Perpetual loser Saban takes swipe at Arpaio

The man who “can’t distinguish between false and true”

Dan Saban, a perennially losing candidate for Maricopa County Sheriff, has had his share of problems — both professionally and personally. The Arizona Republic gave them ample coverage, yet nevertheless endorsed the political opportunistic switch-hitter who challenged Arpaio first in 2004 as a Republican and then again in 2008 as a Democrat. The endorsement contained these words:

“The Arizona Republic firmly believes that, if elected, Dan Saban would make an effective and professional county sheriff.”  [Note that “firmly” but “if elected” equivocal two-step?]

Now, seemingly back for yet another campaign, Saban is gifted with a My Turn column in the pages of the same newspaper, as it brings in the third stringer to prove there are no problems that override the merger of political ambition and the daily’s determination to savage Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio — even if it means reaching into the barrel‘s bottom dregs.

Let’s recap. Here’s Saban in 2006, caught in a lie during a deposition in his failed lawsuit against Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Watch this man and listen closely to his words

 And here:

Saban lost the Republican primary in 2004, taking just 44 percent of the vote. Arpaio easily trounced him with 56 percent.

In 2008, incumbent Joe Arpaio effortlessly carried the election with 55.2% of ballots cast. Saban, once known as Dan Day, also switched his party affiliation to Democrat. With just 42.2%, he pulled in fewer votes than the in the previous election.

The man of many changes, now shedding wife number five, was gearing up for yet another bite of the law endorsement apple when he filed his documents December 16, 2010. We expected him to do at least as well as in his previous efforts. But then the unpredictable Saban modified his plans again, terminating his campaign March 21, 2011 — then refiling 3 days later on March 24, 2011. Where he is now is anybody’s guess, but for sure he’s peering out from the pages of his waffling endorser today.

This is how we covered Saban back in July 2008.


4 Responses to Perpetual loser Saban takes swipe at Arpaio

  1. Maggie says:

    No wonder Saban’s divorcing yet again. The guy lies as easily as a duck sheds water. This is a fascinating study. The tapes should be mandatory viewing for all unmarried women. They could form the basis of a class on “Decision making for the long haul 101.”

  2. Angee says:

    And again, the attacks on Sheriff Joe are by the lefties who have no respect for the rule of law. Sheriff Arpaio and those they have removed from office are the ones who have saved this State from becoming another California. That State is financially broke due
    to the millions of “entitled illegals” who come from mostly Mexico to
    demand from this country what they didn’t have the courage to demand of and in their own country. Instead they come here and do what Randy Parraz is doing, coming in as a carpet begger and
    demanding changes in OUR State! He calls his socio-communist organization “for a better Arizona”? We the majority of Arizona’s
    long time residents who love our State do not want his kind of
    changes. The only ones who support it are the radical politicians, the thousands of illegals and those who were born here of illegal
    parents or grandparents. Sadly, those who support the invasion
    from south of the border and other countries are not loyal citizens
    who would first think of our country and last on their origin. This
    country was founded by all ethnic’s backgrounds. But somehow they managed to remain Americans first. The majority of latinos
    as myself are not interested in diversity, they want to take this Nation and turn it into another cesspool such the one we left
    behind. My hope is that the honorable Hispanics, Latinos and
    any other origin who come here will want to protect the good we
    seeked when we came here. I for one will always think of the USA
    as my country first and foremost. We owe this country more than
    we could ever repay. For that reason we must support leaders
    such as Joe Arpaio, Russell Pearce and all others who protect this country at the expense of their good names and harm to their families. Mauy God bless Sheriff Joe, Sen. Russell Pearce, Andrew Thomas and all other current legislators in our State and
    National Government who stand strong for our country.
    Saban needs not to apply for the job. Randy needs to go home
    and take his radical thugs with him. We will re-elect Sheriff Joe
    and will focus on candidates willing to help protect this country
    from the illegal invaders.

  3. Blackbeard says:

    Saban campaigned saying he could “fix this mess.” The “mess” is exacerbated by the liberal border policies for which he advocates. This man should run for Supreme Vacillator rather than engaging in his off-again, on-again lurches at being sheriff. Give it up, Dan. It’ll never happen!

  4. Kent says:

    Dan Saban’s not just a fool. He’s a lying one. Worst kind.