Making the case for Romney

“Most conservative candidate we’ve run for president since Reagan”

Reliably conservative political pundit Ann Coulter asks,”What’s their problem with Romney?”

Read her cogent column here.

Then pay Mitt Romney a visit.


Today’s newly released Rasmussen Report survey shows Mitt Romney has widened his lead —  42% to 29% — over leading challenger Rick Santorum in the Arizona Republican Primary race, with the vote just four days away.

The survey finds Romney up three points and Santorum down two from last week when it was a 39% to 31% race.

A poll of likely Republican primary voters in Michigan shows Romney with 40% of the vote and Rick Santorum trailing with 34%.

Both polls were conducted on Thursday night, following the last scheduled debate among the GOP candidates.

The AZ GOP debate video can be viewed in its entirety here.

25 Responses to Making the case for Romney

  1. MacBeth says:

    Santorum effectively killed himself off during the Arizona debate by excusing his outrageous behavior on supporting Arlen Specter and monumental deceit in voting as “team player.” When you’re aligning with wrong decisions of a faulty team, you deserve to lose.

  2. Anthony Ford says:

    While I would vote for a potted plant over Obama in the general election, it seems to me that Ann Coulter is on video somewhere (in her “I love Chris Christie” days) saying that if Romney was the nominee Obama would win.

    I don’t hate Coulter — in fact I ran her message boards for her for over half a decade, but that’s another story. But I think she’s gone around the bend here. Again, while I will vote for Romney if he is shoved down our throats as the GOP candidate, I think it’s time to put Coulter out to pasture. I sure wouldn’t bank on her opinion to choose the presidential candidate in any case. Personally, as in real life, I think she’s a jerk; again, as a pundit she has no consistency in this case.

    I didn’t think ANY of the candidates were all that great in the debate, but if I had to pick the winner, it would have been Gingrich. Santorum let Romney get to him, which he shouldn’t have. Romney was intentionally being a jerk — he’d accuse Santorum of something, and when Santorum tried to respond, he’d interrupt him constantly in mid-sentence. If it were me, I would have grabbed Romney by the throat after about five minutes of that, which explains why I would never make it as president.

    Unless ALL Republicans get behind the candidate chosen, Obama will win again. That means when Paul is NOT the candidate, I don’t want to hear about how people wrote him in to “vote for their conscience.” I don’t want to hear about how they stayed home and didn’t vote. Both types of people are why we got Obama. If you do it again, America’s future will be on your conscience. But for God’s sake don’t pick a candidate based on what Ann Coulter says. She has LOST it.

    • Arizona Conservative Gal says:

      Romney was intentionally being a jerk? Come on now. Romney was defining the differences between them. If he interrupted Santorum, it was a tactic he learned from Santorum himself, who in my estimation is the real jerk. He allowed George Stephanopoulos to wrongly define the issue of ObamaCare’s insurance covered abortion inducing drugs as birth control. Then Santorum ran with that like some kind of morality dictator, disregarding the fact that married couples of all religions overwhelmingly use contraceptives. (Which is, by the way, none of his business, as Ron Paul correctly pointed out when he said this issue was nowhere in the Constitution.)

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      Anthony, You say “Romney was intentionally being a jerk — he’d accuse Santorum of something, and when Santorum tried to respond, he’d interrupt him constantly in mid-sentence. If it were me, I would have grabbed Romney by the throat after about five minutes of that, which explains why I would never make it as president.”
      After watching this video clip of Santorum’s long time propensity for interruption, I’d say not only should YOU never run for president, you should never be believed when you desperately try to make a point and have no substantiation. Any apology for trying to disseminate erroneous information, fella?

      • Anthony Ford says:

        Oh, crap. Santorum would say something, and Romney would go “But this, but that, but you said, blah blah” That’s neat that you watched it. So did I.

      • Anthony Ford says:

        By the way, I watched the WHOLE debate. Not just this clip. Don’t blame me if you got all of your information from the Cliff Notes version, FS.

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      What an absurd and baseless comment. Disparagement is the refuge of fools. I not only watched the entire Arizona debate, but each and every televised debate to date. This election matters greatly to me and my family. You assume a lot stating I got all of my information from the Cliff Notes version. You don’t know me and with the ignorance you exhibit, I don’t want to know you.

    • LD18 PC says:

      “Romney would go…..”
      Go where? Don’t you more correctly mean to say Romney would “say?”

      Anthony, sorry, but you sound like some of the friends of my 15-year old daughter.

