Former gay lover’s $1 mill lawsuit least of Babeu’s woes

Give the Arizona Republic a point for reporting about the lawsuit about to be filed by lawyers representing Jose Orozco, Pinal County Sheriff Babeu’s former lover. Take away ten for its selective coverage.

Orozco, a Mexican national, accuses Babeu of intimidation and threats of deportation if he revealed their four-year romantic relationship. Jose is no piker. Going for the big bucks, he filed a notice of claim indicating his intention to sue both Sheriff Paul Babeu and the taxpayers of Pinal County — for a cool $1 million in damages.

The Republic quotes from the notice:

“Mr. Orozco’s reputation and integrity have been tarnished, (and) he continues to fear for the safety of himself and his family,” the notice states. “Should this matter proceed to trial, the jury will be presented with numerous areas of emotional distress which Mr. Orozco has experienced as a result of this incident, including but not limited to the mental anguish which obviously accompanies public humiliation and embarrassment, fear, panic, stress, ridicule and the various types of mental anguish which arise out of this shocking and outrageous incident.”

Oddly missing among the facts is any reference to Babeu’s time as headmaster at the problem-plagued DeSisto “therapeutic” school. The beleaguered school was in the midst of several firestorms when it closed after the death of its owner Michael DeSisto — among them allegations of sexual, emotional and physical abuse of students, and massive financial problems including fraud and falsified credentials.

Babeu faces additional problems associated with Orozco’s time as a campaign worker.  As a foreign national on a tourist visa, which he claims is his status, he is precluded from any such employment.

Paul Babeu’s older sister Lucy Babeu, tells even more shocking tales. Paul Babeu moved a 17-year-old former male student into his home. Babeu, 43, defended his actions, saying the young man was “his boyfriend” and he “loved him.” It’s all here in a detailed reported and video compiled by ABC 15.

Attorney General Tom Horne has designated former Superior Court Judge and law professor David Cole, his office’s Solicitor General, to conduct an independent investigation. It will look into all allegations that have been made, against both Babeu and Orozco.

One-term Sheriff Babeu asserts his congressional campaign is still alive. Don’t bet on it. It looks more corpse-like with every passing day.

8 Responses to Former gay lover’s $1 mill lawsuit least of Babeu’s woes

  1. Seen It All says:

    Those expecting a complete, unbiased report from the left wing agenda Repugnant newspaper will be sorely disappointed. Never forget who the head honcho is. Randy Lovely is not going to make homosexual matters an issue unless his back is to the wall, as happened when he had to acknowledge the validity of the New Times report. Gay is good at the AZ newspaper. Don’t believe me? Take some time to check these articles:

    • Tomfoolery says:

      Looks like I have a reading assignment for this morning!!

      This might just provide the answers as to the skimpy coverage of DeSisto School’s abuse of students. I’m learning to look below the surface these days. I remember when I actually trusted what I read in the news to be fact based journalism. Are there even journalists today? It seems to be they all editorialize even in news reports.

  2. LD 18 PC says:

    Congress is not on your horizon, Paul. Sorry.

  3. TeaPartyPatriot says:

    Gay Caballero babeu better hope that this case doesn’t get a lunatic-left d-cRAT socialist “judge”, like susan bolton. If that happens, babeu won’t just have to pay the $1 million, he’ll probably have also to pay ten times that for violating the lunatic-left-given “rights” of an ILLEGAL (which supersede all Constitutional and legal rights of an American citizen.)

  4. Anonymous says:

    These are all valid points. Given the explosiveness of the charges it’s so far declined even to mention, it’s understandable that the Republic’s would approach them with care. But if it’s decided there’s no merit to them, at this point it at least owes it to its readers to say so, and not just pretend they’re not on the table.

    It isn’t just Babeu’s sister who alleges the relationship with the 17-year-old. Eight other DeSisto students from the period say it was common knowledge on the compound. Michael DeSisto himself, whose protégé Babeu was, had a developed reputation for predation on boys that predated Babeu’s involvement with him.

    Note that although Babeu claims that he’s called for an investigation of “all” the charges against him, nobody’s looking into the DeSisto-related charges. His strategy appears to be to lie low for a while (except for friendly venues) and hope the press will forget about it. He’s deluded.

  5. Overtaxed1 says:

    If Babeu has to pay maybe the people of Pinal county will vet the next Sheriff. It is well known that the gays start with children. Seems they have a good reason to ask him to step aside. Has anyone done that. Wonder if McCain is still using him.

    • Clementine says:

      Homosexuals are unable to reproduce their own kind, which is why they recruit young and easily frightened and controllable kids. Also, children are disease free. That’s really the long and short of it.

      Please stop calling these people “gay.” They are drama queens who reveal their most private sexual “adventures” to casual near strangers.It’s braggadocio at its finest mingled with shock value.

      I stopped visiting a favorite salon for this very reason. But “gay?” Not a chance. Most are not even a tad happy — Babeu among therm.