Antenori says “It’s Official!”

Another Republican — state Sen. Frank Antenori — has set his sights on the vacant congressional seat now open since the recent retirement of Democrat U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

His video announcement can be seen here.

Jesse Kelly, a conservative who nearly overtook Giffords in 2010, has released the results of a poll showing a strong lead among likely voters. Visit Kelly‘s website here.

Both men are military veterans.

A special primary election to fill the vacancy will be held April 17, with the special general election scheduled for June 12.

9 Responses to Antenori says “It’s Official!”

  1. Tyler M says:

    Antenori is the much better choice in this race.

    Antenori was one of the good guys on the front lines defending Russell Pearce during that bogus recall election. Antenori is a proven conservative, and we can trust him where Jesse Kelly was a complete unknown before the last election who had never before voted in a Republican primary.

    Jesse Kelly lost a race that Republicans should have won because he couldn’t run a campaign that was professional enough. But that race in 2010 was very winnable if we had the right candidate.

  2. catsclaw says:

    Both good men, if either of them get elected it is a win win situation for CD8. But then comes the real battle for CD2, that disaster the IRC created for us here in southern AZ.

    • Tucson Voter says:

      Antenori also voted against some strong border protection bills last session.
      And SB1309
      Antenori and some other double crossing, so-called straight talkers claiming conservative roots, abandoned conservative Republicans, and voted with the Democrats (who all voted in unison.) on these bills. Since you think they are “both good men,” you might ask him why he betrayed the conservatives who supported him when he claimed to want to seal our southern border and deal with the problems of illegal aliens unlawfully coming into the US. His word means nothing.

      • ZOO says:

        The others were Nancy Barto, Rich Crandall, Adam Driggs, Linda Gray, John McComish, John Nelson, Michele Reagan, Steve Pierce, and Steve Yarbrough. Gray is retiring; I wonder about the others seeking re-election, their seats should be challenged unrelentingly.

  3. Seen It All says:

    Jesse Kelly ran in this district before and as a conservative new comer (not a politician) he came within a point + of beating the incumbent. He did a fine job of fundraising and didn’t eat the slop at the lobbyists trough. Count on Anteori to deal with the same contingent he deals with at the state legislature.

  4. Frankly Speaking says:

    Antenori signed on as a McCain supporter against a true conservative — JD Hayworth. That’s all I need to know.

  5. LD 17 says:

    As long as he can keep his mood swings under control he will win this. Sorry Jesse Frank has a longer history of being a good conservative

  6. Brandy Baron says:

    Antenori is strong in the fight against illegal immigration. After seeing and hearing him argue in favor of standing up the AZ State Guard this last Thursday I’m rooting for him (in spite of his mistake in supporting McCain). We need all of the strong supporters of the Rule of Law that we can get and he would be a great one from what I have seen in the past year.

  7. LEO IN TSN says:

    Jesse Kelly is a true conservative.

    Frank Antenori is a McCainiac. He was hatched out of the McAmnesty camp. He voted down AZ’s anti-illegal immigration bills. He must have appeared at the SB1070 rally to try to repair his reputation, knowing he was going to run in this race. Nope, he showed his colors when we needed him.

    We know we can count on Jesse.

    God bless America.