AZ GOP elects officers today: Pearce wins decisive victory

The Honorable Russell Pearce elected by wide margin in state-wide race!

Arizona’s Republican elected state committeemen — assembled from all of the state’s fifteen counties — met today to elect their State GOP officers for the next two years. The results of the election and the vote totals are:

First Vice-Chair: Russell Pearce (668), Diane Ortiz-Parsons (441)

Second Vice-Chair: Parralee Schneider (644), Stephen Viramontes (463)

Third Vice-Chair: Chad Palmer (550),  John Duane Rhodes (547)

Assistant Treasurer: Andrew Stevens (730), John Stevens (275)

The following candidates were unopposed and were elected by acclamation:

Assistant Secretary: Deborrah Miller

Sergeant-At-Arms: Alberto Gutier

Assistant Sergeant-At-Arms: Chris Campbell

Congratulations are in order to all of the new officers!


These are the results of the AZ GOP Unofficial Straw poll:

Newt Gingrich:   20 votes

Ron Paul:          256 votes

Rick Santorum:    8 votes

Mitt Romney:      17 votes

To view these numbers in perspective, balance them against the fact that the ballots were sold as a party fundraiser at $10 apiece. The poll is called “unofficial” for a reason.

Ron Paul enthusiasts are all about appearances. Today they were out in force, although many of them are not state committeemen and were unable to vote in the election of party officers. That did not preclude them from purchasing ballots, which no doubt made the AZ GOP very happy.

48 Responses to AZ GOP elects officers today: Pearce wins decisive victory

  1. LD 7 PC says:

    I was at the meeting. You guys do good and fast work! I’m happy with the outcome of the election with one caveat…
    This idea of “unity” that Chairman Morrissey continuously repeated works both ways. Those who put the slate together seem to think that putting RINOs up for officers will placate the McCainiacs. I’d like to know when they have ever extended a hand to conservatives? I’m sick of holding my ankles to please them. Unity is a two way street. This vote repudiates our bending over backwards with nothing coming from the other side.

    • Rick says:

      I would like to ask you one question. How much money have you contributed to the Arizona Republican Party since last year’s election? The AZGOP is strongly in the hands of conservatives who won their spurs, probably long before you were even in the fight.

      Tom Morrissey IS a conservative, Thayer Verschoor IS a conservative, Phil Mason IS a conservative, Shane Wikfors IS a conservative, Don Goldwater IS a conservative, Russell Pearce IS a conservative, Deborrah Miler IS a conservative, Andrew Stevens IS a conservative and Rob Haney IS a conservative. They are all in positions of authority at the AZGOP and all supported the TEAM.

      As a matter of fact, Tom Morrissey has had more headaches from those who continue to tell everyone how conservative they are than anywhere else. If you took the time and trouble to look at the facts, the officers prior to today were split five to five. The Team would have changed that even split to an 8-2 split. Seems like that is great progress for the conservatives.

      PS: If you think that we will defeat Obama, Sinema, Carmona with only the purist conservatives voting Republican, you are dreaming. So, nest time you bend over, pull out your wallet and support the operation so they are not stressed about how to pay the bills without going to others.

      • paul marchant says:

        I was star struck all day. My Heroes were all there and gave amazing speaches. We have a solid team with solid leadership going into this years elections. Feel great to be in the majority.

  2. Fed Up says:

    Ha! Nearly all of the Republican elected officials were there, including all of the GOP Congressional Representatives. Gov. Jan Brewer showed up as did AG Tom Horne, State Treasurer Doug Doucy, all of the GOP Corporation Commissioners. There were numerous state legislators and outgoing Sen. Jon Kyl made an appearance. AZ’s National Committeeman Bruce Ash was there.

    Who was missing? The same guy who never gives us the time of day: John McCain!!! But we need to show slavish unity to him and his lackeys? Gimme a break!!! LD 7 PC couldn’t be more right! Conservatives need to grow a spine. We do it on our ballots, but allow our party leadership to batter us with a one way “unity’ message that doesn’t cut it anymore.

    • JPD says:

      Don’t eat the yellow snow flakes Flake was missing in action as well, must be melting away.

      GO VAN US Seante 2012 – he has a spine and said so.

