Tony Bouie: Problematic candidate is baaack

Problem-plagued perennial candidate Tony Bouie is once again in quest of a legislative seat. This time he’s seeking an appointment rather than going through that revealing information spill that accompanies an actual campaign.  Bouie is now looking to be named as a replacement to fill the AZ House seat in Legislative District 4, currently open as a result of Rep. Judy Burges being appointed to the senate after Scott Bundgaard’s resignation.

Bouie, who also had his hat in the ring for that senate appointment, has previously run for the legislature in Legislative Districts 4 and 6, losing both races. He is best known for registering as a Republican after being a lifelong Democrat, and then opportunistically lying about it, when running in the GOP heavy District 6. He brazenly filed his intent to run within FIVE short days of changing his registration status. Then the newly-minted Republican had the temerity to refer to himself as a “conservative candidate.” He even sent out a press release saying that he “became a Republican” earlier but neglected to reregister — with the new party that meant so much to him.  In fact, the deception was on such a grand scale that he lied to the editorial board of the Arizona Republic and to The Capitol Times. Here’s how Mary Jo Pitzl characterized his deceit.

Those familiar with Tony Bouie will also remember that he gained the support of the pro-illegal labor crowd. Still, he was so disconnected from the issues, not even aware of what the much publicized Employer Sanctions law referred to, that he didn’t even bother to show up for the requisite Citizens Clean Election debate.

Bouie has a history of major financial irresponsibility and vehicular infractions, including Criminal Felony Speeding and driving on a suspended driver’s license, that would have been revealed with proper vetting by his political recruiters. For those with time on their hands, there is more to read here.

The LD 4 Precinct Committeemen meeting Wednesday evening should remember this charlatan and look elsewhere as they forward three names to fill their district’s House seat. If by some misstep his name is sent to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, they should run, not walk, from this exceedingly flawed and opportunistic applicant.

Rep. Judy Burges deserves to have her former seat filled by an actual conservative, at best — an actual Republican, at least.


6 Responses to Tony Bouie: Problematic candidate is baaack

  1. Orion says:

    This is not the guy we want in the state House. He doesn’t know fact from fiction.

  2. No Name Please says:

    This guy is like the proverbial bad penny. He keeps turning up. His lies are even more chilling than indicated here. Several years ago he made questionable claims of serious health conditions and raised money for treatment from former friends.

  3. Overtaxed1 says:

    His ego is so much bigger than his brain. He is a disgusting liar and
    certainly not worthy of consideration for any political position in the Republican party.

  4. Jane says:

    Kudos SeeingRedAz! You’re serving the State well.

  5. Realist says:

    Too bad it isn’t a democrat seat up for grabs…he’d be a shoe-in!

  6. LD7 PC says:

    John McCain used Tony Bouie as backdrop for a photo. Really, they specifically moved Tony from one area of the room to station him right behind McCain. Tony Bouie was only too glad to go along with it. It’s always the left that brings up race. Conservatives just don’t care about color.