Solyndra: Financially and morally bankrupt

Bankrupt solar panel manufacturing company Solyndra, which Barack Obama gave a boost of half a billion dollars, has little regard for the taxpayer dollars it received in the form of stimulus money.

This CBS News report is guaranteed to sicken.

Obama supporter and key fundraiser — Oklahoma multi-billionaire — Democrat George Kaiser, was a major investor in the failed company. In qualifying for the subsidized bailout, the company’s much touted “green energy” advanced technology took a back seat to its political connections.

3 Responses to Solyndra: Financially and morally bankrupt

  1. TeaPartyPatriot says:

    OBOZO’s crony capitalist pals have already pocketed millions form the solyndra taxpayer-rip-off and they have already given the OBOZO re-election campaign its share of the loot. So, naturally, they couldn’t care less about what’s left of the company that their incompetence, greed and mindless eco-nut extremism destroyed.

  2. Jack says:

    From the lack of response here, it seems no one cares that Obama is screwing us withut a kiss. Are we becoming so used to being hustled for hundreds of millions for Democrat pets and their projects that we have become meek? It’s only going to get MUCH worse if he’s reelected. Find your voices, people!!

  3. solar robbery says:

    Follow the money.

    Who is the German Company who is still owed $8 mil?

    What connection do they have with Obummer and his supporters?

    Jack is correct….no one seems to care.