Jesse Kelly holds commanding lead in CD 8 primary

Jesse Kelly, the conservative candidate in CD 8’s special election has caught the eye of the insiders at POLITICO.

They report that in a Wenzel Strategies survey, paid for by Citizens United Political Victory Fund, Kelly has surged ahead of his nearest GOP primary challenger by close to 25 percentage points.

The poll, taken Wednesday and Thursday of this week, puts Kelly at 43 percent to state Sen. Frank Antenori’s 18 percent and sports commentator Dave Sitton’s 10 percent. Twenty percent are currently undecided.

Citizens United is the group that was victorious in the landmark U.S. Supreme Court 5-to-4 decision Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, which eased restrictions imposed on free Speech by the McCain-Feingold Act.

Check out Jesse Kelly’s positions on the issues of importance to Arizona’s citizens.

6 Responses to Jesse Kelly holds commanding lead in CD 8 primary

  1. TeaPartyPatriot says:

    The REAL issue will be – can Kelly, this time, do better than the dreadfully BAD, BAD, BAD, INCOMPETENT and AMATEURISH campaign we ran against the pelosi puppet ? (It would be near impossible to do worse; I hope he learned a few things so he does better this time. He should start with a competent campaign manager.)

    • Pima Pal says:

      Sorry, but we come from two distinctly different perspectives on this, TPP. Jesse Kelly came within spitting distance of incumbent Giffords. He ran a fine issues oriented campaign and did a great job fundraising. The facts are he is a decent and patriotic family man with roots set deep in the community, running a straightforward campaign based on facts and a conservative stance. That’s not a hard sell to me.

      • Not Fooled says:

        Pima Pal:
        I wouldn’t waste my breathe. Kelly was/is very impressive. The negatives are coming from those who have an ax to grind, as in supporting another candidate but not wanting to reveal that tidbit. I met and spoke with Jesse Kelly twice during the previous campaign. He was courteous and took time to listen to my concerns without looking over my shoulder to see who else (more important?) was coming up. He gave me thoughtful responses to my questions. I was completely sold on the guy. The only problem I had was being left with a kink in my neck from having to look up to him. He’s one tall guy!

    • Dennis O'Brien says:

      What are you smoking, friend? In 2010 Gabrielle Giffords, the incumbent, nearly lost that race to political novice Jesse Kelly. She won by the slimmest of margins 1.5% !! In anyone’s book, that was a nail biter and Kelly should be commended for the exemplary race he ran. I wish I could have voted in that race. It was invigorating to see a young conservative do so well. I sent him a campaign contribution then and intend to do so again.

      Here are the actual numbers:

  2. Tea Party PC says:

    Sen. Antenori makes a lot of claim to being the conservative in the race. But, anyone who has followed Antenori’s legislative record knows how undependable he is. Let’s refer to Jesse Kelly as the “dependable conservative.”

    Go Jesse!

  3. Realist says:

    Hallelujah !