Bombshell! Bye-bye Babeu?

Sheriff Paul Babeu’s lawyer threatened to deport his gay, Mexican, former lover

The Phoenix New Times has a stunner of a report on Pinal County Sheriff and Congressional candidate Paul Babeu. The four-page exposé complete with astonishing photos, might just bring an end to the political aspirations of the man who jumped to John McCain’s aid during his worrisome 2010 Senate race. Babeu, it will be remembered, provided border hawk cover to the amnesty-prone McCain as the duo trekked along the border and Babeu declared, “ Senator you’re one of us.”

After this report, McCain may well be hoping those words are faded from memory.

Last night, the Arizona Republic put four reporters on the racy New Times article which it runs today with the banner front-page headline: Article‘s claim: Babeu threatened alleged boyfriend. The newspaper also provides a video link to a Channel 12 report showing Babeu scurrying away from reporters.

Previously, the daily newspaper filed this report in which it sought public records verification of Babeu’s inflated claims from the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office, DHS and other federal agencies.

There have been other reports questioning Babeu’s seemingly meteoritic rise from the headmaster of a Massachusetts“therapeutic” school for troubled youth to a ubiquitous shaven headed lawman. The controversial DeSisto School was as problematic as its students, with allegations of abuse, fraud, falsified credentials and financial woes. After the death of owner and unlicensed therapist Michael DeSisto in 2003, the school closed, the records apparently vanished and the rest is history.

The Arizona Daily Star ran this and this. In this video Babeu is interviewed by FOX News’ John Hook where he speaks about years of sexual abuse by a priest when he was a young boy.

The shocking New Times article can be read here. We recommend it on an empty stomach.  This is the self portrait Babue sent to a gay men’s site called men4men.

Here’s Babeu with Jose Orozco — in happier times.


24 Responses to Bombshell! Bye-bye Babeu?

  1. Kent says:

    Those are quite some pictures in the New Times link!! Babeu will have a hard time explaining them. Also did you know there is a chat room of former DeSisto school students. Many of them write about sexual abuse and fear while residing at the boarding school at which Babeu was the headmaster. It sounds like a reign of terror.

  2. State Committeeman says:

    There must be rejoicing in the Ron Gould and Paul Gosar camps today. Babeu is toast.

  3. Matt DeGennaro says:

    I just watched the John Hook interview with Babeu, interestingly timed in advance of his congressional announcement, where he tells about years of sexual abuse by a priest beginning when he was 11 years old. That contact with a “frocked” pedophile no doubt altered his sexuality, but its clear to me that Babeu anticipated his “lifestyle” could come out and he gave this interview in an attempt to inoculate himself in advance by blaming his homosexuality on the priest. The church has long been a haven for such abusers. Where were Babeu’s parents in looking out for their son?

  4. garvan says:

    At the rate our culture is going into the toilet, it won’t be long before an exposé like this will actually HELP a guy like Babeu get elected.

    • Red Baron says:

      I have the answer, garvan.All Babeu has to do after it came out that he had a gay romance with an illegal alien, is change his party affiliation to Democrat. He’d win in a heartbeat. This story has got it all….international intrigue, intimidation, lawyers, an illegal Mexican, love gone wrong and fudge packing.

      • garvan says:

        And now he’s blaming it all on his alleged abuse at the hands of a renegade priest.

        If so, he’s not helping the sodomite cause, because homosexuals say they’re born that way.

        If that’s true, he can’t blame it on the priest.

    • Orion says:

      Sodomy is the proper word to describe the actions. There is nothing “gay” about this choice. Babeu is a Sodomite. Check out what scripture says about such activities. It doesn’t call them “personal’ nor are they given a pass as “not impacting job performance.” Babeu has shown himself to be a liar and a hypocrite. Either Congressman Paul Gosar or state Sen. Ron Gould will be far better representatives of the people than this creep, who takes and posts shirtless pictures of himself in his underwear.

  5. Robert says:

    For all its faults, the New Times is the only paper doing investigative journalism in the state. Once again, the Republic is playing catch-up. There are so many aspects to this scandal, it’s hard to keep count. Babeu won’t win CD4–no chance.

    1. Abuse of power. Babeu and his campaign aide/laywer threatened to deport the illegal ex-lover unless he signed a confidentiality agreement.

