Liberal insider Ron Barber: “Putting politics aside?”

Govt bureaucrat hobnobs with Dem powerbrokers in DC

Democrat Ron Barber is not letting any grass grow under his supposedly non-political feet.  Yesterday a Washington, D.C. fundraiser hosted by and headlining Nancy Pelosi collected checks from a virtual who’s who of liberal Washington interests. Among those funneling money into Barber’s campaign was none other than radical Raul Grijalva who actually advocated boycotting Arizona— a state he represents in Congress.

So much for Barber’s claim of “not being a politician.”

His skimpy website is missing an issues page —  carefully spooning out only limited liberal pablum to those from whom he is requesting financial contributions. But this disingenuous quote stands out, “I’m running for Congress because we need someone who will put politics aside to solve problems for the people of Southern Arizona.”

If these actions are indicative of his claimed desire to “put politics aside,” Ron Barber would do better running for congressional comedian than someone representing the needs of Arizona’s citizens.

This on-target quote from NRCC spokesman Daniel Scarpinato sums up Ron Barber’s duplicity:

“Barber didn’t waste any time claiming the support of Pelosi and Grijalva, two politicians who have done nothing but destroy Arizona’s economy. So what’s next on Barber’s checklist? Easy: Block American energy production, grow the size of government, and continue supporting ObamaCare.”

Ron Barber, 66, is a lifelong government bureaucrat. Prior to joining Gabrielle Giffords’ office as her district director, Barber worked for AZ state government since 1976. Now he has filed to run in the June 12, 2012 special election to replace Giffords.

Four Republicans have officially announced for the GOP Primary Special Election: Frank Antenori, Jesse Kelly, Martha McSally and Dave Sitton.


9 Responses to Liberal insider Ron Barber: “Putting politics aside?”

  1. Pima Pal says:

    Down here in Tucson, Ron Barber is well known as a liberal opportunist. What else would you expect? I know these days it’s not fashionable to heap anything other than praise on Gabrielle Giffords, but prior to the shooting, she was a very close congressional cohort of Nancy Pelosi’s, taking taxpayer funded worldwide junkets together. Barber learned his craft from the practitioners of the liberal DC shakedown artists themselves.

    And yes, I do wish Giffords well in her continued recovery. She’s shown a lot of courage and should be commended for that.

  2. catsclaw says:

    Ron Barber doesn’t think he needs an issues page, after all he is continuing “Gabby’s legacy”. Complete and total exploitation from Barber who continues to play the victim card.

  3. Kent says:

    Ron Barber’s the ideal Democrat. He’s spent his entire career at the public trough and now wants even more slop! No wonder he gets along so well with Nancy Pelosi! She has the same type of resume.

  4. Observer says:

    Not much of a surprise about Barber chumming with Pelosi, Grijalva and the others. He’s a longtime political stooge who the powerbrokers are consenting to help land a seat in congress because he was injured and was a loyal aide to Giffords, but ONLY if he agrees not to run for the seat in the regular upcoming election. Watch what happens after he gets a taste of the headiness and decides to stay. The plug will be pulled in favor of a truly anointed one. It will never be Ron Barber. Take that to the bank.

  5. Capt. Marvel says:

    Other liberals from the Tucson area are campaigning for that seat too and all but one have far more experience to recommend them than Ron Barber. He’ll be toast if he decides to dig his heels in. His current friends in Washington will drop him like a hot rock.

    State Reps. Matt Heinz, Paula Aboud, and Steve Farley are up and running. Then there’s Nomiki D. Konst, who appears to be using her website to promote photo shoots of herself. No offer of ideas or vision for solutions. Just the fact that she’s a woman and from a Google search of her, she appears to have a female plumbing agenda. That should do the trick for the Democrats. I will concede that she’s attractive.

  6. Pima Pal says:

    The latest scuttlebutt in these parts is that uber liberal Steve Farley is supported by another Giffords staffer which signals that the Democrat power elites have probably cut a deal with full support for Ron Barber as long as he remains just a place holder and doesn’t run for full term. But those folks have got to be dreaming if they think he’d give up the grandeur and perks for a one-way ticket back to Tucson. I predict an internecine battle. A big one.

  7. Standing Tall says:

    Same ‘ol, same ‘ol. It’s the Democrats, after all.

  8. Cyd says:

    Agree with the comments about Barber using the tragedy for political gain. Other Dems should join the race. Why should AZ democrats only have one option?!

  9. Kimball says:

    “Not a lot of people are going to vote against him,” AZ Rep.Jeff Flake told the New York Times.

    Way to go, Jeffy!!!!! There are qualified Republicans running and this is what the guy who wants to be a Republican US Senator has to say? Pathetic!!

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