Fla. Sen. Marco Rubio endorses Mitt Romney

Last evening on the Sean Hannity Show, U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio unequivocally endorsed Mitt Romney. Support from the popular Florida conservative provides another major boost as Romney — the GOP presidential front-runner —  heads into the home stretch to win the Republican nomination and take on Barack Obama in November.


Check out the delegate calculator here. Then take a look at the scorecard by state.

9 Responses to Fla. Sen. Marco Rubio endorses Mitt Romney

  1. Overtaxed1 says:

    Rubio just sponsored another attempt at the DREAM/Amnesty Act.
    Bet he checked out the back room scuttle on Romney’s opinion on this before he endorsed him.

    • AZ Conservative Guy says:

      Here is Marco Rubio being interviewed by the leftie Geraldo Rivera. (Pay attention beginning at 3 min. 20 seconds into the audio). Rubio calls the DREAM Act the “wrong medicine.” He also states his strong opposition to “chain migration.”

      • Overtaxed1 says:

        Guess he changed his mind because yesterday it was announced by many in the press that Rubio has sponsored a new DREAM ACT Senate bill. Numbers USA had a report on it.

    • American Patriot says:

      Not quite. The pro-illegal alien, DREAMy liberals despise Marco Rubio. This is from Maddow’s blog:


      The leftwing-nut jobs at Think Progress go after Rubio, also accusing him of “taking the Dream out of the DREAM Act.”


      • Overtaxed1 says:

        http://thehill.com/homenews/senate/218307-republicans-seeking-out-hispanics. The news broke of Rubio sponsoring
        a new DREAM ACT on March 27th. It is in The Hill, The Times and Numbers USA had their members write letters to Rubio asking that he reconsider. He wants his SB passed before the Nov. elections and the bill would please O Bama. Sorry folks but I for one do not want to encourage illegals nor do I want to see chain immigration through any amnesty program.

    • Angee says:

      He was also interviewed by Univision in Spanish. He is another
      smooth talker. He believes in amnesty. As a Hispanic attending College, most likely he was also exposed to the ‘MECHA’ philosophy of the Aztlaners, since all Hispanics are targeted by
      the Raza group. They might pretend not to like him because he sounds as an assimilated American. But deep down he believes in Amnesty according to his comments to Jorge Ramos
      of Univision..It’s on record.

  2. Doc says:

    Well folks…”o-bow-mao-i’m-sorry” is destroying America as we know it at WARP-SPEED; executive orders, legislation “signed in secret”, (obviously voted on & passed by our elected legislators FIRST!!!), on&on&on…& we’re STILL bein’ manipulated by th’ lamestream media.

    Is Romney a R.I.N.O.? Uuuhhh…YES! Is Romney better than th’ guy living @ 1600 PA. Ave., Wash. D.C. NOW?!?!?

    …uuuhhh…well…yeah…every day & twice on Sunday.

    Am I gonna’ hold my nose & vote for Romney in November? You better believe it, Baby! Any garbage/dirt/rumors/whatever about WHOMEVER the Republican nominee (& associates) is at this point is BOOLSHEET! So (with a modicum of regret) we better get on board with this thing before we don’t have any AMERICA left!

  3. For those that haven’t a clue how much the lunatic-left d-cRAT socialist extremists have destroyed American values, American society, American government, and the freedoms and liberties of Americans, I hope they at least consider this:

    A flip-flopping, etch a sketch, RINO, say-anything to get nominated, unprincipled, conviction-less, out-of-touch, mega-millionaire, corporate raider, romneycare candidate for president is still infinitely better than the current president !

    • Overtaxed1 says:

      You may be right teapartypatroit but we had one of those in Bush and look what it did for the Republican party in the following election.
      If the Republicans don’t get a man of sound real principals to run we will be defeated easily, either in this election or surely in the next.
      We get a very bad wrap for the RINOS we put in office and pay a heavy price for their one world agenda.