    2. Law-and-order hypocrisy. #1 shows Babeu isn’t about enforcing the law and undercuts Babeu’s law-and-order narrative.

    3. Using illegal labor. Babeu the border hawk had an illegal immigrant working on his campaign. In fact, the illegal immigrant was handling the IT operation (why else would have have all the account passwords?).

    4. Cheater. Babeu was brazenly cheating on his boyfriend. If the sheriff hadn’t done so, I bet we wouldn’t even know about this story, because Babeu never would have had to try intimidating a scorned lover.

    5. Total lack of judgment. What the Republic euphemistically calls “other revealing photos” are Babeu’s self-posted pictures of himself naked with an erection, according to the New Times. We have recent examples of Democrat and Republican Congressmen resigning for posting less graphic photos. I just read a story last week of a football coach who resigned for posting a naked picture of himself.

    6. Votes for favors? One of two Democrats in the state House who broke ranks to support Babeu later had a sleepover with Babeu.

    7. Misuse of government resources. Babeu was conducting his personal life (sexually graphic texts) on his work cell phone. Who would find that acceptable?

    Any reasonable person who reads the press can see that Babeu is an extreme egomaniac who can’t control himself. This whole scandal just feeds that narrative. We can all agree we have too many such people in Congress.

    The Babeu campaign’s argument that this is all about his personal life comes off as cheap campaign spin and won’t work.

    • East Valley PC says:

      Good points, all, Robert. Thanks for taking the time to enumerate them so succinctly.

      Babeu’s stunning lack of judgement displays his arrogance on a shiny silver platter. He’ll never get my vote again.

      • Army Of One says:

        Exactly. His judgment has been called in question in ways that are irreparable. Honey Babe-U needs to go back to Massachusetts.

    • Jim Williams says:

      Get a clue, the New Times makes its living off of sexual ads. Most of their paper is advertising any kind of deviant behaviour you might want to try. If I were someone advertising in this piece of garbage I would make sure that I don’t make someone at the NT mad or they might come after me next.

    • garvan says:

      Two additional thoughts: Babeu is nominally a conservative Republican.

      I wonder whether his sexual scandal would have attracted any media attention had he been a liberal Democrat?

      Second, it’s a reality that a certain number of homosexuals are politically conservative. Many are quite wealthy.

      Therefore, it might be useful to count the costs of drumming them out of “our side” of the political spectrum.

      • Zach says:

        I don’t think it particularly matters if conservatives are homosexuals or not. Babeu’s downfall wasn’t the fact that he was a homosexual, it was the fact that he was a hypocrite and a liar and has no judgement. There are plenty of heterosexual examples, with varying degrees of severity. Gingrich and Clinton both come to mind.

      • Nordine Crub says:

        Trust me it would be all over fox News, Rush and Snoran Alliance if he was s liberal.

      • Joe Evans says:

        This subject is getting wide exposure on FOX News and here on this conservative site, which has written about Babeu for quite some time. SRAZ was where I first got a whiff of the duplicitous Babeu. He has calculatingly positioned himself wherever he thought he could benefit, even appearing on a white supremest out of state radio show. And his endorsement of Juan McAmnesty when he (Babeu) contended he was primarily concerned about the border, exposed his self serving duplicity all the more.

  6. Rambling Rose says:

    Babeu seems to think he can finesse this. He can’t. It’s huge on too many levels. First and foremost, he’s a liar…and an arrogant one at that. Calling this “personal” doesn’t wash. He put himself out there and will reap the consequences of his enormous ego.

  7. Doc says:

    Quoting Sheriff Babeu: “Senator, you’re one of US now…”

    …..uuuhhhh…WHAT’S ‘US’?

  8. Sgt. Flapjaw says:

    He should go back to Massachusetts because Barney Frank will also have plenty of time on his hands too.

  9. Blackbeard says:

    Question: How does one go from attending a trade school as mentioned in the Fox interview to getting a Master’s Degree while teaching, sheriffing, serving in the military and heading a police union in Chandler ? Homosexuality aside, this guy appeas to be a major phoney.

  10. Overtaxed1 says:

    Isn’t it interesting that the entire area Baboon is the Sheriff of has
    a huge amount of illegals that cross his territory and they are totally out of his control. He is a looser in more ways then anyone can count.

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