First of session PAChyderm legislative scorecard

The PAChyderm Coalition, a Reagan Republican organization, has released its latest cumulative evaluations of legislators.

This list reflects legislative actions as of 2/17/2012. It was last updated 2/24/2012. Scroll down to see the bills used in the evaluations and the summary of criteria used to weight bills.

Howard Levine’s narrative for the 2012 session follows:

We have been working with Republican legislators to refine the bill weights. The have had private access to our proposed weights prior to our publication of them. The number of bills being tracked is 173 plus 37 bills that have strike all amendments. There are a lot of legislators with high scores including many representatives who have +100% ratings!

Although we are well into the session, there are still many floor votes as well as committee votes to come. The scores currently are still heavily influenced by bill sponsorships compared to floor and committee votes, but, as more votes are taken, they will have an increasing impact on the scores as the session continues.

We have tightened up the categorization we apply to the scores. Reagan Republican and RINO have stayed the same, the Bipartisan Republican score range has expanded, and the other categories have higher score values with narrower ranges.

Grades can range from +100% (supports Republican principles) to -100% (opposes Republican principles) Ratings will be updated on a weekly basis. Please refer to our FAQs section located after the strike all bills. It responds to some of the questions we have been getting regarding the grades assigned.

Rank for legislators with the same Grade is determined by bill sponsorship and votes cast. For example, a legislator with 3 committee votes would get a better rank than one with 2 committee votes if they have the same Grade. Legislators are assigned to a Group based on their latest rating. Note that these have changed from last year.

9 Responses to First of session PAChyderm legislative scorecard

  1. Angee says:

    This list gives us all an opportunity to either praise our Legislators, or to let them know what we expect of them if they are not voting with the conservatives.

  2. Frances Majors says:

    Jerry Lewis a Big Government Republican??? What has he done for the Republican party lately?

  3. LD 10 PC says:

    Normally I would agree with you, Angee. This time I see marginal legislators given higher rankings than they deserve and solid conservatives slipping down a notch or two. I have to admit, I don’t have any idea how this system works regardless of the rambling explanation. All I know is that a few of these placements made me wonder why the known conservatives dropped and RINOs surged.

    • PAChyderm insider says:

      Legislators are NOT given anything – this is a record of their official voting record for the time period that the rating covers. If you are wondering why certain legislators are higher or lower than you expect, read the bills and their votes. It is that simple. This is not a perception, this is a record of actions.

  4. StandingTall says:

    Nancy Barto, Adam Driggs, Jerry Lewis, Michele Reagan, Rich Crandall John McComish, John Nelson, Linda Gray, Steve Yarbrough, Steve Pierce to name but a few are first rate RINOs. Ambitious Ron Gould stuck a shiv in Andy Bigg’s back in his quest for Yavapai County votes in his congressional race as he supported Pierce for Senate President over what I heard was his promised support to Andy Biggs.
    Barto, Driggs, Crandall et all (listed at the top of this comment, except for newcomer jerry lewis who is the worst snake of all ) were the ones who slithered out of the chamber like the belly crawlers they are rather than vote for restrictions on the illegal aliens who care not a whit for our country other than what they can wring out of it. Pachyderm raters better rethink their new system of evaluating these folks. Pachyderms are elephants. Elephants are the symbol of our party. And we Republicans never forget.

  5. PAChyderm insider says:

    Standing Tall – Obviously you have not read the explanation of how the system operates. First of all, the system is an accurate display of the VOTING record of the legislators THIS YEAR!! It does not rate any side agreements or previous year’s actions. It was never designed to give a complete picture of any person’s lifetime compilation of accomplishments or misdeeds, it is only about their official actions when voting on legislation during this session in real time and is not a guarantee of what the total rating at the end of session will be.

    In addition, the system of evaluating these folks has not changed. The only adjustment has been to make it more difficult to acquire the titles of Reagan or PreFreedom by raising the floor levels for those labels. For example, in the past, a legislator only had to achieve a 75% to be a Pre Freedom Republican, now they have to achieve a minimum of 80% for that label. Also in the past a legislator only had to achieve 50% to be labeled Republican and now they have to achieve a 60% for that label.

    Again, the system has not changed. If you remember, a couple of years ago there was an uproar when the first ratings were published. As the year progressed and more votes were taken, the concerns of some conservatives were eliminated simply by the fact that with a full year of votes, anomalies solved themselves. I will wager that this will occur again this year. Pachyderm has always stated that the first scores may be misleading simply due to the fact that it is a snapshot of beginning of the year’s work and not a appraisal of the full year’s work.

    Lastly, if legislators are believed to be liberal, RINO, moderate or something similar, and who may have a track record that substantiates that label, if they change their voting on legislation to be more conservative or Reaganesque, that is one of the main goals of the rating system – to influence moderate legislators to vote conservative.

  6. Obamanation says:

    +100 is supporting Republican principles and -100 is opposing…. so a 0 score means you are neutral?