AZ Rep. Daniel Patterson: Messy private life becomes public again

When romance becomes violent, its time for Romeo to retire

Liberal Democrat Rep. Daniel Patterson currently represents Tucson’s District 29. But with his current problems heaped upon his former ones, that might not be the case much longer and it will have nothing to do with redistricting. According to this post on the Three Sonorans, Patterson has barricaded himself inside his home and posted a large no trespassing warning.

Patterson is a man who apparently exploits women at the drop of a sombrero. First his wife —  Jeneiene Marie Schaffer — and now his recent ex-girlfriend — Georgette Escobar — who has doubled as his campaign manager. In fact, the two have parted company with such acrimony, including Ms. Escobar having an order of protection against him issued by Tucson City Court, that he was tweeting at 9:04 yesterday morning for a replacement:

Now hiring in Tucson: Manager for my re-election campaign LD3. Experience preferred. Send letter & resume: DPcampaign(at)gmail.

Our suggestion: Apply if you’re burly. Preferably over 6’2 and 300 pounds.

10 Responses to AZ Rep. Daniel Patterson: Messy private life becomes public again

  1. Tyler M says:

    This guy is such a scumbag. Anyone who beats up on women has even more to fear in the afterlife than in this one.

    For those Deomcrats who demanded that Bundgaard resign, but ignored what Patterson was accused of last time, how are they going to sweep this one under the rug? And where are the police to arrest this lowlife for assault? It’s nice that they put a restraining order on this monster, but how about making him pay for the criminal acts that he’s already committed?

    • GreenAcres says:

      Speaking of men who apparently have no respect for women, here’s a well kept secret:
      The current police chief of the City of Surprise (Maricopa County) was taken into custody twice in one day for domestic violence while he was a member of the PHX Police Dept. Of course, with the enviornment at the PHX PD, nothing happened to him. He went on to head the El Mirage PD and now holds the reins in Surprise.
      Phoenix seems to coat their public officials in Teflon, and after retirement, they go out and ruin other jurisdictions.

  2. Maggie says:

    Indeed. The newspaper and even Sen. Bundgaard’s Republican colleagues were quick to hop on the express to take him out of office, even though there was far less damaging information than exists now and has previously on Democrat Daniel Patterson. Patterson was involved with and traveling with Georgette Escobar while his wife was undergoing a mastectomy. Escobar was definitely a forewarned “victim” here. It’s difficult to muster up a lot of sympathy for her.

  3. TeaPartyPatriot says:

    Now hiring in Tucson: Manager for my re-election campaign LD3. Experience preferred. Send letter & resume: DPcampaign(at)gmail.

    Jesse Kelly in CD8 desperately needs an ad like this !!!!

    Off to a predictably BAD start…
    I’ve commented previously on the outrageously bad, amateurish, inept, sophomoric campaign Jesse Kelly ran against Pelosi puppet giffords in 2010. Regrettably, it looks like he’s doing the same again this year. Four of the seven candidates for congress from CD 8 filed their petitions Friday, 24 Feb. Kelly’s campaign submitted a mere 848 signatures (just 66 more than the minimum required). All the other candidates submitted substantially greater numbers of signatures, with the d-cRAT socialist extremist putting in over 5000 signatures. (Of course, he had unlimited help from all the unionist/la raza/socialist-indoctrinator teachers in TUSD who spent their taxpayer-funded work time collecting signatures. Some even sent petitions home with their students for their parent to sign!). If more than 7.8% of his signatures are established to be invalid, Kelly is off the ballot. Any competently managed campaign would have a safety margin in signatures of at least 25-30%.

    Although I couldn’t agree more with all of the positions on key issues taken by Kelly, I will NOT contribute to his campaign, as I did in abundance in 2010. I simply cannot justify spending money on what looks like another inept effort when there are solid conservative candidates with effective, focused and efficient campaigns that can better make use of my money to actually seriously win an election. Kelly will certainly get my vote and I wish him the best of LUCK in his campaign (he’ll need it).

    • Elizabeth says:

      What an absurd leap for you to vent your ignorant and obsessively offensive fury at conservative Jesse Kelly. This is a post referencing physical and emotional abuse Democrat state Rep. Daniel Patterson has unleashed against women he claimed to love. It has nothing whatsoever to do with Republican Kelly.

      Jesse Kelly came within a percentage point of defeating incumbent Democrat Congresswoman Gabby Giffords during her 2010 reelection campaign.

      You claim to be a tea party conservative, but your words reveal you to be a hateful liberal who wants nothing more than to see your fellow travelers get elected.

    • catsclaw says:

      You are aware that candidates can and often do turn in supplemental petitions. It is often the goal to try to turn in your petitions first, especially in wake of the recent ruling from the Secretary of State, it shows momentum.
      And for a political newbie, Jesse ran a heck of a campaign against Giffords he came close to winning.

      • catsclaw says:

        Dear TeaPartyPatriot

        Final filings 2/27/12 as reported by the AZ Daily Star

        Frank Antenori — 1,798 signatures.
        Dave Sitton, — 1,317 signatures.
        Jesse Kelly — 2,107 signatures.
        Martha McSally — 1,505 signatures.

    • Pima Pal says:

      If you are representative of Tea Party patriots, I’ll stick with solid conservative Republicans like Jesse Kelly all the way! You’ve shown yourself to be a colossal fool. Keep your much ballyhooed money or give it to your favored Democrats. I’ve seen these nutty posts of yours before. What happened? Did Kelly’s dog eat your porridge?

  4. Kent says:

    Where are the Democrats asking for Daniel Patterson to step down? Ethics must be different depending on which political party you belong to. Apparently, Democrats have a short supply.

  5. listening says:

    No big deal – just ask Jeanette Dubreil – it’s just another Scott Bungaard, only this time for the democrats.