Why the AZ Republic is irrelevant

Effect of recommendation is zero

This foolish headline appears on the front page of the Valley & State section:

Phoenix commission votes 13-0 for Arpaio to resign

The Phoenix Human Relations Commission is the commission in question. According to its own website, it‘s a group of 17 volunteers appointed by the mayor and City Council, to advise on….human relations issues. Three of the dedicated members were absent and one abstained in this headline grabbing vote.

Surely the newspaper, which retains a legal staff to address just such matters, knows that a commission of volunteers has no say whatsoever in removing a duly elected sheriff from his post. 

Republican Sheriff Joe Arpaio might not be the cup of tea for a left-wing association of meddlers and their enthusiastic media ally, but the popular sheriff has won an unprecedented five four-year terms. Immensely admired, he elicits standing ovations and cheers when he speaks before citizen groups.

With a decades-long career in law enforcement, his service includes heading the DEA, where he served as a top drug agent in various countries for 25 years — culminating as head of the agency’s Phoenix field office. Arpaio was first elected Maricopa County Sheriff in 1992, and has been re-elected by wide margins in 1996, 2000, 2004 and 2008, often winning more than 65 percent of the vote.

Arpaio’s fundraising prowess is the envy of congressional candidates.  Regardless of the recommendation of this commission of simpletons  he’ll be well positioned for his upcoming election.


9 Responses to Why the AZ Republic is irrelevant

  1. Chad Palmer says:

    Sheriff Joe is the real deal, I met with him last Saturday with Senator Pearce at Radio ALRA am 960. There were no tv cameras or their reporters and he is the same in your face tough guy as always. I support the pink underwear, tent city and sb 1070. I hope more Sheriffs join the fight! God Bless.

  2. Angee says:

    These Marxists have no right to tell us -the American citizens what
    to do. Most of them are transplants from California. They left the
    Cesspool they created and they are now trying to do the same in
    Arizona. It’s shocking that the so-called Citizens Committee of Phoenix are even taking them seriously. They are merely spewing
    hatred against the Sheriff because of the false findings from the
    thugs in the Justice Department. Holder and company did nothing
    when the blacks intimidated the voters not to vote unless it was for
    the illegal alien Obama. See the news of the January hearing in
    Georgia regarding Obama’s ineligibility to be on their State ballot.
    The testimony is clear, well investigated, and now it’s up to the only Judge (Malihi) who had the conscience to have the hearing into the
    greatest fraud in the history of the USA. The impostor did not bother to show up. He is in contempt of court, it’s up to the Judge to say so and what will happen? Are the Marxists like the thug Parraz going to continue their idiotic agitating of the ignorant and the corrupt members of their klan? Action by our elected officials
    in protecting our nation is long overdue. Protect this Republic!

    • Doc says:

      I’ve sed it right here a hundred times…”Our elected representatives continue to sit on their hands…” The trial you mention Angee is long overdue. Even Republicans in D.C. are against this, ‘cuz they don’t want America to see how BLAITANTLY th’ wool was pulled over their eyes. And I’m under the impression that Sheriff Joe has an investigation going on Mr. o-bow-mao…& it’s not lookin’ so good th’ annoying one…so holder & co. are doing everything they can to discredit the Good Sheriff.

      You also brought up th’ case regarding “th’ new black panthers” antics in “Killadelphia” during th’ ’08 election. They were standing outside polling places with ‘nightsticks’…threatening/intimidating voters…we wouldn’t need holder to do ANYTHING if Pennsylvainia followed th’ tenants of the Constitution & Bill of Rights!

      …I notice none of th’ ‘panthers’ are much interested in bringin’ their little show out here to ARIZONA…where we adhere to the 2nd Amendment…

  3. ZOO says:

    More curious is to see if or how the city council reacts, and whether Greg Stanton wants to start down that long Filth Gordon road. And speaking of filth, the Phoenix division of the Mexico Lobby are nourishing every possible straw they can grab. We are bound to see more calls for Arpaio’s resignation as the Lobby makes it rounds trying to find someone or something that anybody cares about.

  4. Vince says:

    Good post here, Seeing Red AZ! The newspaper either creates its own news, skews it or deliberately misinterprets it. This commission probably doesn’t have a conservative on the panel. And being appointed by the mayor guarantees liberal involvement. We had moronic Philliberto Gordon and now liberal Greg Stanton. How lucky Phoenix residents are. NOT.

  5. PV Voter says:

    Liberals hate Joe Arpaio but envy his ability to stay cool and calm, raise money, retain a loyal following and get elected repeatedly.

  6. Annie O. says:

    This is all about “drip, drip, drip…..”. They are trying to un-nerve America’s Toughest Sheriff. He’ll be just fine as long as all of us continue to make it clear that he is our guy. Poll on TV news tonight had 75% supporting Sheriff Joe. That’s what these losers need to hear, loud and clear!

  7. e.nonymous says:

    I do not live in Maricopa County & yet I am most concerned about what is happeing with Sheriff Joe. I think that all of AZ is most grateful for all that he has done for this state. If it were not for Sheriff Joe, this state would be over-run by illegals. Personally, I feel that it’s time for Randy Parraz to leave. He came in from CA & can very well return there!! We do not need that kind of person any where in AZ.

  8. Diane Kennelly says:

    I’ve lived in Arizona my whole life… 3 decades ago, I worked at Maricopa Medical Center and saw how many illegal residents were walking across the border to have their babies so the baby would be a US Citizen and give them an excuse to LIVE here permanently… now those kids are grown up with a free high school education and demanding in-state college tuition at ASU!!!!
    I remember when Maricopa Medical Center started printing EVERY SINGLE DOCUMENT that they used in Spanish, too! The cost was unbelievable!!!
    My mother worked in the billing department and told me about the illegal residents going to the Emergency Room (and using it as their doctor’s office) to get treatment for anything and everything, and because they had no money, Maricopa would write off thousands and thousands of dollars as a ‘loss’ because they knew they’d never get their money back.
    NOW…. 30 years later, I see all of the WASTED money, MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, going out in medical care, food stamps, housing, WIC programs, free K-12 education, while they keep walking across the border by the thousands every year!
    My two sons have both had their identification and social security numbers used by an illegal resident of the United States and it took FOREVER to get it all cleared up. I’ve been on Central and 7th Street around Baseline Road where they’ve got ALL KINDS OF “PLACES OF BUSINESS” that help these people get fake driver’s licenses, identification of all kinds, birth certificates and social security cards!
    I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!!! AMERICA CANNOT AFFORD to be generous or nice or tolerant any more! We can’t afford to do a LOT of things right now, but especially to people that are breaking our laws every single day they stay here!
    I salute Sheriff Joe and have been to MANY of the protests in support of SB1070!