      • Anthony Ford says:

        You’re not sorry at all. Don’t you mean “some of my fifteen-year-old daughter’s friends”? Watch out for those pebbles in glass houses, grammar expert.

      • Anthony Ford says:

        Nice ad hominem attacks, by the way, to all concerned.

  3. TeaPartyPatriot says:

    Like a mindless celebrity groupie, coulter flits from one RINO repub to another proclaiming that “this one is our savior and nobody else could possibly win”. First christy (PRO-AMNESTY FOR ILLEGALS, PRO-ABORTION, PRO-MAN-MADE GLOBULL WARMING HOAX, PRO-GUN-CONTROL, DOESN’T WORRY ABOUT SHARIA LAW….) then the equally BAD romney(care). coulter is now TOTALLY, COMPLETELY irrelevant to conservatism. She should go back to dating leftist sewer-rat bill maher – they deserve each other.

    ann coulter, trump, AMNESTY-JOHN mccain, scott brown, lisa murCOWski, AMNESTY-JOHN mini-me jeff flake, christy, most of the BIG GOVERNMENT Ruling-Class Establishment Repub hacks in congress….all that manure surrounding romney(care) does help hide his RINO stink.
    …but then he speaks and everyone hears what a RINO general election loser-to-be he certainly is. He’ll go down in flames just like all those other establishment-backed RINO LOSERS: mccain, dole, george h.w. bush, ford….

    • Joe Evans says:

      You have your facts wrong concerning Coulter and Maher. Skewing facts to make your point, makes them pointless.

      This is from the actual transcript of a Larry King interview with Bill Maher. Here Mill Maher says they are friends but have never dated.

      KING: Bill Maher is the guest. That’s from “Real Time with Bill Maher.” We’ll go right back to the (UNINTELLIGIBLE). I was talking to him during the break, because in addition to Governor Dean, and others, Ann Coulter is going to be with Monday night. You said you like Ann Coulter, she writes a book called “Treason.”

      MAHER: People ask me about Ann Coulter constantly and cannot understand how two people who don’t agree on everything can be friends. I remind you, James Carville and Mary Matalin are married and have children together.

      KING: Why do you like her?

      MAHER: We are kindred spirits in certain ways. One, there are very few people I think, out there speaking out who are not afraid to get booed and we share that. Another one who I would put in that category is Chris Rock. Chris Rock will say things to a black audience that they will boo, but I’ve never heard anybody else say it like that. And Ann Coulter does the same thing.

      She is not afraid to say something that will make people boo, and we need more of that. People are such panderers. They’re such babies about that. They want to reinforce people’s prejudices. I certainly don’t agree with everything she is, but I admire that. And the older you get, at least for me, the more I adore the quality of acceptance in people. And Ann and I understand that about each other. We have a great time, we’re not dating. People want to always put the sex factor in everything. No, it’s not about that. It’s about acceptance. It’s about OK, I don’t agree with everything you say, you don’t agree with everything I believe, but we accept each other. Isn’t that what (UNINTELLIGIBLE) about?

  4. TeaPartyPatriot says:

    The Periódico de la República de Arizona –better known as the “Arizona Repugnant” – has endorsed RINO romney(care), which PROVES that he is as close to being a d-cRAT socialist as anyone falsely calling themselves a “republican” can get.

    • Jason says:

      I would have rathered they endorse Gingrich who won’t win anyway, but it is what it is. I’m still supporting Romney and I’m a strong conservative. Romney is the only one who I believe has a chance to win against Obama. He has the necessary business background to turn this economy around and has moral clarity without Santorum’s sanctimonious baggage and his outright lies which were revealed the other night during the debate.

  5. Doc says:

    Well gang, Mr. Romney makes me wanna’ throw-up. AND mr. mccain endorses him…ehh-hem…after endorsing o-bow-mao @ th’ “endorsement announcement” for th’ gubmint controlled media. THAT’S a deal breaker for me on almost ANY Candidate/issue. Th’ guy’s a R.I.N.O., & a flip-flopper. Author of obamacare, via romneycare, & he’s suspicious on 2nd Amendment issues.

    That sed, if Mr. Romney’s th’ Republican nominee, I’ll shout his name in th’ GOD BLESSED STREETS!!!

    • American Dad says:

      You and I usually agree. Here we part company. I am banking this country’s future and that of my own children on Mitt Romney winning the GOP primary and then beating the America-hating Obama. Mitt Romney is entrenched in the US Constitution and will defend it and this blessed nation.