  3. Francis Majors says:

    Don’t know where LD 7 gets the notion that the newly elected slate are RHINOs and McCainiacs.
    Tom Morrissey, Russell Pearce RHINOS? Chad Palmer a McCainiac? Really ? From what I can see he actually beat out the only true blue McCainiac/Rhino in the bunch, John Rhodes. As for the others I am sure they are not closet rhinos/McCaniacs either.
    This slate is a great combination of talent and guts that we need in this election year.
    I for one am very happy that the message has been sent to McCain and his minions that Morning has come to Arizona. McCain’s grip is is loosening. Sic semperTyrannis

    • LD 7 PC says:

      What are you smoking, Francis? You have done quite a job of twisting and skewing my words. I never said Morrissey, Pearce or Palmer were RINOs, because I don’t believe that to be the case. I made the point that we conservatives are the only ones talking “unity.” Have you ever heard that word come out of John McCain’s mouth? I would ask that you not jump to conclusions before carefully reading what I wrote. Carefully.

      The RINOs were NOT elected because the conservatives held fast, regardless of who was included on the slate.

      • Jim says:

        Nice revisionist theory. There were two slates and the Pearce slate won 6 to 1. Palmer was only elected because no one knows his skeletons – – – yet.

  4. Doc says:

    LD 7 PC & Fed Up-You guys took th’ words right outta’ my MOUTH!!! This whole “unity” thing is o.k an’ all, but it’s time for THOSE GUYS to unify! We’ve given enuff!

    …as to Senator McCain…how sad that he sees so little in his own constituents….very telling…I could go on&on&on&on…but we here already know…

    • Doc says:

      …OH! And CONGRATULATIONS to ALL the Winners! I’m sure we’ll get a ton-0-stuff done…& FIRE o-bow-mao as well!!!

  5. Janelle says:

    I must have not been paying attention the last 12 months or so. Exactly what have we given up to the McCainiacs that I have missed. I thought that the Morrissey Team was doing a good job of keeping true to their principles while inviting all Republicans to get on board.

    This is truly the opposite of the past where the moderate/RINO contingent was demanding that the conservatives give up their principles and join the liberal “big tent.” I am in favor of a big tent as long as it is OUR big tent that maintains the Reagan mantra.

  6. Sgt. Flapjaw says:

    There was really more unity today, and much less or maybe no vitriolic slashing and burning between candidates. We Chad Palmer supporters had many conversations with the Rhodes people and they were quite civil. Everyone seemed to understand that preferences of the two groups were legitimite, and during the campaigning leading up to and including today were civil and respectful.
    I would say that that is a nice change from some previous times.
    Onward and upward, It’s Obama that we all want to eviscerate.

  7. Patriot says:

    The plan is complete. Tom will resign and Russell will be our new chairman very soon. The RINOs are on the run.

    • Night Owl says:

      Ya think?

      Tom’s doing a fine job as chairman, working hard and preparing for this critical coming election. I still remember how he stepped up to take on this thankless job, when Bruce Ash boogied a day or two before the election.

    • John Q says:


      First, if that was the plan, it would have been easier and less expensive for Morrissey to resign the first of the month and just have Pearce elected yesterday. The First Vice Chairman merely calls for a special meeting within 45 days – like yesterdays – to elect a new Chairman.

      SecondI I was in the party headquarters about ten days ago when coincidentally Russell came in and I asked both of them about the rumors floating around. They did not hedge, but were very clear that no such plan was in the works.

      This type of rumor is not helpful to winning this year.

  8. Jill H says:

    Rick, Let’s assume most Republicans reading this have contributed as much money as they can to their state party. And they will do so again in the coming months. If enough money is not coming into the state party it likely is for the same reasons every other facet of the economy is not taking in enough money. The sales of my widgets are down…less profit to contribute to my political party. That is likely a factor.

    Republicans who make their contributions contingent on their choices winning Party elections are a weak lot to rely on. You are saying If their philosophy is in the minority we must to allow them to buy their way in by designating them winners of certain elections. Don’t think that’s going to happen. If that was the the plan it didn’t work today. Some wiseguy from the majority viewpoint will likely always get in the way of that plan. Grassroots up Party elections precludes that notion.

    Any “outside the box” fundraising ideas getting kicked around? Sure hope so.

