Paul Babeu saga: When lawyers replace romance

Letters exchanged between lawyers for Paul Babeu and his Mexican ex-lover

As everyone knows by now, the allegations are that Pinal County Sheriff and Congressional District 4 aspirant Paul Babeu threatened his Mexican national ex-boyfriend with deportation if “Jose” disclosed information regarding their romance and Babeu’s homosexuality.

Although Babeu has now publicly acknowledged he is “gay,” he denies threats were made and is determined to move forward with his congressional campaign.

Christopher DeRose, Paul Babeu’s attorney, who is also his campaign manager, sent this cease-and-desist letter to Babeu’s ex-lover “Jose” September 6, 2011.  (It is now known that his full name is Jose Orozco.)

This is the letter* sent by immigration attorney Melissa Weiss-Riner, representing “Jose,” in response to the cease-and-desist letter.

In the ongoing “He said/He said” saga, the following statements stand out as highlights:

Paul Babeu: “What I do in my private and personal life is my business.”

Melissa Weiss-Riner: “It is not about his sexuality it is about the fear and intimidation my client felt.”

Seeing Red AZ has previously covered this intrigue-laced imbroglio here and here.

These compromising photos are reminiscent of recent sex scandals that ended the careers of Congressmen Anthony Weiner and Chris Lee.

*H/T AZ Daily Star

17 Responses to Paul Babeu saga: When lawyers replace romance

  1. Maggie says:

    Paul Babeu has shown himself to act recklessly and exhibit extemely poor judgement. He needs to get out of the congressional race and allow someone with common sense to move forward. Besides issuing threats to his illegal Mexican former lover, his guy was actually posting his photo on a gay dating web site!! We need someone who thinks more clearly than this representing a conservative district in Arizona.

  2. Tony Ford says:

    I am really sick of this stuff. It’s not enough that I not only have to hear about Babeu’s sexual proclivity, but I have to see pictures of it, too, and know that he did it with an illegal alien. Does it make me a “homophobe” if I just don’t give a rip what the guy does in the sack as long as I don’t have to hear about it? I promise that no one here will have to hear about MY sexual exploits. Really.

    What does it say about someone who apparently feels no value about themselves as a human other than in what they do for sex? Isn’t there even ONE public official who doesn’t lend themselves to scandal and innuendo these days, or am I just naive and an old fuddy-duddy>

    Hit the road, Babeu. I’ll never think of you as a sheriff again — every time your name is mentioned now, I’ll think of you as a shirtless, tattooed homosexual who does it with illegals.

  3. Army Of One says:

    Babeu’s hypocrisy is what I find utterly amazing. He portrays himself as the great border hawk, while cavorting under the sheets with an illegal. What a joke! Now he’s stubbornly digging in his heels and asserting that he’s staying in the congressional race? He’s an egocentric farce.

  4. Jack Chan says:

    This was an open secret about Babeu, everyone in town knew, but only Democrats get the privilege of staying in the closet (Napalitano was NEVER outed even though she had a partner)

    I will agree though that this is reckless behavior and I want nothing to do with it. Babeu should have been upfront about his sexuality.

    • MacBeth says:

      True, Jack. Even more to the point, Babeu and his good buddy Juan McCain speak out of both sides of their mouths on amnesty for illegals — as Babeu beds one!!

  5. Chuck says:

    I have an idea for his CD 4 campaign slogan:
    “Babeu = Family values. Maybe not your family’s…but what the heck.”

  6. Francis says:

    Babeu has been threatening people over this, and intermingling the personal and the political, so long that he really can’t see anything noteworthy about it. Even now, he’s continuing to lie and continuing use campaign donors’ money to manage the fallout of his sexual life. Other shoes remain to drop.

    This is more testimony to McCain’s arrogant failure to vet the guy who saved his bacon in 2010.

