AZ Gov. Jan Brewer holds her own with rude Obama

Gov. Jan Brewer, extending gracious hospitality in her role as Arizona’s chief executive, greeted President Obama on an airport tarmac when he arrived in the Valley during a campaign swing yesterday.

But all did not go well.

The rancorous Obama was miffed about her depiction of their previous, private 30-minute White House meeting in June 2010. “He was a little disturbed about my book,” Brewer told a reporter after the incident, referring to her political memoir, “Scorpions for Breakfast.” In the book, Brewer depicted Obama as “patronizing” during that earlier meeting. “I said to him that I have all the respect in the world for the office of the president,” Brewer said. “The book is what the book is. I asked him if he read the book. He said he read the excerpt. So.”

Brewer said Obama told her “that he didn’t feel I had treated him cordially.”

“I said I was sorry he felt that way but I didn’t get my sentence finished,” Brewer said. According to reports, he walked away from her while they were still talking. “Anyway, we’re glad he’s here. I’ll regroup.”

Brewer and Obama “spoke intensely for a few minutes” after he left his plane, according to a report. At one point, the GOP governor shook her finger at the president.

This isn’t the first time Obama and Brewer have been at odds. Last year, the governor filed a lawsuit accusing the Obama administration of failing to enforce immigration laws or maintain control of Arizona’s southern border.

Had she been less of a lady, courteously greeting the temperamental and grudge-carrying Obama, Gov. Brewer might have imitated her Democrat predecessor Janet Napolitano. When then-President George W. Bush came to town, that ill-mannered governor took off for a trip to the Grand Canyon. Today’s edition of the left-of-center local newspaper editorially berates Brewer for her response to Obama’s petulance, but remained characteristically mum when Napolitano snubbed Bush.

Although such rudeness is not a hallmark of Gov. Brewer, she does have a right to defend herself — and got high marks for doing so from the local audience. Real Clear Politics has the audio of Gov. Brewer being interviewed by Mike Broomhead on 550 KFYI-AM after the incident. Listen here.

Read Gov. Brewer’s statement regarding President Obama’s visit to Arizona here.


As a result of this incident, sales of Gov. Brewer’s book Scorpions for Breakfast have skyrocketed over the past 24 hours.

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19 Responses to AZ Gov. Jan Brewer holds her own with rude Obama

  1. Matt DeGennaro says:

    Bravo, Gov. Brewer!!
    Obama knew full well you would be there to greet him. He used the opportunity to dismiss and insult you.
    I, for one, appreciate your class and rebound from this pre-planned assault on a Republican border state governor who signed SB 1070 and endorsed its author Sen. Russell Pearce.

    Obama hates you for that. Arizona citizens respect your actions. And we’re the ones who matter.

    • henry anderson says:

      I was very disappointed to see a lady act like that. She is
      all about herself plain to see She is nothing going no where fast

      • Stanford says:

        So Jan Brewer is “nothing going nowhere fast?” Let’s back up, Henry. She’s been elected to both the state House and Senate, where she served with distinction in leadership roles. She was elected to the Board of Supervisors, which she chaired. She won statewide election as Secretary of State and Governor. It sounds to me that in dedicating her career to the people of Arizona, she has definitely “gone some where” and done it well.

        How does your career path match that exemplary record?

  2. Doc says:

    I don’t agree with Gov. Brewer on everything. BUT, she IS a lady, an Honest one, & deserves to be treated like one. To stand up for herself the way she did was BEAUTIFUL! Too bad our President (eeewww you’ve got to respect th’ office, Doc!!! Why? HE Doesn’t!) doesn’t have th’ skills or th’ class to ACT like the President & show a LADY some respect.

    …never have had much use for arrogance…

  3. Claire Voyant says:

    I well remember the Napolitano snub. Saying she was going to the Grand Canyon was intended to be preposterous. It’s not like she couldn’t have gone there any time she desired. She was making her point in the rudest way possible. She could only have topped it by saying she had an appointment with herself to pick lint out of her navel when President Bush arrived.

  4. Maricela Prado says:

    Where you there? Was he really rude? Why do you assume he was rude? If anything, Gov. Brewer seems to be the rude one. Pointing a finger at the President of the United States is rude! Would she have pointed her finger at Ronald Reagan, Nixon, Bush?

    • Doc says:

      No ma’am, I’m sure she wouldn’t have. But then again, none of the Presidents you mention were bent on Destroying America. Mr. Obama’s ongoing campaign of the destruction of our way of life is documented & ongoing! The conversation between Gov. Brewer & President Obama is documented from both sides as well.

  5. Karl Dellinger says:

    In this age of spineless, mindless idiots parading across the stage as purported ‘leaders’ of our nation, we get a refreshing glimpse of hope. Comrade Obama, Reid and Pelosi ALL need this kind of a wake up call.
    Just because there are adequate lemmings in the population that actually believe it when they are told they are going to get something ‘free’ and thereby vote for those promising it, does not mean the rest of us fall for such nonsense. Gov Brewer is to be commended for not allowing herself to be strong-armed by such a thin skinned lunatic that is only interested in his continued fleecing of this country.
    The sooner the American people realize that there is no such thing as a free lunch, or anything else for that matter, the sooner we can return some degree of opportunity to our nation.
    The bottom line is, from the beginning of time, EVERYTHING has a price, nothing is dropped in your lap, someone had to exert energy or time or money in creating, obtaining, or otherwise getting that item.

  6. Rob F says:

    Governor Brewer sure showed the President of the United States who’s boss! Good for her. She’s in the majority when she characterizes him as undiplomatic – ie, “patronizing” – he’s well known to treat others disrespectfully, so it’s extremely likely that as POTUS he’s going to pick a fight with a governor in a public place to “show her up” over what was doubtless an accurate characterization of his behavior she put in a book (and how many people write about the POTUS, really?) a couple years ago.