    • Rick says:

      What a leap! In the first place, I do not assume that most Republicans reading this have contributed as much money as they can to their state party. If our 6000+ precinct committeemen gave only $5 per month to our state party, (and I believe that even in these times that could happen if it was prioritized) the state party would have about $400k each year and could tell the establishment to kiss off.

      Instead of assume, I can assure you that this is not happening. As to buying their way in, there is ABSOLUTELY NO evidence that the Morrissey/Verschoor team has allowed anyone to buy influence at the Party for any reason.

      • East Valley PC says:

        Give $5 a month to help elect John McCain, Jeff Flake and that pack of flimflammers? Are you kidding me? I wouldn’t give five cents toward their campaigns. Pare down the paid staff who are friends of friends. We give our money directly to the candidates of our choice and believe me, Flake, McCain etc. never see our dust.

      • BenF says:

        You are so ill informed that you do not even know how the money is accounted for or allocated. For one thing, Johnny Mac and Jeff the Flake are unable to receive assistance from non-federal monies. In addition, the leaders of your? party ensure that the funds given to your? party are not spent in Republican Primaries so we can elect more conservative Republicans!.

        As to the staff, they are patriots who are way underpaid compared to what has been the tradition. In fact there is NO ONE there making as the Executive Director was paid twenty years ago.

        I hope you feel as righteous when the Party does not have the money to keep a super majority in both houses of the legislature, which is where the real emphasis should be placed.

        Grow up, wisen up, follow CT Wright’s call from Saturday and help kick the heck out of the Democraps or you will be part of the reason our enemies win battles that we should win.

  9. Cactus Jack says:

    Rick, Instead of getting on here and blasting the voters why don’t we work on a way to complete whatever deal was cooking given today’s results?

    Whether those interests are represented by 10% or 20% of the committee should not be a deal breaker. If it is, what will the next unreasonable condition be?

    Why did the other side stake all this on a man who already holds a County Chairmanship? Surely they knew this would be exploited by an opponent. Who gets promised unopposed status when filing for an election?

    The State Party made a gallant effort supporting Mr. Rhodes. They kept their end of the bargain. It is not up to the State Party to decide Party elections. Kudos to Chairman Morrissey for immediately attempting reconciliation by announcing an effort to bring Mr. Rhodes into State Party structure one way or another.

    • Rick says:

      In the first place, I did not blast the voters, I merely asked the person who was doing the blasting, what he had done to help the party with something more than verbiage. Second, it was not 10% who voted against Russell, it was 40%. Think about that for a second.

      As to your question, I just want to know who you count on the other side??? Russell Pearce?? Rob Haney?? Jeni White?? Deborrah Miller?? Steve Kohut?? Andrew Stevens?? Chris Campbell?? Sheriff Joe?? Tom Morrissey?? Thayer Verschoor?? Don Goldwater??

      Seems like if that is your definition of “the other side”, count me on the other side. You seem to be oblivious to the fact that a basic rule of war – and politics – is that when you take control of a town or any organization it is counter-productive to continue lobbing hand grenades in the midst of your hard won ground.

      We need to consolidate behind our leaders who brought us the victories the last few years, not fight against them as we fought against McCain and the illegal immigration flakes. I am willing to trust Russell, Rob, etal, I hope that you will join me as we go through this year in trusting them. That is the only way we will be able to have a super-majority in our legislature and increase our Congressional Delegation.

      • Cactus Jack says:

        Rick, The 10% I was referring to is the office Chad and John were competing for on the Committee which includes 3rd Vice-Chair. If indeed that committee is 10 seats, I find the bylaws a little ambiguous regarding that 10 seat committee. You are welcome to clarify for us if you like. You seem to know the AZ GOP organizational chart extremely well. The one or two seats (depending on election results) would be the 8-2 ratio you mention, which per our results is now 9-1. You seem to have abandoned your 8-2 or 9-1 talk to replace it with all the State Committeeman voters.

        You are most certainly looking to cause division where it does not exist. Nobody said Russell Pearce, Rob Haney, and the rest are not great conservatives. Respectful differences of opinion are allowed…get this now…are you sitting down…among fellow conservatives.

