DeSisto School: Paul Babeu’s biggest headache

Lengthy Republic article omits any mention of problem plagued school

Just when you think the daily is actually going to hit Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu on the real “scandal” —  the word used by reporter Rebekah L. Sanders to headline the front page article, you realize it won’t happen. Readers have to wait until paragraph forty of the A 4 jump page. And then, whada’ya know?  The report skirts the issue.

The article is replete with rehash about Babeu’s Mexican national former lover Jose Orozco, racy photos posted on the Internet, threats of deportation, denials of threats, admission of being homosexual, swaggering lawyereze from hired guns, and what other candidates and strategists may or may not think regarding the political pulse of now feeble Congressional candidate Babeu.

Finally comes paragraph 40. But rather than mentioning what should be Babeu’s principle campaign catastrophe, reporter Sanders gives the two-word political deal breaker short shrift and less than a mere mention. Missing from this lone paragraph are the words “DeSisto School:”

Sanders writes: Still, voters seem to understand the scandal involves more than Babeu’s sexual orientation. The sheriff admitted to posting suggestive photos of himself online and sending them to Orozco. Media reports, including stories in The Arizona Republic, have examined his time as headmaster of a financially troubled Massachusetts school that was investigated by the state for child abuse and shut down after he moved to Arizona. And Orozco last week filed a $1million notice of claim, a precursor to a lawsuit, against Babeu for causing him “mental anguish.”

Let’s cut to the chase. Babeu’s proclivities and revelations, though long rumored, were juicy attention grabbers that instantly marginalized him with the conservative East Valley voter base crucial to landing that congressional seat he so covets. But the real issue of significance that should permanently lay him low is the controversial and now defunct DeSisto School, where Babeu toiled as headmaster and pickup artist extraordinaire. 

Persistent rumors of Paul Babeu’s relationships with male students were substantiated by his own sister and former students as seen in this ABC15 in-depth video report. Babeu’s older sister Lucy Babeu expressed her shock when he moved a 17-year-old former male student into his home. Babeu, 43, defended his actions, saying the young man was “his boyfriend” and he “loved him.”

The Massachusetts “therapeutic” boarding school for troubled youth had no qualified therapists on staff, but was rife with physical, emotional and sexual abuse allegations as well as fraud, falsified credentials and financial woes. While Babeu was in charge, the Office of Child Care Services in Massachusetts found the DeSisto School was unlicensed. The state’s investigation also revealed that students were made to “strip search” each other and “routinely took group showers” ..“leading to sexual abuse.”

Beginning with this February 18 post, Seeing Red AZ has written about Paul Babeu’s unsavory connections to the DeSisto School. Read more here, here and here.

The question to ask is, why is the Arizona Republic unable to squeeze the two words “DeSisto School” into a front page report linking “Babeu” and “Scandal” in the headline?

Meanwhile Babeu will be traveling to Dallas where he is receiving out-of-state fundraising assistance from a gay group, Metroplex Republicans. He has clearly found a new constituency.

10 Responses to DeSisto School: Paul Babeu’s biggest headache

  1. American Patriot says:

    Won’t the Republican voters in Babeu’s district be surprised to find they have been replaced as his core constituency? Of course he’ll be doing his fundraising among his newly found “gay” supporters. This perv won’t be getting a dime from me.

  2. Army Of One says:

    Those photos make me sick. This man should be made to face his former student accusers, who were on to him early but too young, intimidated and terrified to call the authorities.

  3. Mrs Mavis Gibson says:

    I wonder how this will play out for people in that district? It seems that he is now talking about that issue more than the issues that affect the area he’s running from, but, now that he’s free from his self imposed closet, the real Babeu will now come out, no pun intended. And, somehow I don’t think the speaking for gay rights is going to win him any votes its not something that many there would care about, but, I’m sure he knows that and is trying to get as much money as he can before he is bounced from office.

    No issues with his being a gay man, but, in the real world, it seems as though he has some serious issues and is not fit to be a dog catcher in Pinal County, or any place else, the man is a hypocrite.

    • Not Fooled says:

      Mrs. Gibson,
      You very tolerantly say “No issues with his being a gay man.”

      Tolerance is acceptance of everything minus exercising good judgment and factoring in a moral discernment. It’s very “in” these days to be “out.” But remember that homosexuals do not reproduce themselves, so they recruit. Would you be so tolerant if it was your son or grandson taken under wing (so to speak) by this loathsome sheriff? Do you really want him representing you in congress? He is now fundraising among other gays who together have a decided agenda. Acceptance of everything is debasing to the standards and morality that are guidelines for a decent society.

  4. Unterholz says:

    Well said. It’s been a couple of weeks since the DeSisto story broke in a big way (and it was out there for years before that), but still nothing from the Republic.

    One small detail. Babeu’s 43 now, but was only 32 at the time of the events in question, merely twice the troubled boy’s age, not closer to three times.

    The public announcement of the fundraiser in the penthouse of a Dallas gay activist (an RV-park mogul, apparently) either bespeaks desperation or he knows he’s out of the CD-4 running and is just looking to cash in any way he can — and maybe looking for a comfy berth after his political career ends.

  5. Anthem Al says:

    Jose Orozco was employed by Paul’s brother, Shaun Babeu, an elected Pinal County justice of the peace, in violation of the provisions of Orozco’s tourist visa.

    And there are no 10-year tourist visas as Orozco claims. They usually have 6 month limitations. Shaun Babeu was also living with his brother Paul when the previous lover, a teenager, was moved in as Paul’s shack up. As a JP, Shaun should have more sense than to give aid and comfort to this arrangement. These two Babeu’s are supposed to be law enforcement dudes?

  6. TeaPartyPatriot says:

    Please don’t feel sorry for Arizona’s Gay Caballero, babeu. I’ve read reports that the californication porn industry is so upset about that nanny state’s requirement of mandatory condom use, that they’re planning to move operations and filming to Arizona. There can be no doubt that they will then court a “star” like babeu to kick-off production. He’ll make a fortune – almost as much as you’re typical insider-trading, massively corrupt member of CONgress (but without their humongous, gold-plated, taxpayer-funded retirement rip-off.)

  7. Forsnow says:

    Although I live in Maricopa County, my window on how political winds are blowing comes in large part from conversations at our local dog park. There, support for this sheriff is surprisingly strong. The attitude seems to be that he is a “victim” of the liberal media….and you can’t believe anything that “….comes out of Massachusetts.” He is also viewed as a good friend of Sheriff Joe, who seems to exist as some sort of God around here. I am new to AZ and a little disheartened at what seems to be a rather uninformed group of potential voters.

    • Dennis O'Brien says:

      Take this to the bank: Arpaio and Babeu are not pals.

      And since you’re new to the Valley, let me tell you that Joe Arpaio is very well respected among conservatives. Unlike Babeu, Arpaio has an outstanding career as a professional lawman and is smart as a whip, and has a great sense of humor to boot.
      This is Arpaio’s bio:
      Those who support Arpaio are not ill-informed. The open borders local newspaper has been on a mission to get rid of him since he enforces the law. The newspaper is pro-amnesty and reveled in the recall of Arizona’s Senate President Russell Pearce, who wrote our SB1070. You’ve found the right spot for a conservative perspective here on this blog.

      Best advice: Find another dog park. there are plenty of conservatives who have dogs.

  8. Jack Hammer says:

    Well said O’Brien.