    At least it looks like Governor Brewer’s national profile and book sales have risen as a result of having to beat back that boorish politician after suffering a public scolding. If you look at the pictures, the finger is pointed at the real villain here.

    • Gloria Price says:

      NO God is boss aned if you ignorant people do not turn from you rwickded ways – you will have to answer to a higher authority. There is no way you can condone her putting her finger in teh face of teh PRESIDENT. She would have been jailed if he was white. She is no lady and as a matter of fact everybody that has taunted – mimicked – demeaned and insulted this anointed man of God should be thrashed and will be thrashed in some manner. There are consequences for touching God’s anointing. How else could he maintain with dignity and honor in teh facee of such evil. He is anointed. Get another President you may wish you had kept President Obama. Some of you ingrates do not even adress him properly.
      There will be a day of judgement and you will be held accountable. Just Sayin it won’t be long. We are in for a rude awakening this year 2012 – God is tired of our disregard for what He has done in spite of us. I’ts praying time. It’s about to go ddown,,,

  7. sandt bridge says:

    i don’t care dem or republican, you don’t shake your finger at the sitting president of the united states

  8. TeaPartyPatriot says:

    As one of the states with the best voting record in the nation, Arizona voters didn’t go for “You Lie!” hussein in the primary (Hillary won) and didn’t go for “You Lie!” in the general. Everyone knows that “You Lie!” hussein and his imbecile AG (and Black Panther Party supporter and defender) holder have relentlessly attacked, vilified and sued Arizona because it tries to protect its citizens from ILLEGAL invader criminals (which they won’t do). Arizona has done more than any other state to fight d-cRAT socialist extremism, including blocking obozocare’s mandate, stopping forced unionization, prohibiting affirmative action discriminatory special treatment and countless other socialist atrocities.

    The citizens of the Great State of Arizona welcome ALL American patriots to join us in the epic battle against socialist extremism.

    And now, the Great State of Arizona will go after the accomplices to the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry who were part of, were knowledgeable of, and approved the OBOZO regime’s Fast and Furious atrocity. Look for holder/OBOZO to sue Arizona once again to stop this execution of justice, but their intimidation won’t work–patriots are not frightened by third-rate dictator-thug extremists.

  9. phoenix48a says:

    Just as when O-man pulled this kind of overt stunt with Bobby Jindal, the whole charade has a wiff of political oppertunism.

    Then enviornmentalists were apopolitic over the Gulf Spill and his non-existant leadership during the entire fiasco. Getting into a finger-wagging contest with Jindal gave the echo chamber BFF media a distraction to harp on.

    This time the same day Obama jets into for his Intel Photo op the Daily Beast runs a Terry Sterling-Green companion piece that his trip denotes his advisors view Arizona as ‘in play’ AND was thus timed to boost moral and attendence at the ASU latino voter drives currently ongoing.

    Blatantly disrespecting our governor – now circling the globe on sites like Drudge not to mention most nightly local TV broadcasts – sure is a direct way to blow a kiss in the direction of the open borders folks, is it not?

    Never underestimate this POSER in Chiefs tendency to bring the stink of chicagoland politics; small man big office.

  10. Blackbeard says:

    Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal got the same rude treatment from the Obamessiah.
    This article tells the story —

  11. Sgt. Flapjaw says:


    Deeply ingrained arrogance in an individual is forever irrevocable. Once a person gets himself into the feeling of some God given superiority it cannot be reversed. Barrack Obama has this affliction, and it surfaces so frequently that many people are willing to overlook this extreme weakness in character.

    We here in Arizona have witnessed it first hand in excess. The “Evil Emperor” has blessed us with a visit [strictly political] to the Intel facility in chandler. Before he was on the ground two minutes he showed us his distain.

    Apparently our Governor, Jan Brewer had written a passage in her book that E. E. did not like and couldn’t wait to tell her of his displeasure. He was not interested in discussion of the topic, but just wanted to bully the governor of our State. Our Gal Jan, the ever pleasant smiley and cordial Governor was not intimidated by this boorish but typical Obama bullying. A much classier Governor than the repulsive President was on the tarmac that day.

    We as Arizonans must understand that the Federal Governments war against us and a few other Red States will continue until America sends these Chicago goons back to Illinois. Thumbs up Governor, you make me proud to be a foot soldier in the war against tyranny.


  12. Maggie says:

    This “show” was purposely put on for the liberal base by the worst president in my lifetime. He anticipated he would have exactly such an opportunity to insult Gov. Brewer, since she is not a lockstep robot as his pal Napolitano. Jan Brewer went against his open border agenda by signing SB1070. His kids attend private school in DC because he wants the best for them, which is not a public education in a classroom full of ESL students who demand the majority of the teacher’s time in helping them over language hurdles. I don’t blame the children. But listen to their mothers speaking to them when you go shopping and you’ll see they do nothing to help their children succeed in America. These are the same people the Arizona Republic solicits amnesty for and Obama needs as 2012 voters.

  13. Kathy says:

    Good for Gov. Brewer! Obama is a man-child, whine, whine, whine. This is the same man who bows to terrorists & dictators.

  14. sheldon g. leibow says:

    onsidering obama’s dysfunctional background with an alcoholic father, he is ill-bred and lacking in elementary coutesy as he continues his arrogant behavior.

  15. Justin says:

    Here’s liberal MSNBC network newsreader Brian Williams pointing his finger at President George W. Bush. Where was the liberal news media’s outrage then? Seems to me there was a concerted silence.