Rep. Steve Urie takes a hike for greener pastures

Single-term state Rep. Steve Urie (R-Dist.22), has announced he‘s not interested in running to retain his seat in the Arizona legislature.

His reason? “I just really like working on the local level,” said Urie, a Republican who first entered politics in 1999 when he was elected to the Gilbert Town Council.

Not one to tax himself, Urie says the demands of the office were too high for a job that is supposed to be part-time. Apparently he had no idea of the legislative job description when he ran for the office — although he willingly resigned his Town Council position to campaign for the state House seat.

In a statement announcing his decision to run for Justice of the Peace, he said, “I’m excited for the opportunity to work more directly with the citizens of Gilbert, Mesa, and Chandler and to bring my personal experience to this job.”

Urie conveniently omits the fact that there is a much more attractive benefits package and salary of over $95,000, as JP’s earn 65% of the $150,000 per year Superior Court judge’s base salary. And instead of gearing up for reelection every two years, JPs only face the voters every four years. Plus, there’s also an impressive black robe and the aura of being a judge — even if you’re actually a real estate agent and property manager.

State legislators earn a paltry $24,000 a year + per diem.  They need a raise. Shuck and Jivester Steve Urie needs a dose of truth serum and a focus booster. 

PAChyderm Coalition, a Reagan Republican group that rates GOP legislators has Urie dragging bottom at an uncomfortable 36 out of a list of 40, with a grade of 54.6% and unflatteringly rated as a “Big Government Republican” on its most recent scorecard.

6 Responses to Rep. Steve Urie takes a hike for greener pastures

  1. Steve says:

    Good riddance, Mr. Urie. You appear to have the same commitment to your much desired (at the time) office as Vernon Parker who runs for one post, ditches it, runs for another and another. I hope to see a real conservative who fares better with Pachyderm Coatition win that district seat.

  2. Ellsworth says:

    Ah, the robe. That’s where Urie thinks the power lies. The $$ is better, the perks are better and it’s much easier not to have to answer for much and then only every four years. Perfect niche for this sad sack. I checked out the ratings. He should have run as a Democrat. In my opinion, there is no such thing as a “Big Government Republican.” We are for less, not more government intrusions into our lives.

  3. Sally Forth says:

    This fool resigned the town council job to run for the AZ legislature and had no idea what the job entailed? Just the type of guy we need on the justice court. He might find that it is also more work than he expected, although the pay is certainly better, so he might stick around since eal estate is in the toilet. I hope the voters in the district are not fooled by this buffoon.

  4. Doc says:

    The scary thing to me is that this kind of person wants to…& has a reasonable chance of…becoming a J-U-D-G-E! Pardon me but, looking at his track record, I don’t believe he’s FIT to be a judge…

    • Villanova says:

      A JP is not a judge in the sense of someone who has credentials. A Justice of the Peace need only be at least 18 years of age, have a high school diploma and a pulse. Real judges (Superior Court, Courts of Appeals, Supreme Court (US and state), federal district judges, Circuit Courts, etc) are required to be college graduates, with an additional three years of law school and most have many years of actual legal experience before they reach the judicial bench. There is quite a difference.

      I agree with your assessment about Steve Urie.

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