        Our bylaws prescribe elections at certain times. This guarantees the grassroots have a chance to weigh-in. The State Party does not choose our election results. Hence, all the hard work Chairman Morrissey put in visiting various conservative groups drumming up support for his viewpoint. There is nothing inappropriate about electing our officers or Morrissey drumming up support for his choices. (There is something inappropriate about spending Party money on invented awards to promote the Hq’s choice of candidates but I digress.)

        Consolidating behind our leaders is one thing. That is unity which by the way, it is time to employ. Voting the way they encourage us to vote at Party election time is entirely optional and that should be the message to the grassroots if we are to have a successful organization.

      • Rick says:

        I did not make it a “we vs they” argument, you and Chad supporters did that over the last two or three weeks.

        The Team supporters did not go out and present negative attack pieces against Chad, but his supporters were very active doing attack pieces as part of their campaign strategy.

        Again, you are the one who used the term “other side” in describing Pearce, Haney, etc. Your earlier comments started the divisiveness. If you are backpedaling now, that is a good first step.

        We will find out how this works out as time goes on. I will trust – – but verify.

      • Doc says:

        Rick-I’m th’ guy that brought Chad’s name up HERE. NOBODY associated with his election effort produced ANY negativity towards John “J.Duane” Rhodes. We presented FACTS, which his own people freely concur with, in an appropriate & civil fashion…period. We did not present “attack pieces” as you state. Please get your facts accurate. With Mr. Rhodes remaining on the Executive Committee, with a vote, AND Mr. Palmer being 3rd VC, with a vote…everybody wins…OUR PARTY WINS…

  10. Jill Arizona says:

    I was extremely happy to see Rhodes lose yesterday by 3 votes. Also extremely happy to see Pearce take over for 1st Vice Chair.
    But I’d like to remind Seeing Red AZ that even the straw poll az gop results page shows it as an “Official Straw Poll”.

  11. james smith says:

    When will the gop start valuing enthusiasm again? I would weigh 1 fanatical vote against 10 nose plugged votes. No one was dreaming of a newt gingrich or mitt romney presidency two years ago except for newt and mitt. You should be asking yourself what is behind the emotional passion that ron paul supporters share. Individual liberty.

  12. Del Dawley says:

    It seemed to me that the meeting was somewhat unorganized! It was my first time participating in the State Convention; and, I was surprised that the Business part of the meeting was the last thing we did. This brought up issues like “Do we still have a quorum?”; counting votes on other resolutions and By-Law changes; and etc. It appeared that it could have been organized better. I liked hearing from all the candidates; however, it could have been better planned out! Maybe having them present their comments after the business of the day was completed.

    • Janelle says:

      You are surprised because you have no experience. Saturday’s meeting was three hours shorter than last year and you have no idea of the pressure from the statewide and congressional office holders who want to have a forum and a quorum so they have maximum exposure. That is standard procedure nationally, by the way.

  13. chad palmer says:

    My Heart felt thanks go out to AzSeeingRed and all my supporters who made their votes count in my favor. I met with Honorable Russell Pearce and Sheriff Joe last night at the ALRA Radio station last night and we discussed the direction of our efforts in the future off air. Good News, we were all on the same page to destroy the communist regime that is trying to destroy the families of our nation.

    The Conservative Agenda is to replace all D’s with R’s. I know this is not breaking news but perhaps you think we are fighting each other too much and not the enemy’s of the State. We all laughed it off that I had won against all odds and their endorsements and we agreed that Constitutional Conservatives are obviously what the party wants as leaders to fight the head puppet terrorist and his minions.

    Victory is our’s when we all fight together against communism and stop beating each other down, focus on the target not the others at the range who can’t shoot very well, at least the are shooting in the right direction so lets help them to start hitting the target with our word bullets, remember the pen is still mightier than the sword.

    Godspeed in our Victory over tyranny for the fight is only just begun and we will not lose our children’s future.

  14. Cactus Jack says:

    Rick, Chad’s campaign told me at Saturday’s meeting that everything they said about John Rhodes had to be verified that it came out of John Rhodes’ mouth or they refused to use it. I believe them. But you are invited to show me one “attack piece” that are not the words of John Rhodes himself.

    Of course, Rhodes did not point out the affects electing him to two Executive Committee seats.

