Daily’s promotion of political sham revs up

 Be aware, be wary, don’t be conned again

Liberal songbird Linda Valdez is back on her leftist perch today trilling for open primaries.  After all, the deceptive practice worked so well in the recall of her nemesis  former Senate President Russell Pearce, author of SB 1070.

Valdez has been on this toot previously, revealing her true motives by declaring open primaries “give candidates a better chance of surviving primary elections,” where the “party faithful favor more extreme candidates.”

Here’s a short lesson, Linda.  Primary elections are where citizen voters who align with the principles of the Republican or Democrat parties –- based upon shared values articulated in their individual Platforms — select the candidates they desire to go forward to the General Election and challenge the candidate of the opposing party. We can all be as “independent” as we desire, casting ballots in the General.

But allowing for open primaries neuters the elective process, which is exactly what the Periódico de la República de Arizona (Arizona Republic) desires.  Last summer, it was Valdez’s cohort Mary Jo Pitzl who was waxing eloquent on the subject, promoting a radical left-of-center group seeking to counter what she referred to as “partisan extremists.”  Their goal? Replacing traditional primaries with a single-primary system open to all voters, allowing for the top two vote-getters, regardless of party affiliation, to advance to the general election.  In the perfect world of Valdez and Pitzl, both would, of course,  be Democrats.

The usual suspects are among those who have endorsed this ruthless charade.  The coalition is directed by former Phoenix Mayor Paul Johnson, a life-long Democrat now cloaked as an Independent; Paulina Morris, a losing 2010 GOP candidate for Congress, who leans left; Carolyn Allen, a former Republican state senator who often voted with Democrats and Joe Yuhas one of the state top Democrat strategists.  Former Pinnacle West (parent company of AZ Public Service) Chairman Bill Post, earning more than $5 million in retirement compensation, has plenty of time and resources for such erratic dabbling.

Watch for the blitz.  We’ve been getting this extremist pablum spoon fed by the República’s two resident liberal mamas as they prime us for the coming barrage.  Count on a media onslaught with high dollar campaigns, no doubt proffering a saleable name that has been vetted by focus groups.  That’s how we ended up with monstrosities such as the “Citizens Clean Elections Committee” (nothing clean there),  “Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission” (Only the gullible regard this as “independent”), Judicial “Merit Selection” (Merit often takes a back seat to other considerations), or a group such as “Planned Parenthood.”  (Nowhere does the largest abortion provider admit that its brand of family planning involves killing off a few of the kids).  Such names are carefully selected to appeal to busy citizens/voters who buy into the deceptive titles.

Be on the alert. In her post today,Valdez tells us, open primaries are “a much better idea.”

5 Responses to Daily’s promotion of political sham revs up

  1. Linda Bentley says:

    Ah yes, open primaries where Democrats would be allowed to chime in to pick the Republican they wish to run against in the General. It’s interesting that Republicans don’t play dirty like that, but if they did, they’d never hear the end of it from the Arizona Repugnant.

  2. Stanford says:

    This is liberal deception at it’s most egregious level. They want to gut the two party system, but especially eviscerate the Republicans.

    When Republicans took over the House in Washington DC, there must have been a suicide alert in the Republic’s newsroom.

  3. Seen It All says:

    APS’s former chief, Bill Post has given campaign donations to Republicans, but sprinkled in the mix were substantial contributions to Liberal Democrats Harry Mitchell, Ann Kirkpatrick and Ed Pastor, here in AZ. Nationally, he’s also written sizable checks to Democrats. If you actually hold convictions about the way this country should be run, how you can so casually toss your support to those whose goal is to undermine those principles you supposedly hold dear, is beyond me.

    Honcho Democrat Paul Johnson has magically transformed himself into an Independent to fool the folks. This entire scheme is a flimflam, but it will become a well funded campaign. The Seeing Red AZ post is right about that.

  4. Braveheart says:

    Post’s wife Mary Kay has also given to Harry Mitchell. None of these people assocated with this political scam are dedicated Republicans and surely not conservatives!!!!!

  5. Clark says:

    Democrats aren’t the only ones putting up bills in an effort to give the least likely candidate to win a primary (aka Lewis) a chance. HB 2569. “Approval Voting” which will allow the top 2 vote getters in each primary to advance to the general.


    What a surprise to see that it is the Lewis cronies (including his son in law) who are the ones who showed up to support the bill. As if the recall election with 2 Republicans running against each other wasn’t vicious enough.