Car jack used to breach AZ border fence

 A sobering reminder of our vulnerability

In this shocking video taken along the Arizona border, a group of Mexican drug smugglers use a simple car jack to lift open a portion of the border fence and deliver hundreds of pounds of illegal drugs onto American streets.

With no border patrol agents in the surrounding area, the smugglers were able to make their way into the U.S. completely undetected. So much for the “border being more secure now than it’s ever been,” as Department of Homeland INsecurity chieftain Janet Napolitano persistently boasts.

It is inconceivable that illegal aliens smuggling drugs or terror suspects intent on doing harm to our country are able to use an automotive jack to break open our border fence faster than ICE can set free “non-violent” illegal aliens.

This “fence” would be a joke if not such a serious a threat. Can the fence in your backyard be raised using an automotive jack? The fence surrounding the yard of an average American’s home is more effective than the fence protecting our nation’s southern border from terror suspects and illegal aliens flooding our neighborhoods with illicit drugs.

This U.S. Government Accountability Office report to Congress warns of an “ever-present threat of terrorist infiltration over the Southwest border.”

Chelsea Schilling writing for WND provides a chilling account of the numerous Special-interest countries’ and ‘sponsors of terror’ including Afghanistan, Iran, Egypt, Pakistan, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen, whose nationals make their way into the U.S. through the porous border that remains unsecured under the Obama administration.

14 Responses to Car jack used to breach AZ border fence

  1. garvan says:

    Would that guy be jacking up the fence to smuggle cigarettes into the U.S.? Or Jack Daniels? Or Smirnoff vodka?

    • Army Of One says:

      No. He’s jacking up the fence to hook your kids on drugs and allow illegals free access to our country, which they either want to take over (Reconquisita / Aztlan movements), access our overly generous social benefits and jobs or terrorize.

      Watch this video for an education.

  2. garvan says:

    But tobacco and alcohol are also addictive, and far too many of our kids are hooked on these drugs.

    So, why isn’t he jacking up the fence to smuggle cigarettes or booze into the U.S.?

    (No argument here about the Reconquista aspect.)

    • Clementine says:

      Please don’t tell me you’re comparing alcohol and cigarettes to the devastation of heroin and cocaine? You are all too obvious as you try to make the case for legalization of drugs, like Ron Paul and his chum Barney Frank.
      What a grand message to send to our youth.

      Even tolerant-of-everything Amsterdam is rethinking its excessively liberal policies, which have demoralized that country. I’ve been there and seen the effects for myself.

      • garvan says:

        Cigarettes and alcohol have devastated FAR more lives and killed
        FAR more people than heroin, cocaine and marijuana combined.

        Don’t you think it’s high time tobacco and alcohol were criminalized?

      • Doc says:

        garvan…really?…REALLY?!?!?!?!? Ok…let’s try to remain here on terra-firma for justa’ minit, k? Th’ only booze worth smuggling from “Hencho en Meheeko” is Tequila & Kahlua…both of which are reasonably enuff priced HERE that no black-market need exists for them.

        As for smokes/ciggs/stogies, unless you’re talkin’ about a particularly fine “Havana”, again, no real market exists. Do ya’ really think th’ cartels are smugglin’ booze & smokes INTO America? I’m thinkin’ probably NOT!!!

        Weed, Blow, & th’ big H are th’ choices of messican smugglers…trust me on this man. Any booze & tobacco smuggled in by th’ mules is for personal consumption while travelin’…I PROMISE you…

    • MD In AZ says:

      To Garvan:
      I’m an emergency room Doc. As you repeat the old saw of the Libertarians who believe anything goes, I’ll take this opportunity to state unequivocally that you have no idea what you’re talking about with your not so clever answer. I see the death and destruction brought on by Schedule 1 drugs on a daily basis. It’s not just the individual users who suffer, but the havoc endured by their families is often more heartrending. My brother sent this site link to me, and I would be remiss in not responding to your comments. Cigarettes are a known carcinogen and alcohol can certainly be addictive and damaging in some people, but neither are on the same level as heroin, cocaine, methamphetamines and opiods such as morphine and Dilaudud. Society owes more to its future than to legalize these dangerous drugs for so-called “recreational” use.

      • garvan says:

        As an ER doc, you should be familiar with ER statistics. In the American Journal of Emergency Medicine (July12, 2010), marijuana is rarely associated with an emergency dept. visit.

        How many annual cannabis-related visits in your ER?
        How many annual alcohol-related visits in your ER?

