish this paper was just merely a joke. They are serious in their quest to have us believe the ruins of a nation under the oppression of a Marxist dictator is actually benevolent behavior. I believe it is called “conditioning” to accept returning BHO for a second term. What a sorry state of affairs we find ourselves in today. I only hope the national election of 2012 hasn’t come too late to save this great nation in which we live.

  2. MacBeth says:

    The Repugnant earned its name by printing crap such as this. It’s not by accident that name has gotten such a workout. It’s on the wrong side of most issues.

  3. Capt. Marvel says:

    Here is Jeff the Flake talking out of both sides of his mouth regarding Cuba. This guy is running for the US Senate now that Kyl is retiring. I wonder what Dr. Richard Carmona’s view on this brutal Communist regime is? I’ve NEVER voted for a Dimocrat before, but may well do so this time. I can justify it since Flake is actually a Libertarian. Like Ron Paul, he runs as a Republican because Loosertarians never get elected.

    • Overtaxed1 says:

      Capt. Marvel you are so right. Flake couldn’t be more of a Flake. In some areas he is left of the Demoncrates.

  4. Blackbeard says:

    Richard Carmona has been a registered Independent until this senate run when he decided to define himself as a democrat. He was appointed as Surgeon General by George W. Bush. I guess Bush couldn’t find a Republican doc anywhere in this big, ol’ country.

  5. Freedom Lives says:

    Until it was impossible to continue, the Republic supported the foolish, historically undereducated, “occupiers” who oppose Capitalism. In that context, this article makes perfect sense.

  6. American Dad says:

    Carmona is 62. Jeff Flake is 49. If he’s elected, Flake will be there for decades. That clearly won’t be the case with Carmona.
    I wish Republican Wil Cardon was an option, but I don’t trust him. He was a high dollar donor and campaign treasurer for Flake just two short years ago. Why the sudden change of heart? I think his candidacy is intended to siphon votes away from any upstart Republican challenger, giving Flake the big advantage. Flake has always been Flakey. He made the same pledge to serve no more than 3 terms when he was first elected to congress that Matt Salmon made. Salmon honored his commitment. Flake flaked, saying his vow was a “mistake.”

    • Night Owl says:

      You nailed this one perfectly, I’m afraid. Many of us will find it worth losing a Republican US Senate seat for a time in order to ultimately elect a conservative. I trust Flake as far as I can throw him. Carmona would be far from ideal, but then so is Flake.

      A medical doctor I could easily support would be Dr. Zuhdi Jasser.. Have you ever heard this man speak? He’s a conservative with moxie, who is not afraid to expose the threats posed by radical political Muslims and a real American patriot.


  7. glynn surdivall says:

    When Castro’s revolution ends the mafia will retake Cuba. One wonders which is worse

    • Alisa says:

      OK, let’s go with that dumb statement about the mafia retaking Cuba … yes, it would be better.
      Batista was terrible, but things were much better for the average citizen during his rule. I’m pretty sure that most Cubans would happily go back to the supposed mafia control and be allowed a free press, one of the world’s highest standards of living, food, freedom to travel, dependable electricity, consumer goods, freedom, food, right to practice their religion without harassment, food and basic civil rights.
      Yeah, which one is worse? That’s a toughy.