Tobin seeks special election on redistricting

House Speaker moves forward to address problems with IRC

The Arizona Capitol Times is reporting that House Speaker Andy Tobin has introduced a host of measures that would set a special election enabling voters to decide whether to use legislative and congressional maps drawn by elected legislators representing constituencies — as was the practice prior to the passage of Prop. 106 in 2000. Democrats and Republicans worked together to draw the lines.

Arizonans are currently faced with oddly configured and decidedly partisan maps approved last month by Arizona’s Independent Redistricting Commission.

As we have noted, the Commission is hardly “Independent” but actually leans left. Read our previous post to reacquaint yourself with the sham that masquerades as being impartial committee of volunteers.

Colleen Coyle Mathis, the problematic “Independent” chairwoman the commission is a case in point. Mathis’ husband, Christopher, a Democrat lawyer, served as treasurer for a Democrat legislative candidate in 2010 and the duo donated to other Democrat candidates. As chair, Mathis’ tie-breaking vote with the commission’s Democrat members resulted in the hiring of Strategic Telemetry – a company with strong ties to high-profile Democrats as the mapping consultant. Registering as an Independent served as a cloak to conceal her actual bent.

Mathis would have us believe it was sheer coincidence that Ken Strasma, the national target director of Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign is president of Washington D.C. based Strategic Telemetry.


19 Responses to Tobin seeks special election on redistricting

  1. MacBeth says:

    This is the best news I’ve had all day! Good going Speaker Tobin!!

  2. Liberty's Warrior says:

    On the State level this was a plan to make sure that republicans didn’t have a majority. On the Federal level it was to make sure that the democrats picked up a seat. They gave this to a leftist think tank for that reason, i support Tobin to get this changed for next time. This was a mistake thinking people would be fair in choosing who designed the districts for Arizona. Mathis is no independent, that is clear!

  3. paul marchant says:

    Nappy hatched this plan a decade ago, finally republicans are wising up to this sham.

  4. Kevin Myers says:

    By making all districts competitive the IRC has successfully squashed one of the underling foundations of our Republic. That is the ability to vote with one’s feet. In the past if a person was unhappy enough with their representation that person could pickup and move to another district so that they could possibly be happier in.

    This concept was true in our fledgling Republic where citizens frequently moved from one state/colony to another state/colony for religious, economic, political and social reasons. Daniel Boone is known to have voted with his feet and is probably the most visible example of a person changing his surroundings to meet his needs.

    If a person is a Democrat and lives in a Republican district he should be able to move to where representation fits his needs and vise versa. This liberal homologous utopian dream the the IRC is tying to force upon us has the potential of destroying the great State of Arizona.

    • PV Voter says:

      Sorry friend, but I’m not in the habit of selling my home and moving when I don’t like my representation. I have Adam Driggs as my state senator. He runs as a republican but is a worthless open border, liberal immigration lawyer. I’m more inclined to work for a good conservative opponent to Driggs than I am to uproot my family, take my kids out of their school and move to a district where the representation could change in another two years. I’ve got too much invested in my home to sell it, particularly in this rotten economy, on the if come of getting better representation. Besides, the lousy liberals and RINOs would still be casting votes in the state legislature that would impact me no matter where I lived. Your solution is no solution at all.

      The answer is putting this process back with the legislators, and working to defeat RINOs and democrats.

      • Kevin Myers says:

        Really? Tell that to all the people from California moving out of their state and into Arizona, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico and Texas. So are you saying all those people in California must stay there and suffer as their state implodes around them? What if the several states where all politically gerrymandered to all be the same? Where would the people in California go (Or for that matter, Arizona)? Then you would have your utopian dream! My solution is no solution at all? You sound like a liberal, your way or the highway.

      • Sgt. Flapjaw says:

        I, I, I, me, me, me, stay where you are then. Others may wish to move away from crappy office holders. It’s not about what you want! It’s about freedom for everyone.

    • PV Voter says:

      When people relocate to another state (due to business or lack thereof?) or because the culture is changing, that’s much different than selling one’s home and moving into another legislative district because of a specific member of congress or state reps. You made the case for moving for better representation. I pointed out that the votes from legislators who didn’t actually represent my wishes would still be cast in the legislative chamber whether or not I kept my home. You must live in a tent to so easily pull up stakes and relocate. As I stated, legislative and congressional district elections are every two year affairs. That could entail an awful lot of moving and loss of equity. Telling me I sound like a liberal allows me to tell you that you sound like a fool. I’m conservative to the core, but I also have roots, a home that suits my family and obligations that extend far beyond your limited scope of how the world ought to be.

      • Kevin Myers says:

        Just because you claim to be conservative isn’t enough to convince me you are. You must live under a rock. I get the emails “I’ve been a Conservative Republican for a long time … blah, blah.” If a person is Conservative they wouldn’t have to wear it on their shirt sleeve like a bleeding heart liberal. I’ll bet you don’t even know what form of government we live under.

    • PV Voter says:

      Your arrogance is astonishing. I don’t “claim to be conservative,” I am conservative! I’ve been a platform and constitutional conservative since my initial involvement in Ronald Regan‘s first presidential campaign in 1980, as a young graduate with an MBA in hand. You know nothing about me. It is not my intention “to convince” you of anything. Your opinion is insignificant.

    • PV Voter says:

      KM: You are a boorish, immature and insignificant gnat on an elephant’s butt. Keep waiting.

      • Kevin Myers says:

        You can use all the pejoratives you want but I really don’t care what you say about me as long as it isn’t true. So, what form of government do we live under?

  5. Blackbeard says:

    Beware. Most of the time when something appearing on the ballot is called a “Citizen’s Committee” or “Clean” (as in the phony “Citizen’s Clean Elections“) or “Independent,” (as in this so called “Independent Redistricting Commission“), it rarely is. These are merely clever subterfuges to cover the unscrupulous culprits behind such deceptive measures. Our voters need to wise up.

  6. Doc says:

    Ssssooo…HEY! 2 Things…

    First, Speaker Tobin, THANK YOU! Your effort here is Sincerely & Greatly Appreciated!!!

    Second, Correct me if I’m mistaken…but…uuuhhh…didn’t a relatively high Court recently toss out Texas’ “redrawn” District maps??? So that SAID, maybe there’s even MORE Hope for us after the DISASTER from AZ’s re-drawers…

  7. Tempe Voter says:

    Would somebody mind describing the primary ways in which the new Tobin maps differ specifically from the IRC maps? I myself live in Tempe and would be most curious about Tempe, Chandler, and Central Phoenix. I don’t have access to the Capitol Times and therefore can’t see the article.