    Most of Chad’s campaign information actually would cause half the room to vote for Rhodes. “Endorsed McCain and Flake in Primary Supported 2010 Tax Increase. Opposed Morrissey Election.”

    Actually, it was f-u-n-n-y. Chad’s team gave the whole RINO agenda which would actually attract votes for Rhodes. The majority specifically voted down the RINO agenda. Hey! Rhodes is a Flake supporter! So, don’t vote for Rhodes! And the majority agreed. GREAT STUFF. Even with the conservative All Stars supporting Rhodes the moderate agenda is still a loser. You should be rejoicing it was pointed out so clearly The Republican Party activists reject moderate and Libertarian policy. Half of the AZ GOP State Committeemen are Platform Republicans. We have the proof.

    • Cactus Jack says:

      It was a great day for all Republicans. They either won or came very close to it except the Russell Pearce race and that is as it should be. Those in the know, including moderates realize Pearce pushes for nothing that isn’t in the Republican Platform. Even a majority of the moderates support Pearce as he got 121 more votes than John Rhodes.

      Changed my mind Rick. I don’t want to hear your proof of attack pieces against Rhodes. There are not any. Enough bickering. Back to producing for the good of the AZ GOP.

      • Rick says:

        And Pearce pushed for Rhodes. I guess he only has credibility when he agrees with you. What a hypocrite.

  15. LD11 PC says:

    Rick, You make some good points. The best one is all PCs giving $5 per month would be huge for AZ GOP. Let’s get on it but, let’s make one small adjustment:

    A secure border was very important to the State Meeting attendees. There were louder applause for border security than all other issues.

    SeeingRedAZ is an excellent resource for Arizona conservatives. Let’s measure the number of people who read and appreciate the news and information SRA brings us.

    Everyone who appreciates SRA please hop over to and contribute at least $10.00. It would be nice if there was a mechanism for donating $10.70 to honor Russell’s Pearce’s popular bill.

    McCain and Flake have no campaign fund worries. History shows they run “around” the AZ GOP not with it. Win or lose the state office has to keep the lights on. Arizona border security minded Platform Republicans are the majority in PC ranks, State Committeeman ranks, and make up the majority of AZ GOP officers. Let’s show our appreciation.

  16. JJones says:

    Did anyone notice that Viramontes, was the only candidate that actually spoke to the office and position he was running for? The applause was sure on his side.

    I guess the majority of the State Committeemen were more concerned about their slate winning they were about actual results at the State Party.

    Its unfortunate that we cant young, energetic people with experience in these offices.

    • Sgt. Preston says:

      Are you joking? The “slate” didn’t win. John (newly recreated as J. Duane) Rhodes was on the slate and was not elected. He was rejected in favor of a “young, energetic” guy named Chad Palmer. Stephen Viramontes was defeated because of his vile antagonism toward Russell Pearce. Were you even at the meeting? You say the applause was on his side. Applause that didn’t translate into votes.

      • rj says:

        Preston – you spent too much time behind your dog King. The slate won 86% and the anti-slate won 14%. And the only one who eeked by against the slate won by a whole three votes.

        When “the rest of the story” about Palmer comes out, Z and the supporters may think that the joke was on them.

      • Doc says:

        rj…sssssooooo you got some dirt ya’ wanna’ SHARE? I’ve known Chad for 7+ YEARS. I’ve worked with him…I got him involved in AZGOP & YAVGOP in th’ 1st place!…& I’m feelin’ pretty secure in my support of him. He will serve us well. And you need to get on board & give th’ man a fair chance insteada’ instigating trouble….that is unless you’ve got A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G you’d like to share with th’ class….rj…hello? rj…anything…anything at all?

        …”rest of th’ story”…whatever…

    • Clark says:

      What exactly was Viramontes’ “experience”?

      Holding down a job for longer than a year?
      A failed attempt to run for a district vice chair position?
      Now a failed attempt to run for a State party vice chair position?

      The only “experience” I see he has ever had is hurling insults against Pearce and graduating from the “Mesa Leadership Training” brainwashing course along with Kirk Adams. Thinking it would be a platform to launch him into instant popularity.

      He’s nothing but a political opportunist who may one day realize he’s not as important as he thinks he is in his own mind.