      • Doc says:

        We usually Do agree, A.D., so what do you know about Mr. Romney that I don’t? Seriously, enlighten me/us, man! ‘Cuz my 2A info I got from Gun Owners of America AND th’ NRA, & romneycare info I got from Docs I work with…who state that Mass. healthcare has Docs AND Citizens running for their lives from there…

        All that sed, my horse in this race isn’t IN th’ race anymore, so from a PURELY PERSONAL standpoint, it’s moot to me, ‘cuz I’m not really happy with ANY of the candidates. Of those left, I’ll be “holdin’ my nose” no matter who th’ nominee is…but again, any of these Men is better on their absolute WORST day than o-bow-mao is, was, or ever will be on his absolute best.

        …by th’ way, after our President’s disgusting apology for th’ ACCIDENTAL koran burning in Afghanistan this past week, did anyone read what Sarah Palin sed? She wanted to know where th’ apology was from th’ Afghani’s over OUR DEAD GUYS WAS!!!

  6. Anthony Ford says:

    Agreed, Doc — while I don’t think much of Romney, who has the personality of my computer mouse (although my mother-in-law says he “looks presidential”, which makes me want to scream every time I hear that from people) I would have no choice but to vote for him over Obama. Vote your conscience in the primary. Vote against Obama in the general. We can’t handle another four years of this stuff.

  7. Suzanne says:

    If the RINO Mitt is the nominee I will vote for him, I am so freaking sick of people saying “I will not vote for the lesser of the two evils ever again”, oh ok then give us 4 more years of Obama. I think Mitt is a flip flopping squirming nasty politician but he is not the Marxist Obama.

  8. jackhammer1941 says:

    I went to the debate, I listened and took notes, then I spoke with Senator Russell Pearce, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Governor Jan Brewer and many other State Reps, we all agreed that they should have spent more time on the Constitution and defending the Bill of Rights instead of finding fault with each other. I will vote for Governor Mitt Romney, I STOOD BY THE STAGE AND FELT THE HEART OF THESE MEN, he alone can beat obama. Pray God will bless us with a Republican in the White House.

  9. Jackie J says:

    I’ll be the first to admit Romney is not an ideal candidate, but he really is the only shot the GOP has at making Obama a one term President. The other candidates are complete non-starters that would lose so badly it could also hand Congress over to the Democrats for a generation.

    Santorum’s firebrand crusades against married people who use contraceptives or his labeling of “mainline” Protestants as non-Christians will hand Obama a landslide.

    Newt’s disgusting past will kill him with female voters, no way is a home-wrecking Mistress intern going to be made First Lady.

    Romney is center-right, has promised to repeal ObamaCare, appoint conservative judges, cut taxes and reform entitlements. It’s a no-brainer, vote Romney if you actually want a change in the White House.

  10. LEO IN TSN says:

    I am truly amazed that some many McVoters in AZ are totally willing to hold their noses in the voting booth again on Tuesday by checking off McRomney. It must be Groundhog Day all over again.

    Let’s see—Ann Coulter supports McRomney, this being the same woman who begged Chris Christie to get into the race. This is the same woman who buddies with Bill Maher, and who sells her entertainment wares to the out-of-the-closet gay RINO groups who want to take over the GOP. So she now supports a McCandidate who is pro-gay marriage, pro-gay adoption, pro-gay military, and pro-abortion? Now there’s a surprise!! Yup, she certainly deserves political credibility.

    Don’t forget that McRomney is also pro-socialized medicine (which includes illegals, by the way), pro-big government (to enforce, regulate and accommodate his social programs), and has a large part of his Utah Compact clan living in Mexico. So what can we trust him to do??

    Well, here’s a clue: Juan McAmnesty supports Mitt “ObomneyCare” McRomney. That kinda says it all.

    Rick Santorum is a patriotic constitutional conservative who does NOT want to get into office just to change this country. He wants to preserve and strengthen her as our founders intended. The choice is crystal clear.

    God bless America.

  11. Doc says:

    So here’s THIS:

    Make sure to read th’ comments. America really needs to clean th’ GENE POOL!!!

  12. PJ O'Malley says:

    I hate to be a spoiler here, but the Arizona primary is slated for August. (“…the Arizona Republican Primary race, with the vote just four days away.”)

    The election on 2/28 is merely a presidential preference election, limited to registered Republicans and registered members of the Green Party.
    A primary is where delegates (electors) are selected to represent the state in the nominating convention. Tuesday’s event is a mere fashion show.