Paul Babeu: Messages becoming sledgehammers

Border issues to take backseat to gay agenda

When Pinal County’s problem plagued Sheriff Paul Babeu was advised that his services were no longer needed as the keynote speaker at the annual police awards dinner in Tulsa, Oklahoma, it signaled more than a mere slight. 

Babeu should recognize that when his peers don’t feel comfortable with him, his congressional campaign is also on thin ice. It’s time to regroup, Mr. Babeu.

Best advice?  Stop giving interviews like this one to the Washington Blade, which bills itself as “America’s leading gay news source.”  Babeu tells the publication that if he’s elected to Congress he’ll make pro-LGBT initiatives a defining issue.

Running in a seriously distressed economy, with a president intent on expanding government with unsustainable spending, and in a district which includes the conservative East Valley, Babeu can be assured his stated goals are not on the voter’s front burner.

Hector Hernandez, the agent in charge of the Secret Service in Tulsa, replaced Babeu as last evening’s dinner speaker.

13 Responses to Paul Babeu: Messages becoming sledgehammers

  1. MaskedTruthman says:

    “Babeu” and “backseat” in the same title? What fun!

  2. Francis says:

    “Thin ice” understates the case. The man’s political career is over, and deserves to be. But he’s evidently not one to take the hint, so I’m sure we’ll be hearing much, much more about his sordid life over the next five months. That’s distinctly not in the interest of Arizona, the Party, conservatism, or the office he now occupies, but that evidently concerns him not one whit.

  3. chick says:

    Time for Paul to drop out. The posting of pics, and the charges of a 17 year-old live-in-boyfriend are enough. I honestly had no idea he was “gay” until the story came out.

    • Tomfoolery says:

      Agreed! Babeu should have shown the good judgement to suspend his campaign when the first sordid news broke regarding his threats to deport his Mexican national boyfriend if Jose broke the news of their relationship. It has only gotten worse, with the revelation by Babeu’s sister that he was living with a young male 17-year-old former student he claimed to be in love with, and then all of the allegations of abuse (sexual, physical, emotional) at the DeSisto school for troubled youth where he was the headmaster. I’ll bet they were even more “troubled” after being under the tutelage of this pervert. Still he digs in his heels and says he is not going to drop out of the congressional race. I heard recently that his donations are drying up faster than a mud puddle in the Sonoran desert. We’ll know when the next financial filings are out.

  4. Army Of One says:

    The issue is simple: Ego driven Paul Babeu has greater aspirations than he does intelligence. He can’t believe his well laid career plans are eating dirt.

  5. Tyler M says:

    Well, it looks like the radical homosexual “Blade” actually did us a favor. It got Babeu to say that he support repealing the Defense of Marriage Act & that he thinks it’s unconstitutional. It also has him on record as being opposed to Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell. Maybe Babeu, the pro-gay crusader, needs to do more interviews with gay media, so he can make himself even more outside the mainstream of Republican positions on issues involving gay rights.

    • Tyler M says:

      Oh, and even more telling, Babeu also told “the Blade” that he’s been a member of a number or radical homosexual activist groups over the years. These were the kinds of questions that I said all along needed to be asked about Babeu before he acknowledged that the rumors about him being gay were true.

      Babeu CANNOT & MUST NOT win his race for Congress. My parents live in that district & I will be sure to tell them not to vote for him.

  6. chick says:

    With these alligations, I am disturbed as a resident of Chandler, that he was not vetted properly during the hiring process by the Chandler pd. Not for “being gay” but the headmaster problems and the 17 year old.

    • Tyler M says:

      Good questions, but it doesn’t sound like Babeu had actually been charged with anything back in Massachusetts, so I don’t know that they would have found anything anyway. Most crimes in America continue to go unreported – especially crimes against children. It’s very sad.

  7. jackhammer1941 says:

    Babau choice is gay, gay or not, its his choice, my choice is marriage only between a man and a woman no exceptions. The family unit is and always will be father,mother sister brother, same sex cannot procreate children, its against Gods laws amen!

  8. chick says:

    With the “notice of claim” filed against Pinal county (which in my opinion is without merit with respect to the county due to the alleged actions being performed by Paul the private citizen and not in his official capacity as SHERIFF), Paul the candidate needs to drop out, do the job the citizens elected him to do, and not due any more damage to the county taxpayers and his political party. Time to check the ego. The alleged actions may be proven to be false, but the damage has been done and his behavior was reckless. I remember, oh about ten years ago or so when the “openly gay” mayor of a local east valley city was posting on a gay Amsterdam web site for a good time either during an official junket or vacation but regardless, gross and reckless behavior for a public official, gay or not.