Paul Babeu: More campaign hindering news

Past comes back to haunt gay sheriff now campaigning for congress

ABC15 investigators have uncovered physical and sexual abuse allegations at the Massachusetts unlicensed “therapeutic” DeSisto boarding school formerly run by Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu. He was the school’s headmaster and executive director from 1999 to 2001

Read this shocking investigative report and watch the ABC video by Dave Biscobing, who traveled across Massachusetts and tracked down reports that have never previously been released: Documents: Babeu ran private boarding school with history of physical abuse

The accompanying video includes a revealing interview with Paul Babeu’s older sister Lucy Babeu, expressing her shock when he moved a 17-year-old former male student into his home. Babeu, 43, defended his actions, saying the young man was “his boyfriend” and he “loved him.”

The problem-plagued DeSisto School used a variety of controversial and appalling disciplinary techniques, which are meticulously detailed in the report.

On February 18, Seeing Red AZ wrote that Babeu was scurrying to quell rumors after another ex-lover — Mexican national Jose Orozco — claimed that Babeu threatened to deport him if he exposed information about their homosexual relationship.

ABC15 reports that Orozco, 34, was employed by Paul’s brother, Shaun Babeu, an elected Pinal County justice of the peace, in violation of the provisions of Orozco’s tourist visa.

Now Paul Babeu is a congressional candidate who spends an inordinate amount of his site space defending himself against the sordid information, although he now acknowledges his long-rumored homosexuality. Despite the negative publicity of posting nearly nude photos of himself on the gay website men4men and launching deportation threats against Orozco, the arrogant Babeu plods on with his campaign.

Notice, however, that his “upcoming events” dance card is empty. Not much of a surprise since these issues are not the stuff to generate campaign contributions from the family values folks in the district from which he is running. His message “It’s time to send a true conservative to Washington, D.C.” doesn’t seem to be resonating.

Small wonder.

9 Responses to Paul Babeu: More campaign hindering news

  1. BB says:

    Babeu gave an interview with the Washington Blade which isn’t going to make things any better for him and has not been received well by anyone other than those who think he’s “hot”

    His other sister, Veronica Babeu Keating alleges it is she who gave Jose refuge in her home after the ‘breakup’…and she says there is much, much more about her brother that will be coming out and none of it is beneficial.

    His self-proclaimed “110%” enthusiasm for staying in the race to be on the public dole as a GOP pol might not be so if sister Veronica & others have their way.

    • Vince says:

      Thanks for the link to the Gay Blade article. I’m sure I never would have seen it otherwise. It clearly points out what an ego driven kink Babeu is.

      Babeu said he believes voters in his district will accept him because “we’re different as Americans” and “we’re exceptional people.”

      Since when does engaging in perversion make one “exceptional?”

  2. TeaPartyPatriot says:

    Reminder to all those RINO romney(care) supporters out there: Babeu is romney(care)’s kind of “Repub” – so much so that romney(care) made him his Arizona Campaign Co-Chief !!!!!!!!

    Vote for RINO romney(care) and show that you, too, support the likes of babeu !

  3. Kimball says:

    Paul Babeu is a disgrace, nd looks a whole lot like a pedophile (although I read that MA law views 17-year-olds as adults). Still he doesn’t have the good sense to rein in his ego and ditch this congressional campaign. He will lose big. And he should. I live in the district and he will not get my vote. As a parent of a 16-year-old, I would smash his face in if that were my son. I find him and his “activities” disgusting.

  4. Matt DeGennaro says:

    The DeSisto School should have been shut down during its years of operation. I read the Wikipedia link on Michael DeSisto and that raised a whole lot of questions, as well. How convenient that he just happened to die and the school shut down, allowing Babeu to move to AZ and become a cop! What an odd transition. He should have been in jail after what I read and saw on the ABC15 video. The station and its reporters did a fine job on researching this expose.

    • PAL says:

      Matt:The Babeu story & that of Scott Bundgaard make the argument for basic vetting by our State GOP leadership of all Republicans filing to run for office. Let’s start dling this before providing a platform for them at Republican organizations, advertising them on Republican calendars distributions, speaker bureaus, before giving them high level endorsements, and especially before asking PCs to work for them. When are we going to get smart? Checking someone’s background is pretty easy these days. I cringe thinking how easy it was for him to get this far before being discovered.

      • Orion says:

        PAL, No doubt your heart’s in the right place with this idea of vetting candidates, but how much do you feel the vetting committee has a right to delve into and to what extent can the questions they ask go before breaching decency, courtesy and respect? Running for office is a serious undertaking and one that should not be taken lightly by either the candidates or those who are asked to support them. But where is the line rightly drawn? Do the vetters have the right to ask who someone is sleeping with or other such information? And who are these perfect vetters? How are they selected? Must they be as perfect as the vettees? Life is a gamble. The best we can hope for is that most people make decent decisions. If you are married, did you do a criminal background check on your soon-to-be spouse? Did you check former sexual partners? Did you require literacy and communicative disease testing? How about the gene pool you might be co-mingling with? Did you make sure there were no mental defects on both sides of the new family? Don’t you see how foolish this idea is? We’re had some lusty presidents and other executives in our nation’s history. We’ve had wizards, geniuses and fools. It’s a gamble. And sometimes you get a mixture of all. Babeu is a disgrace. He needs to go. Just as Dan Patterson down in Tucson must be removed from the legislature. It happens after the fact for a reason. In Patterson’s case, he initially ran as a married father. His sexual dalliances and aggressions came later. Babeu was initially given the nod of approval by Señor Juan McAmnesty. Did he vet Babeu? And who vetted McCain? Should we blame his first wife? This idea of yours is preposterous.

  5. Realist says:

    If this latest revelation is true—stick a fork in him and turn him over…HE’S DONE!

  6. Tom says:

    Its nauseating to read one deviant allegation after another about this guy. And thats not talking about the fact he’s gay. One can only imagine what a narcissistic slime ball this guy is that he believes voters will support a sick and twisted guy like him for congress.

    If you have one iota of decency or morality left in you babeu-do the party you claim to support a favor and please just go away!