GOP Sen. Driggs consorts with Dems — again

Yesterday the state Senate Judiciary Committee passed Senate Bill 1449. The bill would require recall elections to include a partisan primary. In the event of a runoff, all voters could participate, similar to regular partisan elections. It also allows for party designations on the recall ballot.

Prime sponsors of the bill are Steve Smith (LD-23), Sylvia Allen (LD-5), Judy Burges (LD-4), Lori Klein (LD-6) and Andy Biggs (LD-22). Co-sponsors are Ron Gould (LD-3), Rick Murphy (LD-9), and Don Shooter (LD-24) — Republicans all.

Sen. Steve Smith, described the bill as not just one to help Republicans but one that would benefit any party facing a recall. “It’s just to revert back to the primary system as it would in any other election we have in the state.”

Democrats, reveling in the East Valley Legislative District 18 recall of Sen. President Russell Pearce, are opposed to the measure — as is Sen. Adam Driggs (R-LD11), who joined them in voting against the bill. “We’re all looking at District 18. I struggle to change laws based on one example,” Driggs said. “I don’t understand the need.”

No doubt about that.

Driggs, who advertises himself as a Spanish speaking immigration lawyer, was among the Republican state senators who previously took a hike on Sen. Pearce’s bills dealing with the flood of costly foreign nationals illegally invading Arizona.  This state is also the major portal used by illegals to fan out throughout the U.S. in violation of national sovereignty while thumbing their noses at our rule of law.  At the time, Democrats voted in unison against all five bills. Republicans, such as Adam Driggs, who ran as conservatives, misrepresented their positions to their constituents.


11 Responses to GOP Sen. Driggs consorts with Dems — again

  1. Facts Speak Volumes says:

    Adam Driggs is not using his and his brother’s law practice to assist actual immigrants who come through the process legally from a wide variety of countries. They specifically advertise that they speak Spanish for a reason. They provide legal advice to those caught up in a web of their own deception, who have entered the United States by violating our laws and paying “coyotes” for transport. No wonder Driggs “doesn’t understand the need,” for a fix. This is his bread and butter!!

  2. American Patriot says:

    Driggs was too busy stabbing Sen. Russell Pearce in the back during the recall to want to correct the illogical scheme that allowed the preposterous to occur in Legislative District 18 by letting Democrats and others vote in what was generally regarded as a Republican internal election. Driggs’ fingerprints are all over the Democrat sanctioned recall. Adam Driggs is one of the few friends Jerry Lewis has in the legislature. Conservatives view this arrogant tool of the left as a pariah.

    • Brian says:

      Speaking of internal elections, there is a movement afoot to introduce legislation that would amend Arizona’s constitution and allow open primary elections for state office. This would eliminate party specific primaries. In essence, candidates would run for a particular office in an open primary and the two receiving the most votes would face off in a general election.

      Republicans and Democrats would no longer elect a candidate from their respective ranks to be their champion. I personally think the present system serves the people better because it allows members of the political parties to evaluate their candidates and to determine by majority vote which candidate best represents the ideology of their party.

      The Democrats are busy promoting this idea among municipal employees across the valley. In fact, I believe there is going to be a presentation next week to Phoenix City employees in an effort to garner support. If you want to stop this effort to change our state constitution, I strongly urge you to contact your elected representatives and let them know you oppose this concept.

  3. Brandy Baron says:

    If only I had known this last night when the clown came to our PC meeting late giving some long drivel about being busy at the legislature. I would have loved to have brought this up to the illegal alien sympathizing RINO!

    • Teller Of Truth says:

      Bummer! That would have been a great opportunity to hold his shuffling feet to the fire in front of an audience. Next best? Give Driggs a call (602) 926-3016 (work#). No doubt he’d love to chat with you. Be sure to mention you’re a constituent, or he won’t get on the line.

  4. Vince says:

    Adam Driggs can’t help himself. He comes from the Western Savings Driggs family that conned and scammed a whole lot of good people when the Savings and Loan failure came down the pike. The Driggs’ remained unscathed, but the investors took unsustainable hits, many losing everything they had.

  5. Justin says:

    Isn’t he term-limited yet? This dude should run as a Democrat !! He’d be right at home.
    Adiós, amigo!!

  6. Persible says:

    Parties don’t get recalled, individuals do. I think this is a bad bill. A recall is a recall, and if you need to get the individual out and leave the seat vacant while the parties do their thing, isn’t that another choice? Bundgaard’s seat was vacant, and Sinema’s, and they were filled in a completely different way, without any election at all.

    • rj says:

      Actually individuals in our system are elected through a two-step Party system – a Party primary and a general. If they are recalled the regular system should be implemented – a Party primary and a general.

      The Lewis thing was a total travesty foisted on the public by Parraz, the Democrat Party and the illegal immigrant loving RINOs led by the Flake/Stapley/Crandall/Driggs forces.

      If Lewis had run in a Republican Primary he would have been toast and if he had run in a General as the Democrat Candidate, he would have been toast. This bill simply requires individuals to choose which party they would like to represent.

  7. Suzanne says:

    His LD should recall him, or at least get a real conservative to run against him.

  8. Dennis O'Brien says:

    I’d like to know the percentage of illegal aliens v. legitimate immigrants Driggs Law represents. Why would legal immigrants following the lawful process need a lawyer who specializes in immigration law?