  7. Ellsworth says:

    This risky and uncontrolled behavior predated Babeu’s election as Pima County Sheriff. I read that Jose said he met Babeu through the gay dating website in 2006, before he became sheriff. Babeu was a Chandler police officer at the time. I wonder if all of this was out at the time whether he ever would have run, let alone have had a prayer of a chance of being elected in a strong faith based and family values centered county.

  8. Seen It All says:

    When Paul Babeu said he was getting death threats from Mexico, who knew they might have been from his jilted ex-squeeze?

    This guy ls a proficient liar. He’scontinually said he’s a border sheriff, but never mentions that Pinal County doesn’t touch the border.Listen to his gaggable con, bought hook lie and sinker from the FOX news reporter:

  9. Chandler GOP says:

    John McCain is returning the border walk favor, asking that his “friend” Babeu be given the “benefit of innocence.” Of course, everyone is McCain’s “friend.”

    Here he was yesterday on ABC’s This Week:

  10. Luke says:

    Romance? This is no romance. This is sodomy, which is strongly and repeatedly condemned in the Bible. Has political correctness taken over at the conservative Seeing Red AZ? I hope not!

    • Brian says:

      Luke I’m with you brother! This guy is nothing more than a sexual deviant and not someone I want representing me and my family in Congress. On my way home from work this evening Mike Broomhead of KFYI had him on his show and I was appalled at how accepting Broomhead was of Babeu’s behavior. He even called Babeu a stand-up kind of guy and invited him back to be a guest on his show in the future. Too say the least, I’m done listening to KFYI.

      I’m sick and tired of others trying to convince me and the rest of society that homosexuality is not a perversion. Read the article in “The New Times” and the explicit emails and pictures they cite. 20 years ago this guy would have been toast. But in our anything goes society this pervert is actually being applauded in some corners by those who call themselves “conservatives.”

      Like McCain said, “character matters.” If Babeu had any, he would gracefully resign his position, apologize to those who supported him and ride off into the sunset and start a new life.

      But being the narcissist that he is, he will embarrass the conservative movement and claim,”he is one of us.”

      • Vince says:

        Broomhead has been a steadfast McCain supporter as has Barry Young and the rest of the local KFYI crew. McCain has come out in support of “my friend” Paul Babeu, so Broomhead is onboard as well. I’m glad I didn’t hear the sickening interview you describe.

        Watch this and have a laugh! We need one.

  11. East Valley Voter says:

    Paul Babeu is lacking in character, has no repsect for the office he holds or the people he represents and is a hedonist to boot. Babeu can rectify the situation by calling an end to this sordid tale and resigning his current office and ending his campaign for congress. I am thoroughly sick of him and disgusted by his base actions. His attempt to play it all down by saying it’s “personal” makes it even worse. When you seek public office and the trust of the electorate, you are expected to conduct yourself accordingly. Looking at those pictures of him makes me sick to my stomach.

  12. StandingTall says:

    Babeu and his campaign manager Chris DeRose could not have botched this situation up worse than they did with the rambling press conference and his insistence that what he does in his private time should remain private. He’s an elected Sheriff now running for Congress!! What if he was using illicit drugs or robbing convenience stores on his off time? This guy is a jerk and so is his campaign advisor/lawyer. DeRose should stick to one job or the other. He is either a lousy lawyer or a piss poor campaign manager. Why be both?

    Babeu continues to dig in his heels and keep his campaign going. He will find the money and support will dwindle as it should. The classy thing would be to extract himself rather than being further embarrassed by this sorid mess.

  13. Chickaboom says:

    Baboon’s got some set of tribal tats on his mighty biceps. No wonder he was a hit on the Men4Men sex site. José must have been in heaven having those wrapped around his puny bod. Whoo Hoo.

  14. Another LD11 PC says:

    Chris DeRose, the RINO’s RINO, the McCainiac’s McCainiac, political assassin for hire. Funny thing is, Chris, karma still exists. Way to go.

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