      • ld22 conservative says:

        Clark, I’d remind you Viramontes never wanted to run VC in LD22, the board did because his fundraising ability. When Mickie stepped up who was qualified, he stepped down and endorsed her. He also has several of his own businesses, so I’m not sure where “holding down a job for more than a year” comes into the equation…

        Political opportunist, maybe. But atleast he is principled even when its unpopular. He still would have been a better addition then Paralee.

      • Janelle says:

        You have NO idea of the contributions Parralee makes to the Party. Ask people who know like Rob and Marne Haney or Linda White or Thayer Verschoor before making that judgment. I would rather have a hard worker and supporter than a person that even you call an opportunist who is merely looking for a resume to run for office.

  17. ld22 conservative says:

    I’m sure that Parralee, is great, but it would have been nice to have someone that is from the next generation and is energetic.

    In his defense, if Viramontes, wanted to run for something else I’m sure he would, he has the money. But I think him wanting to run for a volunteer position w/in the Party speaks to him really want to make a difference. I’ve seen him work, not too many work harder or smarter then him. Oh well, he lost and so guess its a mute point.

    • State Committeeman says:

      I see. You favor getting rid of the sure thing for a younger sack of bones that holds out a promise but doesn’t deliver? That’s what my neighbor did recently when he chucked his wife of 31 years for a new honey, who as it runs out, isn’t working out as well as he had envisioned.

      Are you aware that Stephen Viramontes had a website devoted to belittling and removing Sen. Russell Pearce? If that appeals to you, go register as something other than a Republican. I proudly supported Parralee Schneider. She’s a dependable conservative.

      By the way, I think you meant “moot” point rather than “mute.” But since you know so much maybe that error was intentional.

      • ld22 conservative says:

        Thanks for the spelling correction SC. Its sad to see you call Parralee, a “sack of bones.” Have you ever been to a Viramontes event? If the State Party did an event/fundraiser half as successful they wouldn’t be in a mound of debt.

        What is this website you speak of, I’ve heard about it or have seen it before. Also, not ALL Republican’s agree with Pearce, just ask LD18, 6/10 Republican voted against him.

        Question: What has Parrelee accomplished in her time at the AZGOP? Viramontes said it well in his speech on Saturday “this position is not about policy, its about production.” To JJones original point, he was the only one that actually talked about the position he was running for. Everyone else paraded their friends on stage to tell about how long they’ve known them. Who cares?!?!

    • Janelle says:

      If you simply apply the term energetic to a person based on age, you are 180 degrees out of touch with reality. Parralee is more energetic and actually accomplishes more than nearly everyone half her age – plus she is a team player and knows that activity does not equate with productivity. We do need more young people in the functioning of the party, but they need to be groomed on how to do the job, not just dropped into the gears for the sake of youth.

      • ld22 conservative says:

        Does anyone even know what the “job” of the 2nd VC is??? There is nothing in the bylaws that speak to it. Why do we bother electing people to an office w/ no defined roles or responsibilities? Hence the question, what has Paralee done? We have nothing to hold her or the other officers accountable for. That’s why I also liked what Viramontes was saying, he wanted to define these roles and make the organization operate more like a business. At this current rate, the State Party will go BK because the lack of leadership and EXPERIENCE in operating an organization.

  18. PV PC says:

    RJ, that does not sound like the unity half the state promised us we would enjoy following Saturday’s elections. Or, was that promise contingent on a particular outcome?

    Point is, the election is complete. Republicans won. The moderate half and the conservative half of the Party have not been this close in years. Let’s enjoy this and build upon it.

    The State Party did absolutely everything they could to unite moderates and Platform Republicans. We all have to cheer the AZ GOP for that. A three vote margin is no mandate — we ALL realize that.

    Every manner of strength for the AZ GOP benefits all Republican candidates. Back to work…against Dems that is.

  19. Pima County PC says:

    To paraphrase Sean Hannity: “I have great friends who are moderates…I just don’t want them in charge.”

    • Braveheart says:

      Oh really? Then how do you explain Sean Hannity’s continual barrage of support for John McCain in his last senate race when McCain had a solid conservative challenger? Sorry Pima County PC, but this is pure horse pucky!!