Fit of pique: AZ Republic ignores Pearce victory

Statewide triumph repudiates negative assault on SB 1070 author

As we reported Saturday, the Arizona Republican Party elected its officers for the next two years.  Elected state committeemen from districts statewide, traveled to Phoenix to meet, mingle, hear from their GOP officeholders and cast their ballots for leadership officers. It’s a big deal. The attendees, facing a major 2012 election cycle, are very aware of the impact of their mission.

Nearly all of the elected Republicans addressed the large crowd.  Sen. Jon Kyl, the entire GOP congressional contingent (U.S. Reps. Flake, Franks, Gosar, Quayle and Schweikert), state officials from Governor Jan Brewer and Attorney General Tom Horne, through State Legislators, Corporation Commissioners and County officers such as Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and County Attorney Bill Montgomery took their turns addressing the eager assembly. Conspicuously absent, as usual, was John McCain.

All told, nearly 700 state committeemen cast ballots — including proxies — representing 1,158 individuals.

And by a wide margin of over 60 percent, state Republicans elected former Sen. President Russell Pearce the party’s 1st Vice Chairman. How’s that for poking their finger in the eye of the swaggering antagonists?

Without question,  this election sticks in the craw of the leftist newspaper, which begins its online report with the word “ousted’ in describing the popular Pearce. Try as we might to locate it, the article was nowhere to be seen in the Sunday edition.

The editorial crew must be mystified.  After all, they believe it was by virtue of their efforts, in conjunction with radical extremists and illegal alien promoters, that Sen. Pearce was removed from his state senate position.  They neglected to inform their readers that the election was not a intra-party primary as many thought, but a skewed effort, open to Democrats and registered Independents.

Russell Pearce doesn’t need the newspaper to give him authority.  He gets it from the people who know him best and respect him most: Arizona’s statewide Republican activists who assembled on Saturday and gave him their unqualified support.

7 Responses to Fit of pique: AZ Republic ignores Pearce victory

  1. paul marchant says:

    just as well that they didn’t print the misleading AZcentral article which mischarachterized the recall as a Republican rejection of Russell rather than the ‘open primary’ that it was.

    • Sgt. Preston says:

      Exactly! This newspaper is a joke. They don’t report news, they construct it. Their mission is to alter public perceptions on a wide range of social issues. Among the Arizona Republic’s favorites are amnesty for illegals, celebrating divisive diversity rather than unity, and mainstreaming homosexuality.

  2. Overtaxed1 says:

    It wasn’t just the newspaper who failed to report a significant event,
    the television channels gave less than 30 seconds to the event while extensively covering, at length, a Latino event in Tempe.

    Disgusting to say the least. Do they think if they ignore us we will go away. I certainly don’t think so.

  3. AZ Conservative Guy says:

    Thanks for noting that this was a STATEWIDE victory for Sen. Pearce!! What an outpouring of respect and sincere admiration for this American patriot. Maricopa County Chairman Rob Haney articulated the feelings of many of us when he opined that Russell Pearce’s face should be carved into Camelback mountain.

  4. Ajo Joe says:

    The Republic isn’t called the Repulsive without reason. And Channel 12 (KPNX) is also owned by Gannett. They now share the same building, since 12 shut down its Central Avenue facility. Watch the local network and you’re getting the Republic leftwing crap in video format.

  5. Sgt. Flapjaw says:

    There was loud, long, lasting, support for Russell Pearce. He was mobbed all day by supporters and well wishers. True to his usual demeaner, Mr. Pearce was friendly and cordial and appreciative of his strong standing within the State Republican Party.
    I hope the LD18 miscreant cabal [some of whom were there] takes notice that Russell Pearce has wide spread support statewide. You just may have heard the beginning of your swan song.

  6. LD 7 PC says:

    The state meeting made me proud. Coupling the overwhelming reception received by Sen. Russell Pearce and the loud cheers for Sheriff Arpaio, with the large contingent of Republicans…state committeemen and elected officials…and its clear we have much to be grateful for. Thanks also to all who put in the long hours and the hard work that went into putting that massive meeting and vote tabulation together. We have our work cut out for us, but we are up to the task.