        In California, in 2011, there were fewer than 200 adverse marijuana related admissions vs 73,000 hospitalizations from alcohol.

        So here’s my question, Doc: why is alcohol legal while marijuana is not?

        As far as the other drugs, such as cocaine, cocaine, heroin, etc are concerned, can you cite just ONE peer-reviewed study in a reputable journal that demonstrates that these drugs, harmful as they are, cause more death and injury than alcohol and/or tobacco?

      • Doc says:

        garvan-as an ER TECH, I’m NOT famaliar with ER Stats…I spend my available time takin’ care of my Family, HERE, other Political activities, & on my Motorcycle…NOT readin’ med journals. Why READ it? I LIVE this stuff, man. BUT if you don’t spend any of YOUR TIME down in th’ bones-n-blood WITH US…&/OR you don’t have a prior factual KNOWLEDGE of this topic, then you probably oughta’ step outta’ this one, man.

        Any moron who tells you that weed/herb/pot/whatever DOESN’T LEAD to further substance abuse (including ETOH…a.k.a. booze…) is either A) smokin’ oregano…or…B) has NO CLUE WHAT-SO-EVER what they’re talkin’ about. THEREFORE, I factually refute any BOOLSHEET article(s) you may have read on this topic. In my E.D., outta every 10 ETOH ABUSE patients we see, at least 7 of ’em’ll pop POSITIVE for THC, at least 5 of ’em’ll pop POSITIVE for METH, & 3’ll pop POSITIVE for Opiates, a.k.a. Heroin…& all 3 of these drugs are smuggled up from our leaky border…THIS IS F A C T !

        Furthermore, there is a metoric rise in drug abuse that has nuthin/0/zip/nada to do with ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES.

        Prescription drug abuse is just as dangerous, if not more-so, than these illegal substances. This danger extends to E.D. STAFF! Some, in fact MANY of THESE addicts are so hooked they threaten us with violence…up to & including FIREARMS…& we aren’t allowed to have our own on the premesis…& in many cases, Law Enforcement blows our legit issues with these people off as paranoia.

        So, in closing, we sometimes see eye-to-eye garvan…but I believe you’ve stepped on yourself here, man…as we all do from time to time. The porousness of our border, leaking with drug-mules, coyotes with illegal aliens, & GOD ONLY KNOWS WHAT ELSE, up to & including terrorists hell-bent on destroyin’ our way of life; these people are now so arrogant & confident in OUR INACTION that they are using “Hi-Lift” jacks to beat our “fence”, & VIDEO-TAPING IT…maybe America oughtta’ take this threat a little more PERSONALLY…

        …I’m just sayin’…

  3. Tea Party PC says:

    Every vote you cast for John McCain, Jeff Flake, and those who support these two is a vote cast for even more of this insanity.

    Hey Franks, Schweikert, Quayle, Gosar and Flake…remember you promised to address these problems in your 2010 campaigns? Thanks for nothing!

  4. TeaPartyPatriot says:

    “a group of Mexican drug smugglers use a simple car jack to lift open a portion of the border fence and deliver hundreds of pounds of illegal drugs onto American streets.”

    Looks like Ahmadinejad and al qaeda have the solution for getting one of their dirty nuclear bombs into the US.

    I doubt, however, that OBOZO and his d-cRAT socialists will lose any sleep over that prospect. They’ll view that as an acceptable price to pay for all those ILLEGAL fraudulent votes they’ll get in November.

  5. jackhammer says:

    I have lived on the border, this is not new, this happens all day everyday and all night as well. The demand for illegal drugs is so high that they will do whatever it takes to get them into the USA. The payoff makes it worth getting caught and the slap on the hand and a free ride back to central/south america is an added incentive. It is worse now than it has ever been. Finish the both fences from Ca. to Texas.

  6. garvan says:

    Jack- if marijuana were legal in the U.S., how much do you think the drug lords would try to smuggle into the U.S.?

  7. jackhammer says:

    Garvan, the drug lords will change to bring more drugs like heroin, cocaine opium ect…please read Doc and MD’s posts, these guys live on the front-lines of humanity and they are not making this up. MJ, alcohol and tobacco are just gateway drugs to crave stronger stuff like aforementioned illegal drugs and prescription drugs ect… MD is right too, these drugs are killing us from the inside out marijuana is just a baby steps drug to get to harder first use killer stuff. Addiction is still addiction no matter what form it takes and we have only seen the beginning.